John Durham points to the DEEP STATE with a message to Get Ready.
We've Had Enough and We're Comin' For Ya.

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Shhhh!!!!t is hitting the fan! Special Prosecutor John Durham has finished his report. DOJ removes redaction then sends it to Ron Johnson Senator of Wisconsin. Former U.S. Attorney and advisor to President Trump and Rudy Giuliani is interviewed by Howie Carr, Journalist. DiGenova discloses that subpoenas have been issued. We are seeing the end of the virus which took our attention off of this very important investigation. DiGenova leaves us with a lot of hope in regard to Durham's report. #BillBarr #JohnDurham #HowieCarr

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Has former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe cut a deal with the justice Dept. to have the DOJ drop the charges against him. Whose head has McCabe put on the chopping block former director James Comey? The Corona Virus is continuing to make headlines as disturbing information is being released on its origins. All while the deep states propaganda machine tries to silence it. Bloomberg and Bernie are tearing the DNC apart and its a beautiful thing to watch. As these two criminals with opposing positions on the economy will keep either of them from the white house.
Lastly and most importantly I talk about the being a strong man in the face of the Deep States oppression. They want us weak to control and manipulate the population and I for one hope you won't stand for it anymore.
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Durham investigation and Hunter Biden's investment partnership in China connection
8kun is up

Qanon drops from 11/11/2019

Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you all Vets

See a connection with the history of Durham's investigations and Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz and Devon Archer's investment firm partnership with China that involves James Whitey Bulger the notorious mob hitman.

#Durham, #HunterBiden, #News, #Whitey, #MobConnections

What are your thoughts on all of this Guardians of Children? Thank you to all of my subscribers and to all who take the time to find Truth and share it out far and wide. Keep #FightingTheGoodFight

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