Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

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As I have mentioned in the last few webcasts, as choices are made, options shrink. And so does the time to make them.
The last cast, we were in the eye of the storm, with all direction leading to the tumult. With the failure to even question the certifications for constitutionality or fraud, we move the winds from the Tryanical option at full speed ahead.
Here is my Facebook Post I referred to in the webcast:

The "illegality" is not in the 1st Am, but in the Amazon Server's "Terms of Service" agreement with Parler, which, I understand, a court will decide.
As far as a Social Media site, with the SCOTUS ruling that a bakery need not give service to an ideal or code of ethics that infringes on their own, they can make Terms of Service that lay out the dos and do not's to limit your 1st Are freedoms legally.
The real issue is the shifting and unequal applications of the Terms of Service.
If you built a business or some other income-producing endeavor on their service, then they change the terms drastically curtailing your continued success, or they equally apply those terms, that is actionable. As I see it, this is the beef with Social Media. Not the 1at Amendment, which has never covered private enterprise. BUT it DOES cover the Public arena; Public Parks, Pubic Schools, etc.
To make things that ideologically clash with the non-business based agendas of these services, that have been redefining terms (like hate speech) and mischaracterizing actions by these they wish to remove, violations of those terms allowing them to de-platform them.
The courts need to rule that "equal protection" applies to the "Terms of Service," and those terms are clearly and firmly defined.
If there is only one service provider (or a group of like-minded) that excludes service based on ideological reasons and NOT ALLEGED ILLEGAL..

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Freak accident in the field

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I bought a 40 foot ladder from a guy so I can reach the ridgepole and the fascia board at the peak of the roof, which is about 33 feet up. My other ladder is only 24 feet, and the scaffolding is only 18 feet. I noticed while installing the roof that the 24 foot ladder could barely reach the eaves on the East side, so a taller ladder really is needed. I figure with this 40 footer I can finally reach everywhere on this house. But it is almost too heavy for one person to set up by themselves. And it was missing a rope to extend it. I went to the orange box and bought some hardware and some rope. I also was inspired by this website: https://makezine.com/projects/easy-lift-extension-ladder/.

And by the way- the 2 - 3 videos I watched on how to put a new rope on your ladder - are wrong. You actually should tie the rope to the bottom of the ladder instead of leaving it loose, IMO.

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My Movie Review of "Jacob's Ladder" (1990).
Starring: Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña, Danny Aiello, Matt Craven, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jason Alexander, Patricia Kalember, Eriq La Salle, Ving Rhames, Brian Tarantina, Anthony Alessandro, Brent Hinkley, S. Epatha Merkerson, Kyle Gass, Lewis Black, Perry Lang & Macaulay Culkin (Uncredited).

Written By: Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost). Directed By: Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction).

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My Movie Review of "Jacob's Ladder" (2019).
Starring: Michael Ealy, Jessie Williams, Nicole Beharie, Karla Souza, Guy Burnet, Joseph Sikora, Ritchie Coster, Michael Aaron Milligan & William Tokarsky.

Written By: Jeff Buhler, Sarah Thorp & Jake Wade Wall (Based on the 1990 Original By: Bruce Joel Rubin). Directed By: David M. Rosenthal.

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Jacob's Ladder

a L.E.D. light Art Work

by Bill Schaeffer
copyright (c) 2016


"We are climbing Jacob's Ladder" - Anon


"Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" - It's a Wonderful Life


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Jacob's Ladder - Interview
by William Schaeffer

Interviewer: Angelo DiNallo

copyright (c) 2016
William Schaeffer


Jacob's ladder is the ladder that connects heaven and Earth. You can climb Jacob's ladder to go to Heaven.


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Reduce hand discomfort from sharp edges.

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A ladder and an axle are all that is needed to unwind this yellow brick road

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Climbing up the Ladder of success

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We cover different types of chassis used for many different types of car. I'll go over the type I chose and why. Then we'll go over setting up the rear driveshafts.

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