Dr. James Meehan, MD “we’re being gaslighted, were being lied to, we are told the vaccines are safe and effective and we are seeing our families dying or suffering.

•Dr. Daniel Nuzum explains why the “vaccines” are so toxic to the human body…
-Now, what has been detected, the gel substance that's been detected in these vaccines is a toxic form of carbon called graphene oxide

•Dr. Judy Mikovits who reveals the shocking truth about how “vaccines” are made…
-“Aborted fetuses are being used for this because those are where the stem cells are… That means all our vaccines are made in these genetically modified cell lines that grow forever,

•Dr. David Martin cracks this agenda wide open as he calls out the global government and the FDA for openly lying and spreading misinformation to get people to take the deadly vaxx when they KNOW it doesn’t work…

• Dr. Stella Immanuel as she reveals how Luciferase – from a firefly named lucifer – is an ingredient found in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines…

42 minutes ago

Attorney Todd Callendar joins us to discuss the need for targeted strategies to stop quarantine camps being utilised to imprison citizens, Biden's Executive Order to advance transhumanism, end the patenting of human beings and exit the system of medical martial law being built globally.

5 hours ago

Member of the European Parliament warns that mandating pilots (now unfit to fly) was the dumbest thing and the biggest crime against humanity!

9 hours ago

I discuss problems with Telegram and the recent travel changes in Canada.

contact: [email protected]

11 hours ago

Dr David Martin Mature Minors and Informed Consent

13 hours ago


20 hours ago

"We need to understand what's happening on a wider level to understand the role we play in making sure that we don't fall for this psychological abuse. And that's exactly what it is."

"We must remain peaceful because everything they want to do is for us to turn angry and violent so that they can say, 'See. This is why these people need to be controlled.'"

Tune in: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/newsroom/

1 day, 6 hours ago

Shaun Mulldoon's journey from trusting Covid vaccines to a near death experience with life long complications.

1 day, 17 hours ago

Canadian Warrior Women march to the enemies gates to engage in spiritual warfare and the mandates crumble, coincidence?

All the pieces are coming into place and NATO, the EU and the Liberal World Order won't be able to survive the storm that's now at the door.

It is your support for this channel that allows me to keep fighting the good fight. I'm sure our father in heaven will bless you for your generosity, here's the link https://givesendgo.com/sonofenos

1 day, 19 hours ago

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says nothing is going to get better by the end of 2022, and he is still forecasting “chaos” coming in 2023. Armstrong says the plunge in the stock market last week is all because of “extreme uncertainty.” Armstrong predicted a stock market crash two months ago and contends, “It’s not over.”
Europe is in big financial trouble with Russian natural gas turned off as a retaliation from the sanctions. Armstrong explains, “In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset.’ They know they have a serious problem. They lowered rates to below 0% in 2014. They just started raising interest rates. Meanwhile, you ordered all the pension funds throughout Europe to have more than 70% in government bonds. Then they took it negative. All the pension funds are insolvent. Europe is fiscal mismanagement on a grand scale. There is no way it can sustain itself, and we are looking at Europe breaking apart.”
So, could Europe suck the rest of the world down the tubes? Armstrong says, “Oh, absolutely. Europe is the problem. . . . The crisis in banking will start in Europe. . . . The debt is collapsing. They have no way to sustain themselves. The debt market over there is undermining the stability of all the banks. You have to understand that reserves are tied to government debt, and this is the perfect storm. Yes, the (U.S.) stock market will go down short term. We are not facing a 1929 event or a 90% fall here. . . . Europeans, probably by January of 2023, as this crisis in Ukraine escalates, anybody with half a brain is going to take whatever money they have and get it over here.”
So, where is smart money going to go? Armstrong says, “Stocks are like gold, it is on the same side of the table and is opposite government debt. People are not going to be buying government debt. They are going to be looking at anything in the private sector. . . . People are buying whatever they can to get off the grid.”
Armstrong says governments are borrowing and spend huge amounts of money. The Fed will keep raising interest rates to fight inflation, but Armstrong says, “Raising interest rates will only make things worse. We have supply shortages, and raising rates will not fill the gaps.”
Armstrong has never been more positive on buying gold. Why? Armstrong explains, “We are looking at a sovereign debt default. This is what’s going on. This is why Biden will spend whatever he wants because he knows he doesn’t have to pay it back. Eventually, this is what’s going to happen. This is Schwab’s agenda.”
Armstrong has predicted “2023 will be the year from Hell.” Armstrong says, “Civil unrest will only get worse” this year, and he is predicting we will have full blown war next year. Armstrong contends Democrats are desperate and will do things like granting illegal aliens citizenship so they can vote in the mid-term elections. . . They need war as the excuse for the default

2 days, 7 hours ago

Dr. Scot Youngblood, military officer and physician, updates San Diego City leaders on the efficacy failure of the mass mandated program. Clear, dispassionate, excellent slides. No rationale to have or extend mandates. None whatsoever.
September 13, 2022

3 days, 20 hours ago

23 September 2022
Riccardo Bosi gives his latest update.

- Reserve Bank of Australia
- AustraliaOne update in South Australia
- Western Australia State of Emergency
- Russia
- Vax Injuries
- What's going to happen in September
- Do you job David Hurley


3 days, 20 hours ago

Hey Guys,
I'm well aware I'm having a bad hair day.

What an action packed time we live in.

Separating yourself from the matrix is easier said than done, and to a certain degree, it appears many are stuck in a loop of awareness of the situation we are in and the inability to progress forward.
You need to take incremental steps at your own pace, ignore what the person across from you is doing, ignore what that loud-mouth dickhead you know is doing, and focus on your own progress, as long as you are moving, no matter how slowly, you are still progressing - something that very few people are doing in this day and age.

Plant your own food.
Raise your own livestock.
Get to know your neighbors.
Learn to work with your hands.
Go Around the leaf.

Civilization as we know it is imploding, devouring itself with insanity and chaos, you cannot control this, what you can control is how you react to the insanity.
For months know I have been banging on about controlling your reactions, well, some of the footage in todays episode is very confronting, but it is the reality that we find ourselves in - Its here.

If the gods/aliens/operating protocols are real, they are fighting right now and the prize is their very existence.
I reckon giving me a crack at Gungnir would be sufficient as proof, after all, they can only provide gifts and influence - They cant directly intervene.
You have paraded yourselves as gods for thousands of years, civilizations have been built in your honor.
Now is the time to beat your chest and show us monkey men how its done.
You call yourselves gods?
Prove it.
Gofundme died suddenly

Farmers moving towards robotics

We got this.
Best Regards,
The Human Supremacist
Mando humano spiritui oriri

3 days, 23 hours ago

We need to be having this conversation. How is it ethical to impose vaccine mandates for a pharmaceutical product which has variable risks to your health and safety based on your genes? How is this not genetic discrimination? If someone’s genetics puts them at higher risk for an adverse reaction to a vaccine, yet we are ALL REQUIRED to have the same vaccine, that individual is being forcibly burdened with a higher risk compared to the average person. Not to mention that forcing/coercing ANYONE to do ANY medical intervention they don’t want is plain wrong.

Again - apologies for the terrible video quality (saved video from my deleted TikTok account)

4 days, 5 hours ago

AVI YEMINI - So tomorrow you may be on an empty train but you must wear a mask.
But Saturday for the AFL Grand Final on a packed train you don't need to!'
You know why!!!?? SCIENCE!!

4 days, 7 hours ago


4 days, 17 hours ago

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Ana Stanciu, a 22 year old Biochemistry student at McMaster University. Ana's parents are immigrants from Romania and grew up under communism. They saw the early signs of propaganda and government lies and warned their daughter after the mandates and lockdowns started in Canada in 2020. Ana was deeply concerned about the school mandate that required students to take an experimental injection with limited data on safety or effectiveness. She received a religious exemption and was denied by the University. The JCCF (www.jccf.ca) fought her case in court. Ana and I discuss her outlook for the future and how as a group, millennials are the hardest to wake up to the dark agenda as they value group compliance over individual choices.

4 days, 20 hours ago


4 days, 23 hours ago

Jason Bermas joins me to discuss the war that's being waged on humanity, humiliation rituals and the 9/11false flag.
SGT Report

5 days, 20 hours ago

Dr. Peter McCullough is a renowned cardiologist who fought the accepted government CV19 vax narrative from the beginning. Dr. McCullough said, “The injections should have been halted in February of 2021.” Instead, the government mandated the clot shots, and the CDC and FDA covered up the problems. The FDA is still covering up massive deaths and injuries from the mRNA shots. Dr. McCullough explains, “It’s the great gamble of the Covid19 vaccine program. It was the gamble of a lifetime, if not a gamble of all-time. The vaccines install the genetic code for the lethal Wuhan spike protein that was engineered in a bio-security lab in Wuhan, China. This is the worst idea ever to install a fatal protein and have it installed for an uncontrolled duration and an uncontrolled quantity in the human body. . . . This is a biological catastrophe in unspeakable proportions. . . . Nobody wants these shots now, and they are still mandating them and forcing them on people.”

According to Dr. McCullough, the FDA admits the shots cause fatal heart damage, Fatal blood clotting, strokes, neurological injuries and other problems. When the evidence mounted on how deadly and debilitating the CV19 injections were, the FDA covered it all up instead of pulling them off the market. Dr. McCullough says, “Now, we have the additional deaths from the CV19 vaccines. The CDC shows 14,000 died the next day, and that is a gross under-reporting. . . The World Council for Health points out four agencies, including VAERS with 40,000 certified deaths, and that may be an under-reporting of 100 to 1. It’s a vast number, and no governments are doing investigations. The United States should be doing a full stop on this. Pfizer knew about 1,223 deaths within 90 days of release of their product . . . Pfizer logged all these deaths, but they didn’t pull their product off the market, and the FDA’s lawyer wanted to block that information from Americans for 55 years. So, the FDA is involved in a cover-up with Pfizer, and almost certainly with Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. It’s an ongoing biological catastrophe.”

McCullough contends that Covid is waning but warns, “What we are left with is just the vaccine injuries and damage itself. I can tell you we are going to have to be quite vigilant. The blood clots and heart damage, I have never ordered so many cardiac MRIs and ultrasound tests for blood clots. People need to be hyper-vigilant. They have put a foreign genetic code in their bodies. It’s produced the lethal Wuhan spike proteins. It’s in their brains, and it’s in their hearts. People can’t feel good that have taken this into their bodies. They have to know they have taken an extraordinary risk. . . . There are over 1,000 papers in the peer-reviewed literature. Not a single paper shows a benefit of these vaccines. 100 percent of it is bad news

6 days, 7 hours ago

What decision would you make, I know I'd make the same as this guy.

6 days, 8 hours ago

Joni McGary of NoCollegeMandates.com joins ITN to give an update on the state of vaccine mandates on college campuses.

6 days, 11 hours ago

Sept. 9, 2022. New York brings the heat 🔥 NYC Fire Captain Brendan Fogarty + teachers Michael Kane + Moe Olivier discuss being fired over discriminatory, unscientific vaccine mandates to NYC Committees on Oversight and Investigations & Civil Service and Labor.

Source: Children's Health Defense.
Watch the full episode ⏯ https://bit.ly/3S7HDYw
Source: https://tv.gab.com/channel/childrenshealthdefense/view/nyc-fire-captain-brendan-fogarty-632379a2b42d7c8274d126e0

6 days, 17 hours ago


1 week ago

After an all night research and reporting binge in London we arrive in Ireland for a very busy, very impactful schedule! World Tour continues...
Chris also discussed the massive property price hikes that have happened worldwide that is making property unaffordable for most.

1 week ago

Lessons from New York that weren't learned from Jew Ho v. Williamson United States Circuit Court for the Northern District of California

1 week ago

> Length:
> Description:
This pilot lays out the situation for the vaxxed pilots and discusses the unlawful mandates that required them to get the jab to keep their jobs.
Bitchute > The New American > VAX-INJURED PILOTS SCARED TO COME FORWARD, WARNS FREEDOM FLYERS FOUNDER —> https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xp9Al9OvCXYn/
> Resources Related to Video:
> Additional Comments:
Who wants to fly with jabbed pilots across the unfriendly skies? Unless you want to put your life in their hands and be trapped in a sardine can with the bioweapon boostered — it may be wise to reevaluate your travel plans. If that wasn't enough, with all the delays because of the shortages of pilots these days, air travel has never been so unappealing. Wouldn't you agree?

1 week ago

Game on folks..This one we win-Never ever forget what they have done to us and are still doing!!

1 week ago

We're honoured to speak for a second time to Scientist, Dr Mike Yeadon, author of The Covid Lies and former global Head of Respiratory Diseases at Pfizer. Dr Yeadon, an expert in his field, has been censored and smeared by the same entities that dare not debate him

1 week ago

🔎Darrin McBreen🔍


🧿Relay by🧿

#DarrinMcBreen, #EU, #EuropeanParliament, #EuropeanCommission, #Germany, #Covid, #Mandates, #ChristineAnderson, #Elites, #Vaccines, #Government, #Freedom, #ElectionFraud, #VoterFraud, #ElectionTruth, #Leapfrog, #Keystone, #TreasureMap, #Truth, #PsyOp, #PsyWar, #God

1 week ago

Explosive testimony from Dr David Martin, highly acquainted with these vaccines and the criminal part behind them. Everyone should have a listen to him and what he has been saying for the past 18 to 24 months. He is certainly standing up and speaking up.

1 week ago

Hey guys,
Long time no speak, I apologize, we have been working through a few obstacles on our end that have been taking our main focus.

Well, we are starring down the barrel of the time that we have been speaking about in terms of being reliant on yourselves to make it through this.
With our resources and logistics being brought to a standstill, we need to focus on what is important, and what is important is your survival.

The bad guys aren't stopping nor backing down, the stage is set for the biggest event the history books will never speak of.

Things are only going to get harder, but that's why you came here, to experience this time, the pain, the pleasure an everything in-between is what will mold you into what you need to be to make it to the other side.
We got this.
Best Regards,
The Human Supremacist
Mando humano spiritui oriri

1 week ago

Leading the nation in tyranny and corruption

1 week, 1 day ago

What are they teaching the children

1 week, 1 day ago

Sept 17, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1kgyfv-the-solution-episode-44-australia-is-no-longer-a-democracy-with-meryl-dorey.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=4

Guest Meryl Dorey joins this week’s “The Solution” for a conversation on mandates, vaccine regret, travel restrictions, censorship and more. She shares insight into the underreported vaccine adverse events, injuries and deaths as well as heart and fertility issues, post-vaccination.

1 week, 2 days ago

(8/10/21)Dr. Amy Brown refuses to let me past the waiting room unless I wear a mask. I was only there to get a prescription for a new wheelchair. She dropped me as a patient. The double standards in play during the “plandemic” were appalling.

1 week, 2 days ago

James Collins Ireland Talks With JOHN WATERS
James Collins Ireland

1 week, 2 days ago

The Khazarian Banker Cabal's role in the Covid-Crime Against Humanity and intention to bring about a totalitarian medical apartheid through the Vax-Pass enslavement plans are being exposed in a massive way. It looks like the genie is out of the bottle and a massive tsunami of lawsuits is now on its way. The enemy has failed, and they know it.

Updates on the Woman's March and other Protests that are gearing up for Ottawa, and I'm leaving today to once again take a stand for Freedom. Will they bring the Gestapo in? Don't know, and don't care because we will not be intimidated. We'll deal with whatever comes our way, because someone has to stand against this tyranny, and like the women have been saying, we have had enough.

If you'd like to contribute to the fight for freedom, this channel is entirely viewer supported, and it's your donations that allow me to continue. Here's the link https://givesendgo.com/sonofenos
Thank you, and God Bless

1 week, 3 days ago

There's a LOT of anxiety out there. The month of September will be one to remember and that's IF we make it through. Markets continue to tank and the Vatican Bank is calling ALL of its money home by September 30th. Is another huge false flag coming? Or are we on the cusp of a total global collapse? Will Lehr joins me to discuss the anxiety inducing news.

Pope Francis instructs Vatican entities to move all funds to Vatican bank by Sept. 30
SGT Report

1 week, 4 days ago

"Maria Zeee discusses Australia's new "Global Pandemic Centre", breaking down a newly released document that not only reveals the next 5 pandemics the globalists are planning to unleash, but also seeks to implement national legislation to legalize extreme, regular monitoring of all citizens, and potentially legalize Gain of Function research.

1 week, 4 days ago

GREAT INTERVIEW! Tami is the organiser of the Mission2Melbourne protest about being HARASSED by the AUSTRALIAN GESTAPO.
She chats with Michael from CAFE LOCKED OUT

1 week, 4 days ago

CDC is a Private Organization – Not Government!
People -- the CDC is a Private, For-Profit Corporation
It Was Politics that Drove the Science
Crownuts Channel - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/kN9FVa9ZwGRT/

1 week, 4 days ago


1 week, 4 days ago

Concerned parent Melissa Markoutsis joins ITN to give us an update on the lawsuit she brought last year against the Kenosha Wisconsin Unified School District for their harmful mask mandate for students. Melissa also discusses President Trump and the fight for our future.

1 week, 4 days ago

Sept 14, 2022
Source: www.bitchute.com/video/eqsfImAcqXmI/?list=subscriptions

Earlier this year, the vaccine working group of Democratic legislators in California introduced a slate of overreaching Covid-19 vaccine bills.
In this interview with The New American, Laura Sextro, co-founder and CEO of The Unity Project, warns us about the implications of some of the most egregious pieces of legislation.

One of them, SB 871, would require all children aged 0 to 17 to get the Covid vaccine to attend child care or school. Another piece would allow children aged 12 to 17 to get inoculated without their parents' knowledge or consent.

Further, the schools would create long-term testing programs for Covid, exposing children to known cancer agents in PCR tests and sharing their records with the California Department of Public Health.

Ms. Sextro also touched on AB2098 that would punish physicians for deviating from the official Covid narrative and warned that that would cause a mass exodus of honest medical professionals from the state, among other consequences.

According to Ms. Sextro, these issues affect all Californians, regardless of their political affiliation or vaccination status.

To learn more about the California vaccine bills, please go to: www.theunityproject.org/take-action/

To learn more about the Unity Project, please go to:





1 week, 5 days ago

What are they trying to put in our bodies?

In this episode of Gloves Off, Joey Gilbert discusses the doctor’s who had the courage to spread the truth about jabs, as well as the side effects of being vaxxed v. unvaxxed.

See this full episode of Gloves Off at: https://bit.ly/3ePFKRM

Full Episodes of Gloves Off are at https://americanmediaperiscope.com/ to learn more, share the truth, and watch On Demand!

1 week, 5 days ago

Demonstration against the sanitary dictatorship, against totalitarianism, against the 2030 agenda and in favor of freedom .. Munich Germany

1 week, 5 days ago

TRUCKER CATCHES THEM [raw footage] Food Shortages 2022
Wow You Won't Believe This..

1 week, 5 days ago

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman, author of the popular books “Deep State” and “Crimes of the Educators,” says Deep State globalists are not happy with the progress of the “controlled demolition of all western societies.” They want their so-called “Great Reset,” but people are waking up at such a fast pace their propaganda is not working. Newman explains, “Censorship is the move that these Deep State people are making. They want to silence all dissent, all criticism, except dissent and criticism that furthers their narrative that furthers inflaming the division and furthers the civil war narrative. This is very, very dangerous. As my friend, Patrick Wood, the founder of “Citizens for Free Speech,” says, when they are able to silence our free speech, that’s when the killing starts. So, we should be very, very concerned about this.”

Are the Deep State’s destructive plans going all that well? Newman says, “They are in this do or die moment, and we have been here a little while. . . . We are at the stage now where the agenda is out in the open. A few years ago, when we were saying they were going to be doing these things, we were called conspiracy theorists and extremists and whatever. Now, they are actually doing those things, and now they are saying it is dangerous and extreme not to approve of these things. So, now if you don’t agree with the ‘Great Reset’ or the Green New Deal or the Biden regime, they say you are dangerous. I think we are in the phase right now where they are basically running naked through the streets. Everybody can see them. So, it’s a very risky time for them. It’s a do or die moment for them if enough people wake up. If you look at the trend line . . . people are waking up so rapidly that if this continues, they are going to be in major trouble. That’s why we are seeing the clampdown on free speech. . . . The war on free speech shows how successful we have been and how unsuccessful they have been. If their propaganda was effective and they thought lying to us through CNN, NBC and ABC was good enough, they would not be worried about what people were saying on Facebook. They would not be worrying about what you were Tweeting out to your 10,000 or 30,000 followers. They would be confident and relaxed, and they would really not be all that concerned. The fact they are whipping themselves into a frenzy about all this ‘misinformation’ online shows you they are very,
very concerned about the collapse of their narrative. You point out the real approval rate for Biden is 11% or 12%, and they recognize their agenda is not popular. . . . They realize people don’t like this, and if people realize they are not the only ones that don’t like this and everyone does not like this, then they are in very big trouble.”

Newman says we are “fighting demonic spirits and not simply flesh and blood” as it says in the Bible. Newman contends one of the biggest failing narratives of the Deep State are the people who got the

1 week, 5 days ago

Sorry, I had to rush this, but this is a hypothetical scenerio of what the city of San Francisco will be like 20 years from now under one party rule, under Democrat party rule.
In the longer version I have zombies, but again, I just ran out of time.
When you force people to get vaccinated, no telling what could happen.
Yes, it's theater, but does theater sometimes reflect real life?
Only time will tell...to be continued time allowing.

1 week, 6 days ago


1 week, 6 days ago

The Matrix is real.
You were born into a carefully constructed prison designed to keep you distracted while psychopathic entities suppress and exterminate you. But as daunting as that may be, it is only the plotline of an even greater game, a Matrix within a Matrix.

Part One focuses on what the man-made matrix is, how it is ensnaring us and what its ultimate goals are.

1 week, 6 days ago

Strange Blood Clots in 50 - 70% of Corpses

1 week, 6 days ago

Fear State: Fight or Flight!

1 week, 6 days ago

Dr. Thorp explains cases of swollen lymph nodes as well as other instances of inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation disrupts the development of the child. The lipid nanoparticles also traverse every membrane, including the placenta, and concentrates in the blood of the baby. The heart and the brain of the child is far also more vulnerable to absorbing the lipid nanoparticles. Lymph node, malformations, immune deficiencies, chromosomal abnormalities, tumors, etc

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Mike Yeadon, Catherine Austin Fitts, Robin Monotti, Katherine Gun, Graeme Maqueen, Niels Harrit, Kevin Ryan, Elizabeth Woodworth, Piers Robinson, Carol Brouillet, Frances Shure, CJ Hopkins, Cindy Sheehan, Eva Bartlett, Ed Curtin.

In 2021, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Off-Guardian asked 15 experts, including scientists, medical practitioners, journalists and activists, to share their views on 9/11 and the Covid-19 narrative.

Perhaps these two global narratives have more in common than we realise? A global War on Terror filtering into a global war on a virus, both instrumental in cracking down on personal liberties, both instilling unprecedented fear into world populations.

Both, many would argue, completely orchestrated.

To mark the 21st anniversary of 9/11, Off-Guardian presents all our 15 experts’ views in a new single cut.

2 weeks ago

"I'm known as the 'Nostradamus of the Art World' because my paintings foreshadow events but It's not that I can see the future, it's that as an artist, I've met the people who forge our future." - Victor-Hugo Vaca II
Public Trust Plummets As Fake News Media Spreads Misinformation and Lies While Ignoring Prescient Eyewitness Observations from New York Born Hispanic-American Artist Who Lived Through The Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Outbreak In China. Now, stuck in the former Soviet Union as a dissident American Refugee due to the Chinese Coronavirus shutting down all international flights and forced PCR Test lobotomies and deadly, experimental vaccines required to travel back to the homeland he served to protect as a United States Naval Academy Midshipman Officer, the Nostradamus of the Art World, Maverick Artist Victor-Hugo, shares modern art gonzo journalism with global citizens.
“My job is not to be politically correct; It is to witness, observe, analyze and document the beautiful chaos that surrounds us all, so that future generations can understand how we got to this moment in time.” - Victor-Hugo Vaca II

2 weeks ago

The Government on Monday announced it has decided to ditch the traffic light framework altogether from midnight with just a few rules left. Masks will no longer be required in retail and on public transport and they'll only be required in high-risk health settings, like in hospitals and at GPs. Vaccine mandates are gone now too. It's now entirely up to employers if they want to enforce one.

Source, Newsgrub

2 weeks ago

Shut down economy's for 2 years, isolate families for 2 years, mandate an experiment that lead to mass adverse reactions, child grooming and no one blinks an eye.

But its higher bills that gets them angry.
Humans right...

2 weeks ago

Sept 08, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1jb0ft-how-students-can-fight-mandates.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Vaccine+Safety+Research+Foundation&ep=2

VSRF’s Tyce Patt is joined by Cait Corrigan who founded Students Against Mandates and Ryan Ciminski from Illinois Tech for a discussion about how they've managed to make positive change on their campuses to get mandates dropped while helping other students see how they can fight back at their schools.

2 weeks, 1 day ago

General Mike Flynn, the National Security Advisor to President Donald J/ Trump joins Clay Clark and me to discuss the stolen election, the treachery of Joe Biden and his administration and the future of our Republic.

2 weeks, 1 day ago

QANTAS STAFF are challenging the mandates in the FEDERAL COURT!

2 weeks, 1 day ago


2 weeks, 1 day ago

she does a good job of explaining all their relations.

2 weeks, 2 days ago

Dr Fauci "No Time For Clinical Trials"

2 weeks, 2 days ago


2 weeks, 2 days ago

Why is injecting gene-based 'vaccines' an unforgivable sin?

Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL) play a key role in fighting viral infections. What do these cells recognize and what is the cardinal consequence of immune recognition?

When a cell produces a protein, small protein fragments are produced as a by-product, which are deposited on the surface of the cell, where the CTL (cytotoxic T-lymphocyte) can recognize it. Different fragments are recognized by different lymphocyte 'clones' - like locks and keys.

The diversity of locks is formed by chance during fetal development, so billions of lymphocytes are born that recognize the "non-self", i.e. proteins different from themselves (e.g. viral proteins), and also those that recognize the "self" that is, themselves. Those who recognize "I" are silenced throughout their lives. But lymphocytes that are reactive to essentially all non-self proteins are already present at birth and ready to act. When Corona arrives, the anti-Corona team rises up to attack and kill the cells that make up the "not me". Infections are thus eliminated and only minor damage occurs, which is usually repairable.

In contrast, mRNA "vaccines" trigger self-destructive processes throughout the body. Damaged blood vessels cause leakage and trigger autoimmune processes in the tissues. Blood clots form randomly throughout the vascular network. Getting into the cells of the placenta endangers the fetus. As a result of the self-destruction of the immune system, infections and malignant tumors increase exponentially.

The need to distinguish between self and non-self is fundamental to life. It begins at birth and ends at death. Catastrophic events can never be avoided or suppressed.

The use of mRNA "vaccines" is the greatest sacrilege. This is tantamount to genocide and should be banned forever.

2 weeks, 3 days ago

Countries are popping off one by one, the collapse is here.
This may be our single greatest chance to achieve species-wide freedom.
The global environment is incredibly volatile right now, and there is opportunity in volatility.

2 weeks, 3 days ago