You Still Think We Are SPINNING Ha Ha, The Joke is On you The GOYIM - You are only the GOYIM when you still in the BOX a controlable hackable human almost! Oh no that the current prize they after.... The JEWEL the Ultimate prize You Consciousness

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Additional links below. Yes many of us are well aware that NASA are liars, but that doesn't mean the Earth is flat and that planets are "discs" as the flat Earthers claim. Can humanity handle the truth of what's out there in space? Judging by a large percentage of humanity's reaction to corona "virus" perhaps it is better if the "deep state" continue lying to everyone.

Dr. Greer and many others whom have spoke on this subject insist that "we", humanity, are ready for disclosure, but as we can see from corona "virus" and the comments below by sheople and/or agents, humans may not be ready to face what's out there, so their mind will remain enslaved to the Tel-a-Vision propaganda about racial and democrat vs republican division.

Follow up with this interview of Max Spiers by Miles Johnston. The Fourth Reich controls the soul transfer operation on the moon at 1:10:00, but the entire interview is loaded with information. You are getting your awakening now if you are not already aware of this. Yes this is WAY BEYOND democrat vs republican bullshit.



Another SecureTeam10 vid here:



For those who are super-woke and want more information, watch this presentation with Alex Collier in which he may provide the answers to many of the questions you have about who "they" are and why humanity are being locked down and facing the threat of vaccination:



John Lear, son of Bill Lear who created the Lear Jet, speaks about the aerospace industry, exo-politics, and 9-11:



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And once you've got through all of those follow up with this film, Above Majestic:


Another John Lear interview here:



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Someone suspected that we never went to the moon and so they put an 8 year old up to the task of asking Buzz Aldrin why we never went back and he could not lie to this child, so he spilled the beans and then he tried to weasel out of it as he kept talking, but the cat, Folks, is now out of the bag!
We don't have the battery technology to keep someone warm in a light spacesuit, when it's 328 degrees F below zero and we still can't get past the Van Allen Belts. NASA said they lost the telemetry tapes of the most important scientific achievement of our species! What a lie! NASA lied again when they said 'We forgot how to go to the moon!' What an outrageous set of lies and we paid them $158 billion to take men to the moon? Somebody should be in prison for this!
We were lied to. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did not walk on the moon. They walked on a movie set and participated in a fraudulent crime against the entire world. Then they toured the planet, accepting a hero's welcome, knowing that they are liars and thieves. This video reveals the truth. Aldrin is getting too senile to continue lying and he really spilled the beans when this little girl asked why we never went back.
Test pilots become astronauts, but they aren't scientists. Alan Bean wasn't even aware that there are Van Allen Belts and he had no idea where they were located. When he revealed this, he was dead in no time. Was he heart attacked with the Venus Shooter? Those chosen to be astronauts are healthy people. They don't have heart conditions and they don't suffer from genetic conditions that lead to heart attacks. Alan Bean was a young man and now he's dead! Heart attack! Was he silenced?

The video is by WebCollections; They ask the viewer to subscribe
I NEVER ask anyone to like a video or subscribe; I think it's wrong! wrong! wrong!
Would YOU ever go to a party, meet new people and ask them to like you? It's ridiculous!
You would most certainly NOT like someone who asked you to like them wouldn't you?

Buzz Aldrin is a liar! He thinks he did a good deed by participating in this fraud, this swindle of America
I don't respect him and I don't respect the puppet Presidents who went along with this fraudulent swindle of America and the world
In the video, you can see that he respects the puppet President and that places him, lower than the puppet who cheats people out of $158 billion to go to the moon, IN A MOVIE STUDIO WITH LIGHTS CASTING SHADOWS IN ALL DIRECTIONS!
The only guilt I feel, is not discovering the truth sooner and like 9/11, once you know the truth, YOU MUST TELL TEN, EVERY DAY.
The truth is corrosive to a dictatorship! No dictator can tolerate the truth getting out. It will destroy the tyrant.
When Martin Luther protested the behavior of the Catholic Church, he used the printing press, invented only 77 years earlier in 1440. They succeeded and we can also succeed, using the internet. The enemy tried to block the truth with YouTube and Google, but here we are at BitChute and we are allowed to exercise our First Amendment Right to Free Speech! We can win! Tell Ten!

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I'm at a web site where Scott James is asking the questions and Jonathan O'Callaghan is answering them
I'll give you the link in the video description so you can go there and have a good laugh
There is no atmosphere on the moon, right? Blood will boil, without atmospheric pressure, right?
For these reasons, the space suit has to be pressurized to equal earth's atmospheric pressure
Would one of you call 'Bill Nye, The Science Guy' and ask him why this spacesuit, worn by a man who is supposed to be standing on the moon, isn't pressurized?
Watch 'Bill Nye, The Science Guy' squirm and then tell you lies. Bill Nye, the Lie Guy. Ask him also why the shadows make no sense at all. Bill Nye, the Stupid Guy
Did we go to the moon or did NASA stage it, with lights in all directions, as they filmed it?

Link to article:

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RetroArch genesis mini version review

So, why I review RetroArch genesis mini version? because i have problems with my project lunar 1.4 and it got few errors and some of the games does not run. so i remove the game that i add and it\s cause black screen, so i erase all over again and it's runs really fine. I glade it works,so i spend all day and night to figuring out and i was stress and it was a nightmare. so i got lunar 1.5 and i got it solve by using reroarch with genesis gx emulator. i'm very happy that it works really well. i hope that it won't have problems again.

find me on https://www.facebook.com/Liamhayes121-222218205397552/?modal=admin_todo_tour

give it a try https://modmyclassic.com/project-lunar/#Where_to_Downlod

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This is a compilation to help you locate these halo's and record the waves yourself, repeatable, observable and VERY obvious!

Thanks to 11:11 Code for his amazing capture!

Ancient Terminology: Angel.
Modern Terminology: Particle accelerator.

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This podcast is the result of worldwide reaction to the now famous Lunar Wave footage (first filmed September 26th, 2012) as well as the now massive collection of astounding HD clips shot from 2012 to present and uploaded to YT on the Crrow777 channel. As Crow’s popularity grew on YT so did censorship and limitations with regard to producing anything resembling free speech or uncensored video. Everything produced on YT by Crow over the past year and half has been limited by a line drawn by those in charge which limits what can be talked about or shown in video.

Crow has spent most of his life challenging the world around us. On the tail of years of telescopic filming which gained worldwide attention this podcast was launched. This Crrow777Radio Podcast is meant to be a place where everything is challenged and people are free to communicate their ideas. The one rule here is be a higher minded human being and be polite. The foundational idea that drives this site can be summed up in the following statement: “Belief is the enemy of knowing”.

Visit his RADIO PODCAST site: https://www.crrow777radio.com/

Have permission to re post by Crrow777, personally

NASA is owned and operated by, ISA, Israel Space Agency

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I have always been interested in the Lunar Eclipse. In college, I shot a short clip of the Lunar Eclipse on Super-8 film in 1979(camcorders and most video tape formats did not exist yet).

In 2003, I was late to shoot the Lunar Eclipse, because I got East coast and West coast times confused. (I guess I'm easily confused) For some reason, I frequently miss the Eclipse despite my best intentions; but I made the effort anyway and I set my stuff up to shoot whatever part of the Eclipse that I could.

Almost just as soon as I got the camera running, this guy came up out of the shadows and started talking to me. As he talked, his subjects became more and more interesting and I just kept the video running, pretending to continue shooting the moon. Eventually he got a little agitated about politics and I realized that I was standing alone in the dark with an angry person I hardly knew. So I packed up my stuff and went home.

The event always stuck with me and I am happy to present it to you here now. The audio track is unretouched, except for boosting the volume a little. The video is unedited EXCEPT for a small "angry" segment I removed from the middle of the conversation that I thought largely detracted from the content. I have no idea who Randy Lead is but I found it interesting to disect his speech as I typed the subtitles.

All research and quotes are selected by myself, and I attempted to be as true to the source as practicable given the limitations of the character generator and fidelity of the text of English translations to "the original"

The video is interesting, funny, and thought provoking and I hope you enjoy it. You may want to watch it slowly a second time to study the text. But either way, thanks for watching, and remember to "keep looking up."

Video and text copyright (c) 2003, 2010 William A. Schaeffer

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Do you still believe we went to the moon? - Flat Earth Man

Today a woman told me that she had been to the Smithsonian, I asked her if the lunar module looked like pvc pipe and tin foil, she said yes!

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