Making New Earth is a very insightful video that systematically exposes how some capitalists manipulated Humanity over the last 300 years to create most of misery and sickness and destruction that we are experiencing in the world today, in their efforts to have power and control over Governments and people, now finally evident from their One World Order scheme.

Watch this video completely to understand how they used water to make the controlled city matrixes that many of us have been living in since the last 200 years. Understand why these concrete jungles are bad for your health and freedom and how they are damaging the planet as well.

Understand how Earth Keepers across the globe are breaking down their control matrix, so that all of us can have healthy water, food, medicine, body products, home products, local jobs and a self-sufficient circular green economy, made possible by people’s committees that give us the rights and freedom that we truly deserve.

Please be part of the movement in your village / city / state for it to succeed in every nation.

Thank You!
Earth Keepers Connect

1 year, 1 month ago

This shocking video explains how ‘The Apocalypse’ that we are living through now, was made over the last 200 years.

And understand how Earth Keepers are now helping you to break out of the Control Matrix to 'Make a New Earth' by the people and for the people.

Only fear will hold you back. Only love will take you forward.

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Thank You & God Bless!

Earth Keepers Connect

1 year, 10 months ago