The little people become involved with a group of jewel thieves operating from a spooky wax museum. Tensions rise as the crooks fall out over a missing diamond, the whereabouts of which is known to the little people.

14 hours ago

While playing with a giant dog, Chipper is injured when the dog sneezes and it causes him to hit a wall. Against Steve's orders, Barry, along with Val, goes to the veterinarian's office where the dog is being kept. They then meet his young assistant who agrees to help save Chipper. Unfortunately, the vet's lazy son finds out and holds Barry and Val hostage. The young man also was responsible for the dog that Chipper was playing with to run away.

2 days, 14 hours ago

A penniless man wants to kill his uncle once he puts him on his will. Knowing he collects all kind of weird gadgets, he purchases a music box with a doll dancer. However, once he notices Valerie, he abducts her and put her in the cage as he asks to dance in the cage for her uncle. The little people gets aware of this, but also knows that the man has put explosives under the music box, putting Valerie's life in danger.

3 days, 9 hours ago

A musician, threatened by thugs for a money debt, abducts Valerie and Barry and wants to report them to S.I.D. for the reward. Fitzhugh who escaped brings Dan, Steve and Mark to free them. However, the musician has second thoughts and hesitates about reporting them, but when Dan encounters the Giant, he suggests the way he can be successful is to being shown some jazz lessons. The thugs are suspicious of this new talent improvement and tries to exploit him. In the meanwhile, Fitzhugh is also abducted by the musician's strange neighbor: a snake charmer!

3 days, 12 hours ago

Exposures to mushroom spores have caused Steve to go crazy and he captures his fellow shipmates one by one.

5 days, 14 hours ago

The Earthlings are forced to compete in a life-and-death chess game with a Giant chess expert. The little people find themselves bound to the chess pieces.

6 days ago

While visiting a racetrack to gather horsehair to be used for cables for the electrical system, Fitzhugh gets a case of gambling fever. He decides to use his horse playing knowledge to place a few bets using a bum as an intermediary. Unfortunately, a track security official finds out what's going on and starts hunting down the castaways and winds up capturing Mark, Valerie and Betty.

6 days, 8 hours ago

A giant has been framed for a murder he didn't commit and now awaits execution for the crime.

1 week ago

A huge robot that is even bigger than many of the giants that the castaways have encountered accidentally destroys a store and in the process kills a policeman. Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh, who were scavenging for food and supplies witness this and in the process Mark and Fitzhugh are captured. They are then brought to the laboratory of its creator Professor Gorn who offers to help them return to Earth if they can help him fix the flaw in his creation. They eventually do and the robot works perfectly.

1 week ago

"Captain Burton, we of the Government Authorities need the services of yourself and one other of the men in your party, for these services I am authorised to promise you the following, release of the two hostages in my custody..."

Inspect Kobick coerces the little people to help him fight an anti-Government "freedom" group planning to cause financial ruin by massive counterfeiting of giant currency. The Earthlings find themselves trapped between two warring sides as each side prepares differing threats to the group.

* This was the Final episode of the first season both filmed and originally aired.

* Co-writer Arthur Weiss was originally a lawyer. He wrote several shows for "Giants" and Allen's "Voyage" series as well as "Mission Impossible" and "Flipper".

* Outdoor scenes were shot around Fox's outbuildings.

* Guest Artist Erik Nelson (SID man) was also seen in "Seven Little Indians" and will feature in several second season episodes.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

"You know there have been times since we crashed here that if I never saw any of you again it'd be too soon. Now with the Spaceship gone...well, there was always some hope before..."

The little people come upon a family of fishing giants and their deaf son. Several of them become trapped in a giant shell and brought into the giant's house where they are tipped out onto a table to be found by the boy's parents who desperately need the reward money due for the discovery of little people...

* The shell was a spectacular leftover from the movie "Dr. Doolittle".

* There are many scenes of giants with the model Spindrift in this show and you can see, if you look carefully, that it loses a front sensor during the shooting somewhere.

* Guest artist Larry Ward (Talf) was also in Bravo's Time Tunnel and Allen's Lost In Space series.

* The boy Dal wears the same cardigan as Tedar from "Rescue". Presumably there is a Giant Marks and Spencer's out there!

2 months, 2 weeks ago

"Security Chief Bolgar and his assistant ... they've got us trapped, Steve, they're coming at us with some kind of machine..."

A fanatical Police Chief called Bolgar captures Dan and Mark using a giant vacuum cleaner type device. Bolgar is determined to locate the rest of the party and prepares a truth serum for use on them. His overall plan is to cause a terrorist outrage and pin the blame on the little people focusing public opinion against them...

* During the vacuum cleaner scene the harness pulling the actors towards the "cleaner" can easily be seen.

* We do not see an exterior of the Spindrift during this entire episode. It is thought that it was undergoing some mid-season repair work by the production crew at this time.

* Guest Artist Robert Colbert (Bolgar) was a series regular on Bravo's Time Tunnel playing the role of Doug. He was also in Irwin Allen's TV Pilot "City Beneath The Sea".

2 months, 2 weeks ago

"Gedo, I want you to cover a possible escape route for those two little people in the shaft. Right about here, Lieutenant Emar you go with him. Probe. See just how extensive that blockage to the drain really is..."

While pursuing the little people two giant children become trapped in a collapsed shaft and it seems there is no hope of escape for them as the giants are simply too big to reach them. An uneasy alliance is formed between the little people, Inspector Kobick and the distraught parents of the children as the little people offer assistance...

* This episode was based on a true life case involving Cathy Fiscus.

* Guest Artist Buddy Foster (Tedor) is actress Jodie Foster's brother.

* Guest Artist Lee Meriwether (a former Miss America) was a regular on Bravo's Time Tunnel as Ann McGregor. She also played the role of Catwoman in the 1966 film of the series "Batman".

2 months, 2 weeks ago

"It was a very good night for ghosts of all sizes according to the boys, not only were they attacked by the smoking green mammoth ghost but saw a whole cubby of little mini ghosts gathering around. Yes, it was quite an adventure set in the spooky old woods where the lightning flashed and the wind howled..."

During a fierce storm the Earth people find shelter in a spooky old house and before long they witness strange apparitions created by the magician named Inidu whom they befriend. Inidu has been framed for manslaughter as during one of his stage acts a volunteer died, the little people become involved in an attempt to clear his name...

* This episode has no Betty or Barry in it with an explanation that they are "back at the ship".

* This is probably the most far-fetched episode of the first series with key plot points relying on genuinely magical explanations (like a live action Scooby Doo!). Inidu can REALLY transport objects around by "magic"!?!

* Guest Artist Steven Marlo (Cop) was in several Giants episodes taking small parts. More importantly he was dialogue coach for the whole series.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

"Who are you? - Well my name's Revo - I've seen you somewhere or a picture - I don't understand Inspector, what's this all about? - I just spoke long distance to the real Mr. Revo and Judge Modak, seems the judge hasn't tried a case in 3 months, I don't know who you are or what you're up to but I'll find out..."

Fitzhugh and Barry befriend a giant boy called Jodar who is a chemical genius. Jodar hands a pill he has developed to Fitz. but he sneezes and Chipper eats it running off. When the Earthmen next see Chipper he is giant sized. Fitzhugh then becomes a giant as he too samples the pill..."

* This slightly unoriginal premise is a direct lift from a previous episode of Lost In Space (The Oasis) but here the treatment is a little more credible.

* This episode was shot either side of Thanksgiving Day on 28.11.68. and the cast and crew were given the day off with a late start allowed on 29.11.68. A late finish was also allowed as shooting on 29.11.68 finished at 21.36 hours.

* Guest Artist Ronny Howard (now Ron Howard) obviously benefited from the hard work and following his long run on "Happy Days" and other shows has become a very well respected movie director with hits like "Cocoon", "Splash" and recently "Apollo 13" to his credit.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"Steve, I came back because Mark needed someone to help him and because I'm sick and tired of running and hiding and living like an insect in this giant grotesque world, you stay here but I want to go back home..."

Escaping from Kobick and his men, Dan and Mark head into a building via an air vent. At the other side of the wall they find themselves in a Lab run by giants who are working on a new guidance system capable of navigating to Earth. Following a dispute within the group Mark decides to try and negotiate a way home with the giants who need his skills to complete their project..."

* In an internal memo to Irwin Allen about this episode it states "we should have an indication that the machinery is now in more active action - with sparks flying about etc., - for a more interesting and action-filled end to the teaser". Fans of Allen's series will not find this difficult to believe as this was really his trademark, in fact Allen was once quoted thus "If I can't blow up the World in the first ten minutes then the show is a flop!"

* Guest Artist Dee Hartford (Altha) was Groucho Marx's sister-in-law and also appeared in Lost In Space. Groucho Marx was an associate of Allen's and funded much of his early career.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"Unless I'm mistaken, this tiny dog holds the key to all our problems. We'll have the little people within a week and we'll be rid of them once and for all..."

Inspector Kobick is overjoyed when he manages to catch the Earthling's dog, Chipper. He realizes that they will, of course, attempt to rescue him. To bait his trap he puts Chipper on show in the local zoo as the smallest dog in the world. Barry can't resist the obvious dangers of a rescue attempt.

* Filming of the zoo scenes was done at Los Angeles Zoo on Monday, 6th Jan. 1969.

* An early version of the script has Steve and Dan running down the back of a giant Rhino. Presumably this was deleted as being too costly to produce.

* In one scene part of Gary Conway's hand disappears as he moves out of his fixed area for matte purposes.

* Guest Artist Cliff Osmond (Grotius) has acted steadily since 1962. In 1980 he scripted the movie "The President Must Die".

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"To release Thrombeldinbar, put him in the paper bag, when the moon comes up make a wish, and burn the bag, as the smoke rises Thrombeldinbar is set free and then you get you wish..."

It is the Night of Thrombeldinbar on the Land of the Giants, a special night when cookies are left out for the elf type being called Thrombeldinbar. As Barry, Fitzhugh and Chipper head past a house, a housewife accidentally drops a cookie meant for Thrombeldinbar on the grass. Fitzhugh goes to retrieve it, but
is captured by two orphan giant children who are convinced that Fitz is the real Thrombeldinbar.

* This episode was produced either side of Xmas 1968, which may account for the 'fairy tale' atmosphere pervading it. Yes, even the Giants got Xmas Day off!

* A highlight of this episode is an extremely strong musical score provided by veteran composer Leith Stevens who did many scores for the series. His film work included the George Pal classics "War Of The Worlds" and "When Worlds Collide".

* Guest Artist Alfred Ryder (Parteg) was a regular guest star in many genre shows of the period including Star Trek, Outer Limits and Voyage To the Bottom Of the Sea.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"The only visitors we've had here in the last 72 hours have been two squirrels, and I don't think they're working for Kobick!"

The little people face a new menace in the form of Inspector Kobick, a member of SID (Special Investigations Department) a group whose remit includes capture of our heroes. Kobick has with him a new device capable of detecting a metal from Earth called "inella metal". Several of the party have items made from it, these are soon discarded with the exception of Dan who has a pin of it in his leg from an Olympic accident several years ago....

* This episode was shot between 6.12.68 - 16.12.68 and first aired on 2.2.69. it took 7 working days to shoot.

* Guest Artist Sheila Matthews (Nurse Helg) was Mrs. Irwin Allen, and featured in Allen's Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea and Lost In Space, in addition to this she has prominent roles in the blockbuster movies "The Poseidon Adventure" and "The Towering Inferno".

* Guest Artist Paul Fix (Dr. Brulle) reprises his role here
from "The Creed". Fix had a long movie and TV career including
parts in The Twilight Zone, Star Trek and The Wild Wild West and
films such as Hondo, Shenandoah and El Dorado.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

"I'm telling you Fitzhugh, I saw it. It's plain as day. - What is it? What did you see? Tell me, tell me, what you saw. - I saw Earth. Earth! I'm telling you... I saw Earth right through this lens..."

A crazed Giant scientist has developed a type of special binoculars that enable him to see in the dark and capture the little people. Aware of the potentially serious consequences of this, they vow to destroy the invention, but this is not as easy as it first seems as Steve becomes captured by the scientist...

* Writer Sheldon Stark was asked to rework this story several times during its development and despite his changes this story is known to fans as 'the one where the little people behave sadistically and out of character'.

* The show is reputedly based on "Dr. Cyclops" a 1940's 'B' movie.

* Guest Star Michael Ansara was a popular actor during the 1960's and appeared in all of Irwin Allen's shows of the period. He was married to Barbara (I Dream Of Jeannie) Eden between 1958 - 1972.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

"I am used to making my own decisions Miss Scott - I know, I read about you from rags to riches, Chairman of the Board of 17 companies before the age of 30, or was it 30 companies by the age of 17!..."

The little people face a new menace as the Giants start to put up posters rewarding people for their capture. As the stakes rise, the Earth people find themselves in dispute over whether they need the added protection afforded by a Giant's gun located in a nearby tent...

* This episode was produced early in the series (4th) and underwent numerous rewrites to try to make it presentable.

* Note the writing on the Giants tin can is not English. The decision to have Giants speaking English took place after this segment was shot. This obviously would enable more scope for future stories.

* Guest Artist Kimberley Beck started acting at the age of 2 years in the movie 'Torpedo Run' (as Glen Ford's daughter). She was 11 when she took this part.

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Steve and Fitzhugh find a small cavern loaded with electronic equipment that appears to be whats left of a previous expedition from Earth. The race is on once the Giants become aware of the equipments existence and try to recover it for their own needs.

3 months ago

Four teen-age punks, the last remnants of another wrecked Earth spaceship, capture Betty and Valerie.

3 months ago

The crew finds a woman of their size while on a trek. Mark falls in love with her, who in return, invites him to her home. Burton tries to convince Mark that this is a trap set to become a guinea pig for the Giants. However, blinded by love, Mark is unable to make up his mind, even that his urge ends up with a fight with the commander itself.

3 months ago

The castaways find a tape recorder which has the taped log of Major Kagan, an astronaut who crash landed on the planet with his crew a few years earlier. Barry is later captured by the paranoid Kagan, who thinks that the castaways are working with the giants. However, they later convince him that they are not and he agrees to help them go to the giant's science center to help retrieve his ship, which is being examined by their scientists. However, when they get there Kagan does not enter with them due to the fact that he remembers that something horrible is in there and it killed his crew. However, when the castaways are being chased by a giant scientist he must conquer his fear and save them.

3 months ago

Fitzhugh is captured by two giants who instantly realize his small size will be of value for a gem robbery they have planned. Unfortunately the men need someone even smaller and go in search of the other members of the crew.

3 months ago

While out foraging for food, Barry collapses in pain and it soon becomes apparent that he is suffering from appendicitis. It is then decided that Betty, who has nurses training, will perform the operation. Steve and Mark then go to a local hospital to get the supplies needed for the operation. However, they soon encounter sympathetic Doctor Brulle, who decides to help the castaways and supply them with a medical kit that was on another ship that crashed on the planet on one condition; that Fitzhugh helps to translate a medical encyclopedia that is written in German. After the terms are agreed upon, the doctor supplies them with the medical kit and the rest of the castaways transport Barry to a clearing in the forest for the operation. Unfortunately, a janitor who felt the doctor was treating him badly, follows the doctor and reports him to the police.

3 months, 1 week ago

While scavenging parts to repair the Spindrift, two of the crew are captured by scientists. The rest of the crew unite to undertake a daring rescue attempt with everything now on the line.

3 months, 1 week ago

A prison escapee tries to hide from policemen. While Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh are away, the prisoner takes the Spindrift with the rest of the crew inside. However, he falls in a quicksand pit with the spaceship. The threesome must get the giant out of the instable ground before he sinks with the ship and what's inside.

3 months, 1 week ago

The castaways meet a supposedly amnesiac man from Earth. They decide to take him in against Steve's better judgment. It is soon revealed that the "little person" is a giant who has taken a drug to shrink himself down to the size of the earthlings. He eventually kidnaps Betty and takes her to their hideout with hopes the others will follow so they can be captured.

3 months, 1 week ago

Fitzhugh and Barry get caught by a traveling circus act, using a bear to keep other little people to make them escape. Mark and Commander Burton must find a way to divert the kidnappers attention. However the rest are caught and Burton must find a way, maybe the help of the boy who travels with them to escape from this fate to be sold at a carnival.

3 months, 1 week ago

The castaways are contacted by someone claiming to be from Earth and who promises to help them get back home. However, they soon find out that the "earthman" is really a giant scientist who is part of an underground movement bent on overthrowing the planet's totalitarian government. He then makes a deal with Steve and the others that if they help him retrieve some information on some political prisoners that he will help them get back home.

3 months, 1 week ago

While looking for lenses to use to charge the Spindrift's solar batteries, the castaways witness a photographer murder the model he was photographing after he attempted to make a pass at her. He then tries to pin the blame on a bum, but they take a picture of him as he tries to plant evidence. Val, who is an amateur photographer, agrees to go with Steve to try to develop the film and try to clear the bum of a murder rap.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

While being chased by a hobo, the castaways find themselves trapped by a force field. They then find a town without any people in it. They soon find out that the town was built by a lonely old man who built the town based on pictures he found on a ship that crash landed on the planet years earlier. They appreciate the old man's kindness, but still try to find a way to escape. Complicating matters is the old man's sadistic granddaughter, who is jealous of them and tries to kill them.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

On June 12, 1983, a sub-orbital aircraft named the Spindrift flying from Los Angeles is pulled into a space warp which transports its crew and passengers into another dimension. The ship eventually lands on a planet where everything is 12 times larger than normal. In their first night on the planet they are attacked by a giant cat and two of their party, Captain Steve Burton and jet set heiress Valerie Scott, are captured by a pair of giant scientists but are eventually rescued by the rest of the castaways. Unfortunately, they soon realize that for the time being they are stuck on this strange world.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

On June 12, 1983, a sub-orbital aircraft named the Spindrift flying from Los Angeles is pulled into a space warp which transports its crew and passengers into another dimension. The ship eventually lands on a planet where everything is 12 times larger than normal. In their first night on the planet they are attacked by a giant cat and two of their party, Captain Steve Burton and jet set heiress Valerie Scott, are captured by a pair of giant scientists but are eventually rescued by the rest of the castaways. Unfortunately, they soon realize that for the time being they are stuck on this strange world.

3 months, 3 weeks ago