Documentary by Alex McCall.

During March 2004 in Glasgow, a hot-headed South Asian named Imran Shahib got his ass beat at a nightclub by a group of Whites. Feeling emasculated, he decided to take his anger out the next day by targeting a random, White victim, which happened to be 15-year-old child Kriss Donald.

He and a gang of four other Pakis abducted Kriss and drove around for hundreds of miles before finding a location to murder him. He was stabbed fourteen times, doused in petrol and set alight. Evidence would later reveal he was alive during the burning.

The Jewish media received heavy criticism for failing to cover almost anything on the murder or the subsequent trials, no doubt due to the race of Kriss Donald.

This short documentary goes into the forensic investigation involved in finding and apprehending the perpetrators of this horrific, anti-White attack, and the subsequent court cases that lead to their convictions.

It also briefly details how Nick Griffin and the BNP wisely capitalized off of the tragedy to raise awareness about the growing concern of violent sandniggers in Britain.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the Jews responsible for releasing this documentary spent too little time detailing the anti-White motivations behind the attack. The incident was the first racially motivated murder conviction in Scotland.

2 years ago