Hello. Purito centella cream from Korean skincare brand @purito_official was such a popular product back then, and still it is. I bet there are many people have been searching on comparison video of the old and a new version.

I was one of them. And , finally, I got the chance to compare Purito myself.
Even it's calmed as a product with a bit different ingredients list and different functions, to me it is very similar product, except the fact that it is a more light version and completely unscented.
Love the packaging, nice and simple.
I really enjoyed using it and hope this video review will be helpful to you!

00:00​ ► Introduction
01:24​ ► Packaging
02:04 ► consistency
02:21 ►the main ingredient: what's Centella?
03:18​ ►next main ingredients- niacinamide, adenosine
03:37 ► comparison of the old and a new versions
04:58 ► comparison to Nacific - Fresh Herb Origin Serum
05:38​ ► where to buy the product
06:00 ► my conclusion
06:18 ► ending
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Two great serums. In Asia they call it Devilish serum, because it will turn you into a beauty:)) also because to some it feels a bit painful on skin, because of the too many citrus extracts to it. The hyaluronic Graymelin Serum is good for those who loves hyaluron acid, to me second favorite after Ramosu 100% .

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