I understand learning all of this truth may be a huge gut punch to the Bible believing Christian or anyone inmeshed in religion. But it’s better to know the truth than to live the rest of your life believing a lie or something that isn’t the whole truth. Set your ego aside and unlearn, so you can relearn. I know that’s what I personally had to do and what I’m still having to do and let me tell you it, ain’t easy.

When I started looking into the true origins of our history, that is when things started not adding up. I began connecting A LOT of dots and once I did it was a very hard pill to swallow realizing the real, raw truth…..that most everything I was taught in school or had learned from a pastor growing up was a lie. This is when I knew I had to dig deeper to find the truth and I haven’t stopped since. I now have an insatiable need for the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

My goal is not to hurt your feelings or piss you off, but rather to plant a seed in hopes that one person will also decide to dig deeper. The discovery of hard truths can hurt but embrace the journey. How cool is it to learn and know that Yahushua (Jesus) had the mystic/ancient knowledge and is what he was teaching his disciples in private (peep book of mark). Waking up to all of this and now having this knowledge is helping me to feel so much more “connected” more so than I ever have🙏

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