Founders has several big beers and their Breakfast stouts are perhaps the most known and sought. The two most popular variants are Kentucky and Canadian Breakfast Stout. Kelloggs and Brainmuffin review the coffee and chocolate rich tasting Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Will the love for this fantastic stout be passed to a new generation?

Brainmuffin and Kelloggs review Founders Kentucky Breakfast stout 2020 edition. How good is Founders KBS 2020? Have you compared KBS 2020 with other years?

Some will say, Brainmuffin included, that Founders is no longer a true American Craft Beer company. While they are owned by a multi-national company, Founders still makes their beers in the traditions of craft brewers and the quality has not dropped. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout and Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout are still consumed by American craft beer lovers and they are held in high regard. As long as the quality is there, American craft beer lovers will drink CBS and KBS.

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