"The past has to be the midwife of the future."

-John Bruce Leonard

In this clip, the second of two, we continue on the theme of European myths

and fairy tales providing balancing guidance, here delving into the issue of

responsibly wielding the powers that modernity grant us

and the marks of true leadership and masculinity.

From Learning In Public Episode 25, March 20, 2021

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We are living in a time of tremendous change in the world, perhaps even a transition between epochs. Using our thought and speech to the best we can on this show, we commit to navigate the questions and challenges of such times.

We take a spirit and intention of harmony and holistic thinking as our guide, seeking to avoid many either/or pitfalls that too easily result in confusion, disintegration, and harm.

This does not mean rendering everything limply neutral and “moderate,” for we primarily believe in a harmony between curious openness and strong boundaries.

We lament the loss of meaning, purpose and virtue that many modern people experience, but can also critique older notions whose blind spots got us here, or examine nefarious schemes currently pushing anti-life agendas—even if these are publicly presented as “evolved,” “enlightened,” and “inevitable.”

We can enjoy the spread of ideas, mobility and resources in a more connected world while fiercely advocating for the remarkable distinctions that signify the unique peoples and cultures of earth, of course most apt to address and rehabilitate our own as men of European descent.

We believe in truth, beauty and goodness and see how irony and nihilism are wrecking peoples’ lives.
All the while we insist on a generous spirit where appropriate and keep a lightness in our hearts, for the world certainly doesn’t need any more bitterness.

Please join us if this intrigues you.

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Originally aired Oct 3, 2019

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