In this superb video (One and a half hours) Jim  Rizoli, John Friend, and Frederick Leuchter talk about the outrageous decision by the "American" government to deport Karl Berger to the castrate called the Federal Republic of Germany. Jim, John, and Fred are all experts on the "Holocaust" atrocity lie. Fred has personal experience in his engineering career of the execution of mainly black criminals in US prisons by "gas chambers". Fred had investigated the so-called "gas chambers" at Auschwitz and found that the claim that they were "gas chambers" was totally false. The idea that they could have been used as "gas chambers" was found by Fred to be also completely false. After telling the truth, Fred was then subjected by Zionists to campaign of vicious harrassment, which broke up his marriage, damaged his profession, and destroyed his reputation. The three talk about the Zionist manipulation and abuse of the American legal system which manages to deport Karl Berger, an American citizen on trumped up charges to a hostile "state". Karl has been living in the US for over 60 years. Jim, John, and Fred discuss the motive for this vicious treatment of an American citizen. Jim points out that Karl was just a low-ranked perimeter guard and the attack on him is just a question of power politics by Zionists who think America is just a country to be exploited. Jim points out that Berger states that there was no abuse of prisoners at the camp. Jim also states that it is in the interests of Zionists to keep the "holocaust" atrocity lie, going for years, and years and years.

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Rizoli

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In this 54 minute clip, the revisionist, David Cole answers questions from viewers of his previous clips. Those who rebut the “gas chambers” lie, come from all races and ethnic groups, although they are regularly portrayed as “Neo-Nazis”. David Cole, being Jewish (one among many) gives the lie to the Zionist claim that revisionists are simply right wing individuals in “denial”.

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Special thanks to Jim Rizoli for making this video from one of my in-the-street videos where a Jewish woman verbally attacked me in downtown Vancouver in 2018 when I went to a crowd outside a Jordan Peterson talk, wearing my Adolf Hitler pin.

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Jim Rizoli and Diane King with Brian Ruhe discuss Adolf Hitler using GERMANY'S HITLER, Heinz A. Heinz, Sept 12, 2019: One of the most suppressed English-language books ever to emerge from Germany: the 1938 authorized biography of Adolf Hitler. The professional journalist author interviewed Hitler's old school friends, army colleagues, landlords, his jailer, and early party comrades to provide an unprecedented insight into the German leader's background and prewar policies. Included are vivid and unique descriptions of Hitler at school, his First World War battlefield experiences, early politics, the amazing truth behind the November 9th Putsch, Hitler in prison, and the struggle to power from 1926 to 1933.

This comes from Jim Rizoli's Bitchute channel with many Holocaust videos at:

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This is about the Jews screaming at me on the beach.

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