A group of Royal Malaysian Air Force Su-30MKM fighters and several F/A-18 Super Hornets of the US Navy conduct a joint patrol over the South China Sea 👉🇨🇳

Video Credit: Anonymous Aviator 🤐

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In 1888, the Sultan of Perak was invited by Queen Victoria as a guest. When the Sultan’s aide was asked what the anthem of Perak was, so that it could be played upon his formal arrival, the aide, not wanting to be embarrassed by saying that Perak did not have an anthem, perhaps giving the impression that his country was “backwards”, proceeded to hum a favorite tune of his from the Seychelles, which is believed to have been composed by Pierre Jean Beranger. It was, therefore, from that moment on, the tune for the state anthem of Perak.

After an Indonesian opera performed it in Singapore (at the time, part of Malaysia), the tune became popular throughout all of Malaysia in the 1920s and 1930s as the love song “Terang Bulan” (Moonlight). (“Terang Bulan” is now forbidden to be performed in Malaysia.)

Before independence was scheduled for Malaysia in 1957, each of the (then) eleven states of Malaysia had their own anthem (which they have retained to this day), but there was no unifying anthem for the whole country. When independence was approaching, Tunku Abdul Rahman, then the Chief Minister and Minister for Home Affairs (later Malaysia’s first prime minister), led a committee to select a new anthem. Hundreds were received, but none were deemed suitable. Finally, the anthem for the Malaysian state of Perak was considered, and the melody, due to its “traditional flavor”, was selected to be the melody for the new anthem.

Once the melody was selected, new lyrics had to be written for it. The panel of judges charged with selecting a new anthem wrote the lyrics, with Tunku Abdul Rahman leading the group.

In 1992, the anthem was rearranged to give it a livelier march rhythm, which was unpopular with the citizens. In 2003 the tempo was returned to what it was originally.

(description c/o nationalanthems.info)

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Gangster (2005) Malaysian movie starring Rosyam Nor who plays three different characters. Life in the city of Kuala Lumpur has its challenges. We look through the eyes of three characters. A struggling merchant, a pimp, and a racer.

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20060707 – 911 guest Christopher Bollyn and Sam Danner – NOTE: listen to this last show of the week, only if you want to learn how Bollyn works and attacks good people (like MCP). This is the beginning, Bollyn brings Sam Danner onto the show to cause confusion in the future

20060706 – Rockefeller is not jewish – one of the members married a jew, 12 JFK execute order is a fake story/Myth = propagated by Jim Marrs, Ken Lay worked for Zionist family who are the real scum, http://thehouseoftroy.com/ Hillary Clinton grandmother married a jew, main reason why jews attack North Korea nuclear weapons is because NK may give it to one of Israeli’s enemies, Rockefeller started off with funding from the Rothschild (Eustace Mullins)

20060705 – infiltration of patriotic movements, Roy Bullock is an ADL undercover spy, Liberty Lobby experience by MCP, jews in Canada attack on Freedom of Speech, jews who controlled Russia had set up controlled opposition (the trust) to find real opposition, ZOG Zionist organized government, article ‘the jews for Palestine’ quote, Malaysians concerned about jews controlling their media, jews buying Spanish media

20060704 – details of his trip to Malaysia re 911, Malaysia trying to criminalise war ! what a champ, muslim women organised MCP's trip

20060703 – MCP is a guest on Eric Shine program, 38 Benjamin Netanyahu history, Christopher Bollyn

I have uploaded his book previously

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Big hoo haa in Kuala Lumpur. All the finest people were there. Muslim leadership are trying desperately to work out why Israel continues to run rings around them. I have a few ideas? YOU'RE ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. How 'bout that?

They all attend Oxford, Cambridge and Rouhani of Iran attended a Scottish university for his PHD on...sharia law? "wah?" Swiss schools are also popular for the cast of characters - it's where they run too for their face altering surgery when things go bad and Lord Rothschild bails them out.

Lord Rothschild and the City of London + Swiss Bank of International Settlements, IMF and World Bank produce the show and Chatham House, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations and Ti-lateral Commission direct. Actors who go off script get fired...ask Saddam.

I watched feeling quite disgusted at grown men in their 60's + scratching their heads as to why Israel runs rings around them - not that Israel was mentioned that much. Evil America was the target.

You and I know the issues inside out - but these stage actors with billions in analysts and resources at their finger tips cant work it out? You think crisis actors are only at US schools? Hell, I just watched a bunch of them here in Malaysia.

I feel insulted at having watched the show.

Imagine, Prime minister Mahathir, always keen to call Jews "hooked nosed" and "in love with money", cannot find the turn of phrase to describe an endless stream of Rabbi's in Israel and elsewhere calling non Jews "slaves" and "filth" and "animals" and "worthy of death" - or my fave..."I'm not into Western morality, wage war the Jewish way, kill men, women and children, destroy their holy sites."

You'd think P.M Mahathir and the ever ignorant goose stepper Rouhani might be able to use such quotes...but...nah! Let the rent a crowd hop up and down on US flags like monkeys on meth in their black bee keeper suits. Get Hezbollah to "Hitler Salute" - literally. Get the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to "goose step" and provide an endless visual extravaganza for Netanyahu to use in the West to show Muslims as retarded idiots good for cannon fodder.

We need to cease encouraging these people and slap them across the face for their insulting and infantile behavior. Muslims are dying, starving, suffering - along with a host of other human beings and all these Golden Pheasants can do is have ANOTHER "conference" and slap each other on the back and wonder why Bi Bi laughs at them.

Israel works closely with Russia and China. Malaysia, Iran, Qatar ALSO work closely with Russia and China...ya do see the irony here? In plain view?

Soon they'll be shoving Asians and Arabs and Africans into the UN Habitat Smart Cities Program - Technically refined in Israel - built and tested in China - administered by Israel and Communitarian Law.

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Original Youtube Channel: China Uncensored
May 16, 2018

A shock election result in Malaysia has brought 61 years of continuous one-party rule to an end. And in some respects, Malaysians have China to thank.

Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army!

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This one is the title track from the bands second ep that was released in 2011. Band calls their own genre Majestic Death Metal. The band is from Malaysia and both their ep`s are still available from us: http://www.saluterecords.yolasite.com/ / Band info: https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Deona_Cart_Deluna/3540299311

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Taken from the EP "Requiem" (last opus from the band) by Maqâbir (Malaysia) which originally was planned all back in March 2013.
All instruments & programming by: Neshyrr (a.k.a Nath Maqâbir).

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A couple of the points on this video are:
Why Malaysia did not participate on the investigations of it's own airplane?
Why is the official Dutch investigation unable to answer simple questions?


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My Amazing To And In Kuala Lumpur, VLOG: Musang King Durian Heaven

I need to do a visa run from Koh Phangan, Thailand so i decided to plan a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because its one of my favourite places in the world to visit especially because of the famous "SS2 Durian Buffet"!!!!

So i thought id film my adventure from Koh Samui where i stayed the night before after leaving Koh Phangan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so you could come along on the ride with me!

And i had a special friend and her lovely son join me on this adventure once i arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we went various places such as KLCC by the "Petronas Towers", a shopping mall, SS2 Durian Buffet and many other amazing places!

We hope you enjoy this vlog as much as we did making it for you guys!

My Amazing To And In Kuala Lumpur, VLOG: Musang King Durian Heaven

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Huge Water Spout Speeds Towards George Town In Penang, Malaysia

A huge water tornado was filmed spinning towards a city's high-rise buildings - forcing people to run for their lives from from the beach. This incredible footage shot shows George Town, in Penang, Malaysia, where almost 200,000 people live. The enormous waterspout is seen moving towards the high-rise buildings of the Tanjung Tokong suburb. The clip shows the massive columnar vortex moving towards a beach. Local media reports that at least 50 houses in the area were badly damaged, but the water dispersed just five minutes after reaching land.

It ripped off the roofs of some houses and fell several trees at about 1.35pm, a Penang Civil Defence Force spokesman told Channel News Asia. He added that there were no injuries reported. George Town resident Nona Khalid said she was waiting for her two grandchildren to return home from school when the storm suddenly hit and she saw the waterspout approaching her house. The 75-year-old said: "The sound of the wind was deafening and I saw part of the roof of my house being flown away by the wind. "It was very scary and took place for the first time in the 50 years I have been staying here."

Fried banana trader, 52-year-old Zaleha Mat Zain, said she managed to run to the mosque area and and saw her stall destroyed by the storm. "I am thankful that I am safe. The materials for my business such as banana and tapioca were damaged by the storm." She added that more than 10 other stalls were also destroyed by the storm. Waterspouts have a five-part cycle starting with the formation of a dark spot on the water surface, then a spiral pattern. This is followed by the formation of a spray ring and then the funnel, before finally disappearing.

UK Mirror: Apocalyptic water tornado speeds towards city leaving buildings in ruins


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ACA. A Current Affair. Death row grandma 'very innocent person': Expert (Australia)
Sentenced to Death. Australian grandmother Maria Exposto now awaits on Malaysia's death row after first being acquitted of drug smuggling, that ruling has been overturned.


3 years ago

Surah Al - Rahman Shorter than 5 minutes with Time laps

3 years, 3 months ago

Malaysian Muslim savage beats slaps woman for not wearing hijab under Koranic (Sharia) Islamic Law.

The enemies from within, both the savages and the traitors, need to be removed BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY for the young Republic to survive. American Founding Fathers didn't build this great nation for it to be taken over by traitors and savages from 7th century.

Animal cruelty by Muslim savages http://freedompost.org/islam/muslim-animal-abuse-cruelty.html

Muslim atrocities worldwide (graphic!) http://freedompost.org/islam/muslim-atrocities-worldwide.html

The truth about the so-call "Syrian refugees"

Muslim terrorism worldwide http://freedompost.org/terrorism/muslim-terrorism-worldwide-2015.html

Muslim terrorism in U.S. http://freedompost.org/terrorism/terrorism-in-us-since-9-11.html

Islamophobia is an oxymoron: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/islamophobia-is-an-oxymoron.html

The Muslim race card: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/muslim-race-card.html

Civilization Jihad aka Stealth Jihad in action: http://freedompost.org/islam/deception/civilization-jihad-aka-stealth-jihad.html

3 years, 4 months ago