This is actually quite a serious subject.
As most of you are all too aware by now, in this surveillance state with censorship on steroids, the Establishment are hell-bent on denying the people exercising their rights to accessing information in the public interest. This has been going on for some time albeit slowly so as to not attract sudden attention. Electronic information (web based) is all well and good but as we've seen on social media and Wikipedia etc, information is compromised, altered, faked and censored to promote vested interests and certain groups - Books, on the other hand are hard copies documenting past historical events, laws, procedures and operations where people can reference and cross-reference hard information without the increasing risks and pressures of censorship. Libraries have for centuries been a public service, a place for children to learn as well as a repository of information for adults to keep up to date on current affairs.
This is why they want to shutdown OUR libraries across the nation.

Sovereignty of the People transcends Parliamentary sovereignty because without the people there can be NO Parliament. Its Sovereignty comes from us, the people. Without Sovereignty, there can be no Democracy, without Democracy there can be no fair legal system or judiciary, without a fair legal system there is only the law of the jungle. This is why Common Law transcends Statutory Law etc..

This is our reaction to the Establishment.
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Excellent documentary, Strawman 2015 with the late John Harris.

3 months ago

this is our beautiful, diverse society, twisting innocent minds. Fucked up if you ask me!

2 years, 2 months ago