Journey to the West: The Demons strike back - SPIDER DEMONS! scene (Chinese Audio, English subtitles)

The monk Tang Sanzang and his three disciples Wu Kong (Monkey King), Sandy and Pigsy come across an isolated compound in the woods along their journey and are invited to stay and eat by the house owners (spider demons disguised as attractive women). An epic battle ensues, the scene is filled with some quirky signature Stephen Chow humor especially when Pigsy as a pig demon indicates to one of the spider demons that he would like to mate with her because of her long legs, completely ignoring the fact that he is a pig and she is a spider.

Once the spider demons are defeated there lies even a bigger surprise underground, but I don't want to put any spoilers here. Let's just say that Sun Wukongs rashness and short-tempered character once again saves the day. The CGI in this movie deserves the following attributes: "eye-popping", "astounding", "amazing". It is a visual feast for the eyes. The movie as a whole is bizarre in a unique way, but never disappoints to deliver the goods.



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written by Wu Cheng'en

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