Speech given at the annual conference of Patriotic Alternative 2021

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In which I reflect upon a recent UK political debate held online between Laura Towler of Patriotic Alternative and Rikki Doolan of British Lives Matter. Nobody comes out of this looking good.

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We were never asked...

1 year, 7 months ago

See TheAfterParty.tv

Originally aired Oct 24, 2019:

What Laura, Mark Collett, and their team of heroic volunteers did was a great example

of smart activism with tangible results.

Though many of the 2k+ survey respondents in the four towns canvassed assumed the

questioners were pro-immigration, they still responded quite tellingly.

Hundred Handers also joins at the end.

We Were Never Asked site:


No White Guilt:

The Great Order:

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European Art Censored By YouTube - Laura Towler's 'My people'

Laura Towler's original upload of this video was placed in limited state, censored, by YouTube in a show of bias.
Why was this video censored? Where did it break the rules?



2 years, 11 months ago