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To learn more about Sheriff Mack and the CSPOA go to https://CSPOA.org

In this video Dr. Charlie gets a detailed update from Sheriff Richard Mack on how Sheriff's across the United States and especially in Texas are on Fire for the Constitution and Liberty scheduling more and more CSPOA training events to get their officers and public officials trained on the Constitution and how to protect their citizen from the federal government overreach against it.

Sheriff Richard Mack is the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and on one of only two Sheriff's in the history of the United State to beat the federal government in the supreme court for violating the Constitution.

Look what Judge Andrew Napolitano had to say about Sheriff Mack.

“Sheriff Mack had the courage to stand for the Independence of county sheriffs and defended the Constitution against the Congress of the United States and the Supreme Court agreed with him! This was one of the most important cases in American History.”

Texas Sheriffs Are On Fire!

The CSPOA was in Texas this past week for three training seminars!

• First one was in Burnet County with Sheriff Boyd as co-sponsor.
• 45 public officials attended, about half were sheriffs!
• All attendees said the training was invaluable!

The Second and third seminars were in Houston County (Crocket, TX) with Sheriff Hargrove as co-sponsor.

• 85 people attended along with a local TV News crew
• Over 40 public officials with about 12 sheriffs!
• The training was the best constitutional education for LEO's ever!
Now FIVE more Texas sheriffs are asking for the training in their counties!

On July 13th Sheriff Mack met with Dallas County Sheriff Chad Leonard at the Arise USA Rally.
You guessed it, Sheriff Leonard wants the CSPOA Constitution training for his Office and will invite several local sheriffs and their officers to attend.

This all shows that the CSPOA is working, and that Constitutional Counties are the answer!

Join the CSPOA Posse at https://CSPOA.org

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Feb 24, 2021

The American Journal

Sherrifs all over the nation are rebuking Biden's call for gun confiscation, and one sherrif joins the show to preach the good fight against tyranny.

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