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• Trust nothing
• Do your own research
• Think for yourself

*Most (not all) media outlets are prostitutes for the highest bidder (currently that happens to be big pharma companies pushing experimental drugs as a responce to one of the least dangerous diseases known to man [https://www.bitchute.com/video/uUuPLvKFUehV/])

Taken from - https://vimeo.com/95563998

'An animated basic introduction to the concept of "media literacy". Media literacy curricula encourages students to ask questions about what they watch, hear, and read. Treating “media” as any sort of text that can be read, trained students will be able to detect bias and propaganda, and determine the reasons for these.'

Dr.Scott Jensen - You Are Being Played -
Introduction To Propaganda -
The Truth About Coronavirus & The Media -
Propaganda Techniques Used On You Everyday -
Fauci The Fraud -
Journalistic Malpractice -
The PCR Test Pandemic -
Group Psychology & Manipulating The Masses -
How To Profit From Fearmongering -
Ancient Assyrian Propaganda -

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This is an old show I found posted on another site. It is from December 16, 2010. We brought it to the home site for your interest.

Harper's got new red mittens as he sells out Canada with the New Border Vision and Bill C-36, Green climate fund for the looting, Charles and Camilla shaken but not stirred, Bank of Canada warns of swift and brutal rate hikes, Swiss gold vault empty, Motown bankrupt, America at the brink, Russia on alert, Venezuela gets missiles, Madoff son gets suspended sentence, Glastonbury omen, genocide of the elderly, massive object lurking outside our solar system, secret banking elite control derivatives, another Vatican banking scandal. On Conspiracy Cafe It Is Written.

Literacy is not a handy knack. It is a moral condition. The ability to read attentively, reflectively, and judiciously is equally the ability to be attentive, reflective, and judicious. For the sake of just and sane living, literacy is not an optional adornment. It is a necessity. It is the necessity. It is not a variety or portion of education. It is education. It is the whole thing, the wholesome nourishment of the mind, by which it may grow strong enough to be the master of the will and not its slave, the judge of desire and not its procurer, the censor of sentiment and not its tool, and the inquisitor of belief, and not its flack. It is our only path to whatever wisdom we can have, which is our only path to whatever goodness we can know, which is our only path to whatever happiness we can enjoy.


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Have you read the Beatrix Potter tales to your children? Have you read the first paragraph of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"? After you finish those, you'll realize that your education, your 'schooling', has been watered down beyond recognition. Both of those works were written for regular people, or in Potter's case, children. I will show you the tools they used to become deft and skilled writers. Once you're there, you'll also, by default, become a better speaker. Your school system is a pale shadow of what it once was - reacquire what used to be there now! https://thefreelanceteacher.teachable.com

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For the past 25 years, I have been working with high school students in the rough neighborhood. I found out the hard way how to prepare students not just for their studies in English class, but also for all of the exams they have to deal with on the way. Here I am sharing all the things I've learned on the Instructor side of things. The methods, knowledge and techniques that have worked - some of them in trying circumstances, are here for you.


Literacy Boot Camp – What we are doing, and why we’re doing it.

1. Basic Concepts regarding English Writing and Speaking.
2. Educational Nutrition Crisis – How to get what you need to feed and grow your Intellectual Self Defense
3. It takes Communication Skills to navigate life.
4. You’ve been duped – get back what is your Birthright.
5. What level literacy do you need so that you do NOT get manipulated when you’re on your own.
6. Active Literacy: Writing and Speaking.
7. The usage and understanding of Phrases (a group of words that serve a purpose in a sentence).

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One of the things I've noticed when I read older books is that they're more difficult. They're also well written. Even the boring books have a certain elegance to them. Why is this? Why were the books from even as far back as the late 1700's and early 1800's America more rigorous? What did people do, in an era of practically no school, in order to be able to handle such a high level of reading? In case you think I'm kidding, look at "Last of the Mohicans". It was published in 1826, and it is a literary marvel - complex, thoughtful, dynamic, and filled with rich imagery. Have you tried to read it? Most college graduates today would curl up in the fetal position after the first 3 paragraphs.

The story we get is that these great works were only for the literate Elite. This is patently false. It's a myth. The regular people bought "Last of the Mohicans" in droves - it was a bestseller. Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" was another example of this. One fifth of the country read his treatise. Pick it up and read it. How is it possible that these two works sold so well and were read so widely if few were literate?

It's because people were more literate back then. They studied language, grammar, and practiced with difficult material. My mission here is to give back to you what is your birthright as a person: the ability to navigate all levels of literacy and literature. The reason slaves, throughout world history, were forbidden to read is because a literate person is dangerous. A literate person won't be fooled by slogans and mindless repetition. In other words, a literate person won't be snookered by the charlatans who boss us around today.

Let's get learning - and literate. The old ways weren't broken. They didn't need to be 'fixed'. It's time we took back what is ours.

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Your son or daughter always struggling with long or difficult books? Maybe you are having a tough time getting through the reading. Do you know a college or high school student who is unprepared for the difficulty level of the things you need to read to succeed in class?

Literacy Boot Camp will fix all of that.

Here are the exercises you'll need in order to become more literate and capable with English. These are the things that your grandparents did. They hated it, but this work is what they did back in the days to become not only LITERATE, but CONFIDENT when it comes to reading and writing. It isn't always fun, but it's the 'bad tasting medicine' that works best. Get started today!


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Literacy can literally change lives!

We work hard to transform the lives of students in the most impoverished areas in Brazil. Our goal is to incite their curiosity and stress the importance of literacy in their classrooms in hopes that one day each student will have the opportunity to tell their own amazing story.

By gifting each student at the selected schools that we assist with new and incredibly engaging literature books, we are sure that we can begin a reading revolution!

This video was produced to help us fund raise in Charleston, WV. Machadinho, the video host, is a Brazilian businessman that spent sometime in WV and made good friends during his stay. The plea he makes is to raise US$10,000 to help more than 350 students in a small town in Brazil, to fall in love with reading.

You can also be a part of this reading revolution! Join us today at http://www.HolisticaFoundation.org

Holistica Foundation Inc is a nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

You can send a check to:
Holistica Foundation Inc
244 Fifth Avenue Suite H231
New York 10001

Or donate securely using your Credit Card:

Holistica Foundation uses 1BOOK4LIFE Program's system to help students in Brazil while providing full feedback of the whole process to all donors.
Go to http://1book4life.com/machadinho.ff to learn more about the 1BOOK4LIFE Program.

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