Hey, it’s Josh with dream body clinic, the patient you're going to see here did our back treatment, specifically the lumbar spine area of the lower back, but our back treatment's cool. We can get any section lumbar, thoracic, or cervical that would be lower, middle, or upper back. And we typically just focus on one area. Sometimes people have multiple areas of seen. A lot of people are lumbar and cervical needed, and we can do that. We just added some more cells. We can customize it, but this is just our general back treatment. If things are hurting, but they're not too bad this is the treatment that you want. If it's an advanced herniated disc, we have an ozone back treatment.
This is a treatment that I did for my herniated disc. It was just more bulging, slightly herniated at L four L five, just like this patient’s lumbar spine. I had terrible sciatica. It was not fun.
When he got an MRI found out what was wrong and used the medicine that we offer that was two and a half years. And about two, well, it was a week or two after treatment, all the nerve pain with Scott and it's never come back. Um, I did have a torn muscle and it felt like weird pain pressure in my lower back that took about three months to go away completely.
It's typically three to six months when people see the most persons three months being bad average. And it's just so nice to be pain free. In fact, most people, we probably have way more testimonials if you know, it’s kind of a joke, but it is true. I mean, it has no memory once your back feels good. You totally forget.
You are just you're like, this is great. It's awesome. You forget how bad it really hurts. So, this is a treatment to do that. If it's hurting, if you're in that kind of pain and it's just from, maybe you're working out too hard, maybe sports, maybe just sitting at a desk, you get a lot of guys are computer programmers.
Acts just hurt from sitting all day. This can help you. This can get you painful. In relatively short time, way faster than surgery and its light years ahead surgery, but because it's not approved in the U S or Canada, people think, oh, it can't really do that, but it does. This stuff should be approved worldwide.
It just isn't because you know, the big pharmaceutical companies, they can't patent it, they can't. So why would they spend a hundred million, 200 or a billion dollars to regularize this? So, it's FDA approved when they can't control it. They can't profit from. The orthopedic surgeons don't want it because they want to cut.
And nobody ever talks about their billion-dollar lobby up in Washington, DC, making, you know, paying to keep the laws the way they are. It's crazy. This is a great way to heal a back without surgery. So, it's what we recommend. If you've got back pain, just get ahold of us. It's toll free. Ask all the questions you want.
833 445 9089. Check out our website, www.dreambody.clinic . You'll see if you scroll down, there's a bunch of different treatments. Find the bac

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Hey this is Josh dream body clinic. You're going to see here as a patient, that's coming back to us from up in the Northwest, like where I'm from. He is doing his back. He had a lot of success last year, the hormone therapies and the stem cells. He's had some back pain over the past year, you know, just sitting at a desk all day, kind of where's the down.
Can cause back problems. So luckily it wasn't too bad. We did the MRI first saw that he had some mild herniations and we're going into the back here with the stem cells. We do an eye view of a hundred. Plus four shots of 25 million around the most effected area in the back. And we combine that with the ID because we founded the past and we started doing all this about a little over five years ago at some patients to get their back fixed up and think that they're were all good.
And then go back and hit the gym too hard and they're hurting themselves again. We had other patients that did the IVF with it back when it was an option that you needed. And they found well, we found that they weren't having those issues. They could go back to the gym, lift heavy were hurting themselves.
I believe it's because the stem cells are getting in there and helping strengthen the back muscles also in combination with the direct. So we've just made that standard policy. So a hundred million. With four shots of 25 million in the most effected area it's working really well. I've personally done it.
It fits some horrible psychotic nerve problems that I was having horrible pain down. My leg felt like at Cal rod and it can work for you. So if you've got more questions, we've got back pain, just been sitting at the desk too long, you know, maybe just getting older, it starts creeping up on you. It seems like everybody eventually has some bad.
This is a great way to treat it and avoid having to take your painkillers and other just temporary solutions. Like they offer you back up there in the U S or Canada. So if you want to come down to Mexico or your important buyer, it's a really easy treatment real quick. Um, get a great vacation out of it and beautiful fortifier to like look at it.
Like it's kind of like cheaper, wide down here. Real good place. So if you have questions and want to learn more, give us a call at any time. Toll free at 833 445 9089. Or check out the website, www.dreambody.clinic. You can scroll down on the homepage and you'll see there. All the treatments listed, click on them.
They got prices, info, everything you need, and I'm Josh happy to help.

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