Profits Passport is an #affiliatemarketing system for generating commissions promoting products and services that you do not have to create yourself. These are instant pay commissions meaning it is paid to you at the moment of sale via your choice of several different methods ;ie, paypal, cashapp, direct bank transfer, etc.

The genius of Profits Passport is that it is designed in a way that guides the visitor through a series of education on the fundamental tools needed to achieve success online and then it goes a step further by actually providing those tools which in turn pays you!

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This is a quick presentation that is dedicated to showing you how the Nitsova passive income system works.

First of all, let's remind you what the product is, in the first place:
What we've built is a one-of-a-kind advertising network where:
- every member is an advertiser and a publisher at the same time
- no money involved at all
- what is traded is web traffic, and it is free of course,
and as you know, traffic equals attention, equals sales.
- traffic is delivered automatically.

That's the first component of our model.

The second component is the referral system:
Any member who invites others to join, will automatically unlock higher amounts of free daily traffic.
We've already detailed about that in other videos.

Now you must be wondering: if traffic is always free, then how can I make money here?

The answer resides in the third component of our model:
Members who choose to become supporters will instantly become eligible for unlimited daily traffic.
A supporter is a member who signs up for another product of ours and which is paid,
so he/she will be paying Nitsova a small amount each month.

Now every individual in the world who joins and starts inviting website owners to join,
will be earning 50% to 75% of their monthly contributions, those who become supporters of course.

But wait, here's where it gets more exciting:
Instead of receiving a percentage of your direct referrals' contributions as you might be thinking,
you'll be getting a percentage of your indirect referrals' contributions, and whose number is obviously way bigger.
That's what makes your monthly earnings much higher, unlike any traditional referral program.

You don't need to have your own website or blog or any other web property.
Simply sign up and start emailing website owners as explained inside the member area.
This is a free network, so there is no barrier to entry.

Make sure you create a landing page using our system, so that your sponsor link keeps getting traffic even when you stop emailing.

You'll notice that your commission percentage starts at 50% and keeps growing towards 75% as you invite more members.

Payments are processed by a third-party company,
so to get started you need to create a free account on their website and enter your Payoneer account info or bank account info.

That's it. Feel free to sign up, then once logged in, click Monthly Passive Income,
Or click Featured Programs and select Nitsova.


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