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Thanks and full credit to Del Bigtree for this one! Find Del Bigtree at The Highwire here: https://thehighwire.com/watch/

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stand up for what you believe in.....like a boss... dunno how i missed this story jejejeje
On 14 July 2007 John Patterson broke into a truck yard, ‘borrowed’ a former British army tank and proceeded to systematically demolish six mobile phone base station in the Sydney suburb of Mt Druit, before his vehicle stalled at the site of the seventh base station and he surrendered to police.

Background and experience

John’s unwelcome conclusion is one that he is, unfortunately, extremely well-qualified to make.

John is one of Australia’s leading radiation experts—a man who has been at the forefront of technology for more than three decades; a man with a passion for electronics.

A telecommunications engineer, John has worked with every communications technology there is. Employed by the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC), Telecom and Telstra, he built, tested and commissioned communications systems and completed over 54 engineering courses in order to keep up to date with the newest technologies. John was one of Australia’s leading radiation measurers, a trouble-shooter and the man who found the solutions to the toughest problems.

As early as 1978 OTC trained John in ‘radiation awareness’ and advised him to keep a diary of his experiences with the cutting edge radiation-emitting technology with which he worked. At that stage, no one knew what the effects would be.

Health problems

As his career progressed, John became a very sick man. ‘The more I was exposed to, the sicker I became,’ he said. The crunch came after two mobile phone base stations were installed—one on either side of his workplace. By that stage, John was having regular heart attacks which continued for four years.

In his impeccably-maintained diaries, John detailed the health effects that he observed in himself and other workers, many of whom later died. ‘Telecom had a very high number of suicides,’ he recalls.

The symptoms he observed, in order of occurrence, included:

short-term memory loss (including momentary lapses)
long-term memory loss
involuntary contraction of muscles and tendons
chronic fatigue
problems with balance—at first walking, then riding
sore neck muscles
jaw out of alignment
vertebrae in shoulders and bottom four vertebrae out of alignment—caused by cramping of muscles
misco-ordination between eye and muscles
reduction in elasticity in body, especially throat, resulting in a ‘choking’ effect when swallowing
thyroid problems
heart problems (including heart attacks)
stomach valve not opening properly, leading to heart burn and nausea
changes to gait
numbing of the skin
black rings around the iris
kidney problems
liver problems—leading to skin problems, rashes and pimples that don’t heal. (John saw at least 1000 workers with similar skin problems.)
inappropriate emotional responses.
The concern for John is that the symptoms he once saw only in exposed workers, he’s now seeing in members of the public—including very young children.

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title: Like a Boss
performer: MoonmanKing
parody of "Like a Boss" by the Lonely Island
producer: Discordian
album: The Cawkphecy

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