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Aussie Cossack on a hunger strike in lockup why it is important to the future of independent journalism to not let it go unchallenged

4 days, 7 hours ago

Disclaimer: This video is a reuploaded content and topics discussed may not be up to date.

Find out more about Behind the Mask of Facebook at https://www.amazon.com/Behind-Mask-Facebook-Whistleblowers-Censorship/dp/1510767940

Ryan Hartwig shares experience as Facebook’s content moderator

Interview by Mike Adams, Facebook censorship whistleblower Ryan Hartwig talked about his experience as a bilingual content moderator for Facebook while working for Cognizant. He talked about censoring drug cartels, beheadings and child sex trafficking and how the job altered his view of humanity. Hartwig related how he was initially assigned to monitor content for Latin America before getting transferred to monitor content for North America. He then started to see bias in Facebook’s censorship when he was monitoring content for the latter.

In one instance, he was told to delete a viral video where a Trump supporter was being attacked although there was really no violation. He eventually decided to make a list of instances of biased censorship against conservatives. A journalist he contacted referred him to Project Veritas, which asked him to do undercover works. His work with Project Veritas focused on how Facebook allowed attacks on people who don’t support LGBT while censoring posts against LGBT.

Hartwig said there were materials not included in the Project Veritas exposé that can be found in his book titled “Behind the Mask of Facebook.” He said the overarching message of his book is that Facebook can pick and choose what rules to follow and that it can make exceptions anytime it likes.

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💭The Ethiopian reporter lives in exile because of her articles from Tigray
👉 Courtesy: The Economist
I was attacked at my home in Ethiopia in February 2021. Three security agents raided my home and threatened to kill me if I continued to dig into the war.

Foreign governments should put pressure on Ethiopia to allow independent international investigation, lift the communication blackout and, crucially, to allow journalists to do their job

💭 MORE THAN a year has passed since I first uncovered evidence of war crimes in the continuing conflict in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. Civilians have endured atrocities including sexual violence, ethnic cleansing, systematic massacres, unspeakable torture and starvation. The horror stories are endless. Yet Ethiopia’s government denies them.

All sides of the conflict have committed war crimes. A mound of evidence gathered by investigative journalists and rights groups suggests that Ethiopian government troops, allied soldiers from Eritrea and local Amhara forces have committed terrible atrocities against ethnic Tigrayans. These acts could potentially amount to genocide, as defined in international law. But troops affiliated to the Tigray forces have also committed shocking acts, including sexual violence and the extra-judicial killing of civilians, as they advanced in the neighbouring regions of Afar and Amhara.

The Ethiopian government blocks all communications and bars journalists from the conflict zones. This makes it extremely difficult to grasp the scale of the crimes and the gravity of the humanitarian crisis. Stories of atrocities often emerge two or three months after they have been committed. The communications blackout is exhausting. A story that would normally take me two weeks to research now takes a month.

It works as follows. When an allegation of an atrocity emerges, I find sources on the ground. I communicate from one person to another until I find the actual victims. My network helps bring them to somewhere in the area with internet, such as the offices of certain NGOs. (There is little petrol in Tigray so even finding transport can be extremely difficult.) I use the connection to interview them via secure messaging services. I ask the survivors to send me any footage or photographic evidence they have. To ensure consistency, I then check their testimonies against those given by other witnesses. I also work with experts to analyse satellite imagery.

My reports since the blackout have so far been limited to Mekelle, the Tigrayan capital, and its outskirts. Nobody really knows what is happening in rural areas. Whenever I uncover crimes committed by government forces, or report stories that don’t suit the government’s narrative, I fall victim to co-ordinated attacks, involving threats and online hate campaigns. Such efforts are designed to stop the atrocities from coming to light.

2 weeks, 2 days ago

From Mister Metokur - 2014-09-17

Jim goes deeper into GamerGate and points out how fucking dumb Games Journalists are.

2 weeks, 3 days ago

Kim Iversen criticizes PayPal for choosing to cut off their services to some independent media organizations and journalists.

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From Mister Metokur - 2014-09-06

Jim answers some questions about her majesty Zoe Quinn

2 weeks, 4 days ago

"Where truth the mainstream media ignores is the top story!"
TRUTH TALK NEWS Spectrum Western CT Cable CH 192 EPISODES:



TRUTH TALK NEWS 2011-2016 ARCHIVES: http://www.youtube.com/TruthTalkNews

Let us take a journey together down the rabbit hole.

Take advantage of all the other books, articles, links and information available at http://www.HowardNema.com


Watch TRUTH TALK NEWS ​5pm WEDNESDAYS in Western Connecticut on Spectrum Cable Channel 192. Rebroadcasts 9pm THURSDAYS. Serving the towns of Barkhamsted, Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Colebrook, Danbury, Harwinton, Kent, Monroe, New Hartford, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Roxbury, Sherman, Southbury, Trumbull, Washington, West Hartland, Winchester and Woodbury.

http://www.HowardNema.com is censored and blocked by Facebook. Nothing can be posted or shared on Facebook from HowardNema.com due to "community standards" violations concerning bogus accusations of bullying, harassment and hate speech.

When truth is called hate, when hate is called love, when ideological beliefs breed rage and violence, our society treads on dangerous ground. Ground that has been traveled many times before by fellow travelers and followers of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot and many other Utopian charlatan totalitarians throughout the centuries. Censorship should be a warning sign from history. For all of us. Silencing one silences us all.


All information reported on TRUTH TALK NEWS and HowardNema.com is sourced and verifiable and for the purposes of education and FAIR USE.

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DISCLAIMER: Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Thank you! 👍
My website: www.defendressofsan.com
GETTR: defendressofsan
TWITTER: @LisaMichalek2
Flote, Telegram, MeWe: defendressofsan
WEEKENDS I POST TO: https://kindlywakethehellup.wordpress.com

Other great websites:
YOUTUBE: Ice Age Farmer & The Modern Survivalist
Mark Passio's Website: https://www.whatonearthishappening.com
One Great Work Network: https://onegreatworknetwork.com

3 weeks ago

From Mister Metokur - 2014-08-18

Ladies and gentleman, it's time for Gamergate.

3 weeks, 3 days ago

The definition of Tuesday/Thursday in journalism

Publication of illegally obtained documents

3 weeks, 5 days ago

Astrological acumen, investigative reporting, revelations of environmental fraud, and curiously consistent conduits for conflict relief; amidst our present pop-apocalyptic spacescape, we require true integrity in journalism, relationality, & community media. This morning Max asked herself: …why Planet Waves? …why Intuitive Public Radio?

Visit Planet Waves at https://planetwaves.fm and Chiron Return at https://chironreturn.org.


4 weeks, 1 day ago

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In an era of massive violations of individual rights by tyrannical governments around the world British cartoonist, Bob Moran’s work has become iconic for the freedom movement. His artwork both pokes fun at the political elites while revealing their true nature as despots.

He has recently teamed up with The Democracy Fund, a Canadian charity promoting the cause of individual rights and freedom.

Robert Vaughan spoke with Mr. Moran about The Democracy Fund, his political motivations, and his influence on a culture in decline and in desperate need of positive imagery and inspirational humour.

🧡If you've enjoyed this presentation you can contribute to our efforts to promote individual freedom by donating here: PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/justrightmedia​ or e-Transfer to [email protected].

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#JustRightMedia #journalism #cartoons

4 weeks, 1 day ago

Amun came to Sweden and started working as a journalist. But things started going downhill when she made a story about young Somali men joining al-Shabab (while they were still living in suburbs outside Stockholm) All her colleagues at the Swedish Public Radio wanted to silence the story. Finally, she got fed up and left Sweden because of the "culture of silence".

Non-white migrants sound the alarm, but the privileged whites (Claiming tolerance etc, while living in gated communities) act like the "Three wise monkeys"


English subs. All rights belong to the YT-channel "Kokytus Antenora"

1 month ago

Journalist calls out CNN’s fake news and political bias and gets a cover up rather than an apology.

1 month, 1 week ago

An actual Canadian journalist takes a smug fake MSM journalist to school on the war in Syria.


The Fourth Estate has reached its nadir, and is now nothing but a fifth column for the globalists who have made no secret of the fact that they are working day and night to enslave us.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Everything is a Lie, Ruble Rumbles, Inflation Rising by Greg Hunter

To watch all Gabe Zolna's free content visit Zolna Report at the link below.

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "ABC, NBC, BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times, they all took money from pharma or they got they got money for the vaccine confidence program. The money was used to hound and abuse and smear people like me, people like Dr. Alexander, people like Dr. Malone, [etc.]"

Full Video: https://rumble.com/vyza84-this-was-a-gigantic-experiment-latest-developments-on-the-pfizer-documents-.html

Upload via: https://rumble.com/c/VigilantFox

1 month, 3 weeks ago

another to celebrate
words of encouragement
Tuesday - hah, where is the interview where James O'Keefe explained briefly what "Tuesday" and "Thursday" means in journalism?

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Biden is just a place holder…
#world war (Z)adkiel

they really stole my future
dangerous men.

extremist anything is a breeding ground for hate.
#covid19 psy op is by definition a hate crime

-Pamela Anderson is pro Julian. She is controlled by these same Russian fallen angels. ( Georgi, Zadkiel, Karlovov)

Beta mind control.


^written blog

CBC = cabal broadcast company

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Advocacy Journalism is funded by Bill Gates

1 month, 3 weeks ago

FLASHBACK 2017: Former New York Times Audience Strategy Editor Nick Dudich admits to not being "objective," pushes NYT stories to front page of Youtube with help of Silicon Valley connections

1 month, 3 weeks ago

First Amendment Victory: Project Veritas Lawsuit Halts Prosecutions of Publishers of Oregon Undercover Recordings

"You may not charge a person under (d) or (e) if you cannot prove that the defendant personally played a role in initially obtaining the recording at issue if the matter is even arguably of public concern. Filing charges under this section

1 month, 3 weeks ago

10 years ago this morning I found out one of my mentors Andrew Breitbart died. He used to tell me, “People are going to say whatever and try to claim whatever to try and take us out. They have an irrational fear of us. They want us on a leash. We're not going to be on a leash. They want us to dance. We're not going to dance with them." Andrew could at one moment be so light-hearted and in the next be a raging pitbull, filled with passion, righteous anger. In the beginning of Project Veritas we used to have almost daily late night phone conversations about speaking truth to power. There is nothing in this life as sweet as justice and nothing as motivating as injustice. A lot of people in the media and in the wider world waste their time pursuing power, money and glory. I've always found more interesting and important the pursuit of justice, the fight to expose facts and inform people, which can be quite a battle in an of itself. There is noble purpose in fighting. Andrew Breitbart took up arms in that fight with a zeal, an energy, and an optimism which was and always will be an inspiration to me. Here are some clips of us together back then. I look back on the way I was. Same person, same mission, same passion. Except now I give zero f****
Andrew Breitbart was the tip of the spear and his spirit lives on every day at Project Veritas. Be like Andrew. Be Brave. Do Something.

RIP Andrew Breitbart 02/01/69 - 03/01/12

#HappyWarrior #BeBrave #DoSomething

1 month, 3 weeks ago

from James' IG:

>>> Working late. Doing my best @khaby00 impression watching @jessewatters cover #DOJSpied revelations on secret warrants against @microsoft to get Project Veritas emails. Seriously, WTF.

Wednesday Thursday Friday

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Mainstream Media of 25 years Journalist admits he was trained to lie and betray the public, and reveals involvement by the CIA.

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Build more Presses. Drive the Narrative. Tell the Truth.

SPJ Code of Ethics: https://archive.vn/E6rG7
How to Write a News Story: https://archive.vn/sTeC9
5 Ways to Find Sources Online: https://archive.vn/h9TrR
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Substack: https://substack.com/
Substack alternatives: https://archive.vn/iinfu

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How to build a Fren Movement: https://archive.vn/4HZpZ

Civic Orgs:
Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom: https://www.ohioamf.org/
Novaxmandate: https://novaxmandate.org/
Ohio Stands Up: https://www.ohiostandsup.org/
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Mirrored - Journalist Lara Logan on a truth blitz American MSM.
"Zelensky is a puppet - They are lying to us - Deep State corruption - Azov nazis murdering people - Biden & Co corrupt - Ukraine is a multi-billion $ money laundering state - Putin has been warning us for 15 years..”

I don't side with either the Ukraine nor Russia’s governments, I also believe we’re
Being lied to.

• Ukraine is a fertile land with a lot of minerals, rare earth minerals resources I

“ You will own nothing and be Happy ” totalitarian, one world, 24/7 surveillance, slave system is being pushed everywhere, it’s now playing out in Ukraine under martial law.

2 months ago

Report on a few declassified US/NATO documents and words from whistleblowers testifying to the use of Spectrum Weapons--anti-personnel Directed Energy Weapons--and Neuroweapons on people worldwide, at protests and in their homes, as partially-disclosed Crowd Control Technologies running sinister "Peace Enforcement Operations" by a coterie of factions in Intelligence, Security, Law Enforcement, and Military--without proper and full public disclosure, debate, nor consent.

These documents have been reported in the body of my journalism on Surveillance and Military activities over the past 8 years, while my reports have been disappeared from public view by a number of factors--including deliberate mainstream-media denial, COINTELPRO attacks to bury the journalism and the journalist, and the prominence of false support groups deflecting from the findings and disclosures of real journalism.

These documents and reports have been spotlighted recently in a few articles at my site and at Substack, all links below:

My Substack articles on this subject:
1. Reporting the Journalism that's been Lost: on Disclosure from Declassified Docs on DEW/Neurotech Ab/use on Americans, Europeans By Their Own Governments/March 14, 2022:

2. The Hidden Hand: Intelligence Community Crimes, Law Enforcement Crimes, Military Crimes: High Tech Crimes, Well-Hidden/
Using Spectrum Weapons on the populace is easy to hide when the "Support Groups" help wheel-spin the disclosure to oblivion | The fallout is disappearance of journalism/March 11, 2022:

The first Hidden Hand article at my site, detailing the COINTELPRO, infiltration, and smear ops running interference on the journalism, to disappear it altogether:
The Hidden Hand: How NSA, CIA, DHS, and FBI Collude to Keep Victims of their Top Secret (Yet Well Known) Extremely Inhumane Neuro/DEW Experimentation and Operation Crimes (under Cover of Surveillance, Community Policing, Counter Terrorism) Unheard, Unseen, and Powerless for Decades–Installed Support Orgs and Groups, Installed Intel Plants:


The three major reports disappeared by Smear Campaigns and False Support Groups, courtesy NSA-CIA-FBI COINTELPRO, while the writer was under severe Spectrum Weapon attack by Hidden Hand criminals-with-govt-jobs throughout:

1. Documentary Evidence since 1994 of Covert High-Tech Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use in Targeted Surveillance, Experimentation, Operations by US Government on Americans: (1) The DOD/DOJ Memorandum of Understanding on OOTW/LE, 1994 RAE (Report, Analysis, Op-Ed) | Ramola D | Posted December 1, 2019:

2. Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996 | Ramola D | Jan 30, 2020:

3. Public Disclosure of Anti-Personnel DEWs and Neuroweapons (Non-Lethal/Limited Effect Wpns, EMF Spectrum Wpns) Being Used, Covertly but Definitively, Illegitimately, and Inhumanely, by US, UK, All Govts Worldwide on People/Published May 2021:

Other US/European documents of note (some linked in above reports):

1. The NATO document discussed in the video:
NATO Non-Lethal Weapons and Future Peace Enforcement Operations Technical Report, 2004:

2. US Air Force Research Labs document on Active Denial System 5G Tech of the kind used in Canberra/provided to Ramola D on FOIA request for all RFPs/Statements of Work on Non Lethal Weapons Testing:
Thermal and Behavioral Effects of Exposure to Moving Small-Diameter 95-GHz Millimeter Wave Energy Spots (Active Denial System) Report | Air Force Research Laboratory Contract with General Dynamics, 2014:

2 months ago

My dear friend and investigative journalist, Maryam Henein, invited me on her podcast to flesh out journalism's devolution, and our experiences in being pushed out of our craft/profession.

Find Maryam at honeycolony.com
Find Dani at danikatz.com

Thanks for liking, sharing and subscribing to my channel.

2 months ago

There is so much more than we realize going on. That we can be sure of even if so many tries to sum it all up in childish binary world views.

CREDITS: Dilyana Gaytandzhieva & Geopolitics & Empire
Dilyana.bg http://dilyana.bg
Arms Watch https://armswatch.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/dgaytandzhieva


We must UNITE. Its power vs people as all over the world in all of history!
This blunt but basic fact is what I hope to share more than anything! No more segregation on behalf of the so called elites👊#DontComply
See My Other Uploads: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/qkmxB2gquucV/
Subscribe like and all that. See you!

2 months, 3 weeks ago

On this episode Joshua will talk about "forced reads" in journalism, how many media outlets are switching the AI generated articles, what happens with algorithms go haywire, and ideas about hacking machine learning systems.


2 months, 4 weeks ago

Julian Assange On Wars: He was right...

#america #wars #journalism #media #mainstreammedia #corrupt

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Please join us for the Indaba Conversation with Chris as acclaimed journalist Gail McCabe enters the program to discuss her career in journalism around the globe.

"Gail McCabe earned accolades as a well-recognized contributor to the American Forces Radio & Television Service broadcast network, establishing herself as one of Department of Defense's top producers/communicators.

During her extensive career, Ms. McCabe earned the trust and confidence of senior U.S. Defense Department leaders as well as civilian and military members serving around the glob, attributes she currently uses with numerous clients in her position at CreativeMediaMatters. Her reports have and continue to provide insight on strategic goals and challenges faced by U.S. government agencies and home-grown companies.

Gail's award-winning productions as a visual story-teller have brought clearer understanding into many high-profile missions. She has brought context to the many diverse challenges faced by the U.S. military in complex operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Africa, South and Central America, India, Vietnam, and across the United States.

On June 12, the 240th birthday of the U.S. Army, Gail McCabe was inducted into the U.S. Army Public Affairs Hall of Fame. Prior to that, McCabe has been honored with 26 Army broadcast awards and six from the Department of Defense, plus several broadcast journalism recognitions. She has been twice awarded the Defense of Freedom Award, the military’s civilian equivalent of the Purple Heart. Additionally, McCabe will be presented with the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service, the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s highest level career medaled award, at her retirement ceremony on June 30.

She began working with Army Public Affairs while living in Germany, and relocated to Atlanta in 1997 to participate in a CNN training program after covering the Hutus’ genocide of the Tutsis in Africa."

You can learn more or follow Gail and her company at:

McCabe, AFN, AFRTS, Atlanta, Army, EUCOM, AFRICOM, Stuttgart, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, military, journalism, reporting
Join the Chris Wyatt Africa YouTube channel to support INDEPENDENT journalism and to get access to perks:


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Zuby, January 27, 2022

James O'Keefe is an investigative journalist, founder of Project Veritas, and author of the book 'American Muckracker'. We discuss his journey into journalism, what the ethical boundaries are in his profession, and whether or not the political divide in the USA can be bridged.

James O'Keefe | Journalism, Ethics & Polarisation

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Caught Viva Frei interviewing the other side at Ottawa this morning and had some thoughts. What is Journalism? Comments on the Rogan takedowns also. The Constitution exits for a reason, Are we done letting it be ignored by those elected and sworn to protect it? BTW: I pronounce his name free here, you can use fry if you like ;)

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Journalist Matt Lee does journalism-y stuff .. whoa!

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James O'Keefe is the Founder of Project Veritas. His new book American Muckraker is available on Amazon.

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https://gettr.com/post/prd4asb8cf for video source
http://americanmuckraker.com/ new book by James O'Keefe
http://premierecollectibles.com/muckraker for autographed "American Muckraker"

from American Girl to American Muckraker. Jan 31, 2022
I kid you not; this was a difficult video to download. Get your copy using this tutorial: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GYQUy2CW32mW/

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РАССЛЕДОВАНИЯ: https://russianmonarchylive.news.blog/
Блог РУССКАЯ МОНАРХИЯ, Книги ⁣https://russianmonarchy.github.io/
Расследование, Блог, Публицистика, Книги, Роман "Русская Монархия-2010" писатель Ганова Людмила.

Видеоблог «Русская Монархия - Блог семьи Цуриковых»

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The Covid crisis and the failure of the MSM to report it accurately has changed the face of modern journalism. Alex Thomson discusses the challenges and opportunities.

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January 20, 2022: Rod’s guest this week is former CHP National Leader Ron Gray. They discuss the loss of freedom, censorship and opinion journalism and the member-states of the UN Human Rights Council. All this in the context of restoring Canada’s biblical foundations of truth and freedom.

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A thought experiment about the CIA and democracy

4 months ago

A joint venture between Chinese corporations and Microsoft now gives us AI news anchors indistinguishable from real people?

4 months ago

News vs. Propaganda - Josh Calls Out the Legacy Media

Clip taken from Crossroads with Joshua Philipp - Jan 9, 2022 - Live Q&A: Judge Refuses FDA Request, Gives 8 Months for Pfizer Data; Trump Social Network Nears

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It's been a year since J6, and so many questions remain unanswered

We are taking on one of those questions: laying out the series of events that led to the first breach into the U.S. Capitol Building

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Narrative #76
Dr. Andreas Mäckler

Robert Cibis untersucht mit Hilfe von Herausgeber des “Schwarzbuch Wikipedia” Andreas Mäckler, wie Mobbing und Diffamierung sich in der Online-Enzyklopädie breit machen konnten. Die meist aufgesuchte Datenbank der Welt schien zuerst von einer breiten und bürgernahen Basis getragen. Heute wirkt sie wie ein Werkzeug der Eliten.

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Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OylZDE4V6DZ3/

Recaps the backstory of Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the so-called rape accusations, and the seven years of asylum leading up to his forced, illegal eviction from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrest by British Police in 2019.

Part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ubX8RcFluxJT/

Interrogates the legality of Assange's arrest, his fight against extradition to the United States, the role of the deep state in his persecution, and the chilling effect his arrest will have on other journalists, publishers and whistle-blowers.

Part 3: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0rBJFd6GLfsC/

Questions the lack of solidarity and support from the journalism community, and whether Assange is indeed a legitimate journalist/publisher, or merely a "Russian Agent."

Part 4: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6r5XRm95QP22/

Revisits some of the most devastating Wikileaks Revelations, and calls on the public to support, defend and save Assange from extradition, torture and possible murder by the US government.

Trailer 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GwWHdJo4i3AO/
Trailer 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wJ9MpsI4UVnj/

#SaveAssange #FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW #JournalismIsNotACrime #JailTheWarCriminals #EndTheWars


DISCLAIMER: This free-to-web internet documentary is strictly for informative & educational purposes only and not for commercial use or gain. All rights of all material content, including music, used in this program vests with the original copyright holders, the use of which falls under Fair Use Licensing.

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Edward Snowden & Glenn Greenwald - Rewind acTVism Video series
Digileak News - Dec 30, 2021 - Video 3 hrs 24 min......
- Slide 212 - Media - Journalism under attack - Courage is contagious

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Edward Snowden on Julian Assange:
"If we are going to free the world, we have to free Assange."
Digileak News - Jan 1, 2021 - Video 16 min......
- Slide 213 - Media: If Assange is not FREE, neither are We

Mirror: acTVism Munich

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Note* Thumbnail information not accurate; Episode #52 not "#51"; thank you. Recently the staff at the City of Toronto cleared out a "homeless encampment" in one of the parks in downtown Toronto and in the process arrested a member of the press (https://ca.news.yahoo.com/toronto-starts-clearing-another-homeless-120949259.html). This engages some very serious questions about the powers of city employees to arrest people and freedom of the press.

Cases cited in this episode:
Batty v. City of Toronto, 2011 ONSC 6862 (CanLII), https://canlii.ca/t/fnwlm

This site and its information is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be. Please consult a lawyer for advice about your individual situation. Feel free to get in touch by email or phone.

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Media used in this video:
Videos by Daniel Absi, Kelly Lacy, and RODNAE Productions from Pexels
Music Logo - News Runner by Daniel H. licensed via Jamendo
Thumbnail Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

With thanks to Richard Mitchell at RAM Design Group Inc (https://richardmitchell.ca) for public relations, editing, and promoting services

4 months, 4 weeks ago

There aren’t many real journalists around these days.
Most – especially in the US – are happy to take a check for reporting drivel and rewriting government press releases.
Overseas, it’s another story. Journalists are frequently willing to face imprisonment, torture and death to tell the truth.

5 months ago

00:50 : John Shipton - Julian's father
06:10 : Deepa Driver - University Lecturer on behalf of an Union of Jurists for Assange
08:15 : Tim Dawson - Executive Member of the National Union of Journalists of Britain and Ireland
13:48 : Vivian Westwood - Fashion designer
17:55 : Kristinn Hrafnsson - Investigative journalist, editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks <- Best
21:15 : Roger Waters - Former Pink Floyd
33:05 : Tariq Ali - British political activist, writer, journalist, historian, filmmaker and public intellectual
40:35 : Lindsey German - Convenor of Stop The War Coalition and author
45:02 : Brian Eno - RDI Musician
51:16 : Yanis Varoufakis - Co-Founder of Democracy in Europe 2025
58:30 : Lowkey - Musician

5 months, 1 week ago

Viktor Dedaj is a french investigative journalist.

5 months, 1 week ago

Arjen Kamphuis was a cybersecurity expert and hacktivist. He addressed topics like open standards and free software, safe elections and an IT-aware and IT-capable government to protect free speech and democracy. He was especially dedicated to protecting investigative journalists and has worked as a consultant for WikiLeaks.
Arjen has been kidnapped on August 20th, 2018 while trekking on his own in Norway.
The information firstly provided following his disappearance included his mobile phone signal allegedly traced from Bodø to South of Norway on the day of his disappearance.
The tracing of the signal indicated that the distance had been traveled in approximately 2 hours, implying a helicopter or a small plane.
Such information has quickly been completely cleared out from the web.
The official narrative then became a probable death by drowning while kayaking, despite the fact that his body has never been found.

Arjen's current status is "missing".

5 months, 1 week ago

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