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Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P (Episode 63) w/ Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Lee Merritt

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"People are getting sick because there's material in the shots that's meant to make them sick."

Forwarded from World Doctors Alliance
SHARE- Dr Palevsky on Fire in NY, nails Covraud in 10 mins.


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Sep 23 features Dr.Tenpenny & Dr. Palevsky, Dr. Lee Merritt. Moderated by Maureen McDonnell. Dr. Madej and Dr Northrup were not available for this livestream but are regular guests on other episodes. Today's topics include:
1. What is happening in hospitals? (From diagnosis to being sent home. Why are so many people going in, and not coming out?)
2. Best approaches for avoiding infections -- prophylactics, supplements
3. Importance of early treatment
4. Strategies and equipment for home care
5. If a loved one needs to go to hospital for any reason, what do you ask for or demand?


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Critically Thinking, August 19 2021

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 59 - 5 Doc Special Aug 19 2021

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5 doctors agree that COVID-19 mRNA experimental shots are bioweapons and discuss what to do about it

Critically Thinking - 5 Doctors Monthly Special Episode 2 - Is their shot putting you at risk?

Critically Thinking - 5 Doctors Monthly Special Episode 3 - 5 Doc Update

Critically Thinking - 5 Doctors Monthly Special Episode 4

Critically Thinking - 5 Doctors Monthly Special Episode 5

Critically Thinking - 5 Doctors Monthly Special Episode 6

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In the last few days, there have been some very encouraging developments around vaccine tyranny:
– Denmark ends all COVID restrictions, including the Vaccine Passport.
– Japan recalls 1.63 million vials of the Moderna vaccine and Health Minister advocates Ivermectin.
– Province of Alberta ends all COVID restrictions, after failing to prove that COVID-19 has ever been isolated in human tissue.
– Texas Supreme Court nullifies mask mandates in public schools put in place in districts throughout the state.
The reason why all these things are happening is because of what this amazing video is about: the inescapable consequences of 2 billion people being vaccinated.
Credit: Forbidden Knowledge TV

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Critically Thinking, May 7, 2021

Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 46 with Special Guests from LifeSite News

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Larry Palevsky, February 19, 2020

CT Public health committee public hearing on hb5044 the removal of the religious exemption to vaccination for public school attendance. The testimonies went on for 22 hours, here is 28 minutes of eye opening statements by DR. Larry Palevsky!

Full hearing http://ct-n.com/ondemand.asp?id=17183&jwsource=cl

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