More on Fred The liar: One more video to be done with Margi and John Saturday and we will be done with Fred. I just want everyone to understand the events concerning Fred's deception. He's very persuasive with his lies, which he tells to everyone in the same way.


MY QUICK TAKE by JOE RIZOLI: Fred signed a contract, there were specific obligations and he failed to meet them... He got money making all of us understand that this money was for his bills... Margaret is one of his bills and she needs to be paid back...NOTHING was done to pay her back or do it in payments...NOTHING... FRED made it look like this was a charity give to him, Margaret gave proof that it was a contractual agreement....BIG DIFFERENCE... When one sees something done to another person and sits back and says nothing then they are part of this ruse... I have no ill will towards Fred but I can't let this unfair situation go on and I side with Margaret that this loan obligation gets paid...Fred has the money.... If Fred did what he obligated himself to do in the first place we wouldn't be here now... If Margaret got her money and Fred needled more financial help later I'm sure help would have come through more donations... But look where it got...Fred wasn't honest, we have proof, and as of now it looks Margaret will never get paid...This is not acceptable... This isn't just between Margaret and Fred anymore, this is fraud...we are all obligated to see this gets fixed...any more money making over to Fred needs to go to Margaret, PERIOD..... Fred needs to stop this excuse nonsense... He has a LEGAL OBLIGATION TO PAY OFF THIS DEBT...he has the money...He has put Margaret through hell with health concerns, medicines she can't get and mental anguish....who the hell does this to another person without a conscience? Joe

7 months, 2 weeks ago