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UBitched? https://archive.org/details/jew-exposes-jew-world-order

Under heavy attack for releasing Masonic Secrets!
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Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!
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Glitched? ⤵️ https://archive.org/download/global-luciferian-takeover/2-CLIP%20SRA%20%20Jewish%20ALIEN%20Shtick%20Corroborated%20by%20Generational%20SRA%20Victim.mp4
UBitch Censored vids:1) Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of material here!)
2) mega.nz: https://TinyURL.com/CensoredByRacistJews Cloud where full library lives.
3) UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot (Spammy, but good software, few 'glitches'.)
Clip from a very interesting, and worthwhile, but LONG, interview with a high level and intelligent SRA survivor.
Full interview: https://archive.org/details/global-luciferian-takeover
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A great skit by Isaac, Brackets & Jackets, that I'd never before found! He's probably sitting on a beach in Haifa sipping Mai Tais with gorgeous babes. (I prefer to think that than they suicided him!) UBitched Censored! Alternative channels:
Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine
UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot

1 year, 4 months ago

Words don't exist... To the gulags with these racist pedos, psycho, criminals and their equally racist African BOOTS on the ground. Sorry for the glitched audio, but we can surmise the ending was even worse and the video hacked on these sayanim sites; Youtube does the same thing!
UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot
Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!

1 year, 9 months ago

Corroboration of the FACT 'socialistas' are FAKEs setting us up for the usual '''communist''' 'Revolution'; this girl appears to be Jewish, so AGAIN, put away your broad brushes!

"National Socialism" was ALWAYS a fake stepping stone to full slavery as seen in Jewish '''communism''' in Russia and China.

1 year, 11 months ago

Speaking of 'over-representation'? Esp. in 'random' shooters, and [Masonic] police murder of all cultures.
Does anyone believe these horrible actors?!

1 year, 11 months ago

tags: #JewsKingPhu, #meetthenosenbergs44, #PaidTraitors44
The so-called "ANTIFA" arm of ☭Jewish fascism are the brains of their boots on the ground, ☭BLM branch.

It now looks very likely you will have to 'Kill a Commie,[or TEN], for Mommie' or they'll snatch your children after "Order 66-xing good cops/military and murdering YOU!

2 years ago

Archive of Luciferian Scrolls:https://archive.org/details/AncientTorahs/
Glitched? ⤵️ https://archive.org/download/Shurter-Blood-libel/Shurter%20and%20so-called%20-Blood%20Libel-.mp4
1) Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of material here!)
2) mega.nz: https://TinyURL.com/CensoredByRacistJews Cloud
3) UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot (Spammy, but good software, few 'glitches'.)
tags: #JewsKingPhu #Lufiferian44 #ExtremePedophilia, #SatanicRitualAbuse
Corroborative-Data https://archive.vn/X5mjK Comments: https://TinyURL.com/DragonsPawCOMMENTS
Violent Pedophilia Playlist https://tinyurl.com/ExtremePedophilia
One of David's early interviews before he claimed his "sister had a blood test, and it turns out he's not Jewish, but a NAZI".🤣

Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!)
BitchU: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/nvA9jvdfBmRQ/
Mega.nz https://TinyURL.com/CensoredByRacistJews (Cloud)

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Playlist of Other Examples: https://TinyURL.com/CensoredByRacistJews
JewishPsycopath folder.
UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot
Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!
This person, while terribly misled on the Jewish supremacy crap, has been quite open and honest on her teachings; props to her for that and naturally she's still allowed on JTube and ignores her tribes genocidal 'communist' and 'satanic' gigS. She actually denies the latter despite a dozen or more Jews that have testified to the contrary corroborating ancient 'blood libel' in detail.

2 years, 3 months ago

Q:What kind of a mind thinks up of crap like this?
A: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pmzxigH0WjDz/
UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot
Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!

Comments are disabled to prevent the #JewsKingPhu from sending their KKK(33), and Jewish "neo-NAZIS" to smear via association like they do with political rallies that don't espouse Jewish supremacist, aka 'communist' needs.

2 years, 11 months ago

Great Jewish documentary on 'antisemitism'.

3 years, 1 month ago

Grrr! Crap like this got them booted from Spain in 1492; notice how, just like their ANTIFA fascist hate group, they're protected by the f*cking cult cops! (Masons)
tags: #JewKluxKlan; #JewishTerrorism
(Otherwise they'd have their hate spewing a$$es handed to them.)
This is the usual layered Hegelian attack to setup their black gay boule hate groups to spew their hate back! Wake up to the Jewish BS!
This tribe of snakes and their various hate groups, needs to be deported, along with their useful idiots, using Chinese made parachutes!

3 years, 9 months ago

Glitched?⤵️ https://archive.org/download/racism-is-kosher/Racism%20is%20kosher%2C%20and%20Jews%20have%20mini-nagas.mp4
I've been told this by Jewish women I've dated; they're like, "Whoa, what's THAT?!" ;D)
Occidental ladies, the most important take home here is well, there's not much to take home; guys make sure you've butt wipes on hand! ;D) (The ADL will be on my butt for weenie libel on this one.)
They're stalking me almost DAILY; Moon Tzu once said, "F*ck them if they can't take a joke!"
I left the comments on this time, but if Jew Clux Clan, or Jewish NAZIS, or the "communist" ANTIFA shills show up they'll be turned off again; they try to dirty and divide us with their own racist hate groups by association. This is why they send their various Jewish led hate groups to conservative rallies. Yes, I know that most of what Hitler said is accurate and he did NOT try to systematically kill off Jews, while Jews ARE systematically trying to exterminate my people. (Don't worry this too will fail!)
(Hegelian dialectic 101)

3 years, 9 months ago

Remember Freemasonry also controls ALL military, construction, religions and law enforcement which explains why we have killer cops working along with the more numerous good cops.

3 years, 9 months ago

Tsafir Kamel, a great activist of equally great heart, after making this video suddenly started acting crazy after using his own funds to get his message out. Glitched?⤵️ https://archive.org/download/JewishBoyTellsItLikeItIs/JewishBoySpeaksTruth.mp4
o Judaism is "devilish" according to the some of the oldest religions: Zoroastrianism;
o Judaism is racist and teaches they're better than Gentiles and "66% believe it";
o Jews did 911;
o Jews are terrorists, murdering Palestinians while stealing their ancient lands;
o Jews cannot be trusted and do NOT honor treaties;
o Jews claim "the Goyim are our donkeys";
o Jews should be put into FEMA camps and re-educated;
o Jews are allowed to violate the so-called "Patriot Act";

After making the requisite, "I'm crazy", video, this censored boy then disappeared like many others that leap into the fight.
At least he tried! What have YOU done, anything?

3 years, 9 months ago

Archive #ExtremePedophilia Series: https://TinyURL.com/ExtremePedophilia

Comments 'closed' by BitchJewT: TinyURL.com/DragonsPawComments for anonymous comments!
tags: #ExtremePedophilia, #SatanicRitualAbuse
He seemed like a good kid with his only dissembling being covering up his Jewishness and later claiming she said, "Hail Satan". His massive library was deleted after this mirror and he challenged me to a debate; he also had a hyper-sexual senor eater tap dance into his life and appeared to have been mind controlled based on dilated pupils.

Start Jewish Testimony from original video description:
"EveryBody Every1", aka +MysterEy1,[Youtube] said: "Another thing I forgot to mention in the vlog: one night, there were a dozen guests over at my friends apt. She got up in front of everybody and did a weird strip dance, in some partial trance-like state. It surprised me, I never saw anybody else ever do this so detachedly and in front of strangers. She was "not all there".

"It wasn't like it was some club for entertainment and horny guys, it was a mixed group of urban hipsters and friends of my friend.

"Anyhow, this girl is one example among several wherein I found out personally on satanic alternative lifestyles, which are in fact dangerous to the rest of Society. They are the cause of a lot of the pain and suffering in this world. They are sick and they are powerful, in the elite circles. The struggle of the End times will come down to this. Cleansing the Earth..."
*Likely BS SNIPped*

>>>"There is a long history in my family concerning satanism, cult activity, ... As the only known survivor-intended-victim of a human sacrifice."
/END Jewish Testimony

As it's clear on YouTube we're only allowed to display LIES about Muslims and other gentiles, but FACTS about Jews are forbidden, this will likely not last long. (It was covered up by the Jewish cults that own/control Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube.)

See also Vicki Polin testimony which this testimony corroborates, except, and as Vicki testified, Jews performing these black magic sex rituals with children, do not call it "Satanic" or "worshiping the devil."

3 years, 9 months ago

UGETube: https://ugetube.com/@dragonspaw_blogspot
Archive: https://archive.org/details/@twaine (LOTS of Materials here; most released ~10 years ago!)
Anon Comments? www.TinyURL.com/DragonsPawComments (BitchU sayanim are deleting comments to cover up for the Jewish crime network/MAFIA; blogger too, but at least these can be backed up!)

These are various clips that contained amazing personal synchronicities. Ingratiation of cult agents for intelligence and ritual smearing, assassination via air bubble injections attempted on me in the hospital. The tactics of the smearing itself and that the same cult is behind so-called "Gang Stalking" which cannot be denied as they both leverage cult cops for sanitation or even assassination.

According to a 35 year veteran law enforcement friend who later 'forgot' had warned me about 'the guys [cops] they send to your house'; that it did not matter if I was unarmed, that, "Oh, you'll have a gun." Should they be sent to assassinate was the implication, and there can be no doubt cops are controlled via Masonry, a key choke point in their betray from within model. The same friend had a RUSSIAN Jewess tap danced into his life and he converted at ~57; too weird and not a likely coincidence.


3 years, 10 months ago

More details and comments: https://dragonspaw.blogspot.com/2018/
“Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” Rabbi S Weiss.
“Anti-Communism is Antisemitism.” Jewish Voice, 1941.
“We have exterminated the Russian property owners and will do the same in Europe and America!” TheJew ZIOBIT 1925

3 years, 10 months ago