A song, by me, about butterflies, rainbows, maggots & pus...

2 days, 4 hours ago

A song by me, about beef curtains so big, it will make ya wanna slap your momma...
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Crazy Noises: The Bushman
Drums: ???

4 days, 17 hours ago

I wrote this song as a true maniac musical representation of my life.
It starts off all peaceful and harmonious, and then spirals quickly out of control. Like my life LOL..
But that was back then, 21 years ago, when I wrote this song. I recorded it at 7 a.m. yesterday 25/07/2021 with no rehearsal, after 21 years...
That just made it more fun...

Vocals: The Bushman
Crazy Noises: The bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 week ago

It's just how I felt about expressing myself musically at the time,
when I woke up, about 2 hours ago.
I hope ya like it...
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 week, 4 days ago

Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

2 weeks, 3 days ago

Me just jamming on muh guitar.....

2 weeks, 5 days ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake...

Based on actual events... Snowflake is a fictional bunny, created by me, (The Bushman) to trigger the fuck out of all the delicate little snowflakes, femtards, landwhales, and any other "woke" nincompoops. LOL...
A Cute Little Bunny Named Snowflake - (Season One - All Episodes).
Over 50 minutes of ferocious fistings...

Join Snowflake on his epic quest to fist the fuck out of the entire planet (NO LUBE) !!!

3 weeks, 1 day ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake had a 20 inch cock.
And let's face it, Snowflake needed a massive cock to bust his way through the mountains of cheese that had accumulated over the years on the massive sloppy septic sludge slots of the gigantic muck holes of the big fat hairy sluts that he so oftentimes lured into committing acts of sheer depravity so these grotesque abominations of lard could earn their cheese burgers the right way. The heavily laden self erecting cheese crustaceans acted as a kind of stinky fortification, thus preventing penetration without the use of a fork lift and other random industrial hardware.

However, Snowflake hated fucking these mammoth homeless crack whores because to mount the mammoth mounds of such big beefy bitches would cause Snowflakes ballsack to stink like whale queef for months on end. And that is the reason that Snowflake invented the many highly powered fisting devices. Using such devices lessoned the chances of the gash trash to splash all over him. And made certain that even the thickest layers of cheese would not stop these big greasy hipposquatchathotamoose hog beasts from getting their big moldy crab canyons obliterated.

Snowflake was a cute little bunny. But he liked his bitches big and beefy. Because those are the kind of bitches that will do anything for a cheeseburger or two. But Snowflake would never give them more than one... I mean, as if these bitches weren't already big enough...
Some of the big fat stinky bitches that Snowflake regularly fisted the fuck out of ended up needing to push their tits around in a wheel barrow. And others would drag their huge prolapsed bog buckets of doom on the ground behind them after what Snowflake did to them, thus causing the entire town to smell like the inside of a dead blue whale's ass hole.

Yep, Snowflake sure was a cute little bunny. But he sure loved to get himself drenched in the trench stench from big fat hairy bitches.

And that concludes season one, of a cute little bunny named snowflake...
Stay tuned for season two, coming soon.

You beautiful bastards and bitches have yourselves a most magnificent day...

3 weeks, 3 days ago

I wrote this instrumental song in dedication to my beautiful sweet fiancée...
Enchantress - By The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

Thanks for watching..!

3 weeks, 3 days ago

I wrote this song when I was 14 years old (inspire by Cannibal Corpse). It was the first death metal song I ever wrote.
And finally, all these years later, I recorded it, to release the furious gore upon the world.
Play it LOUD!!! And enjoy...
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 month ago

Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 month ago


1 month ago

Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???
Surfing Footage: Mike Parsons - Billabong Odyssey

1 month ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake was an absolute fucking sexual deviant cunt, who frequently got high as a kite, and then would go out cruising the streets in the ghetto late at night, looking for fat homeless crack whores, to lure to undisclosed locations so he could fist the fuck out of their massive septic sludge slots. And then he would reward these giant stinky bitches with a cheese burger, providing that they would perform well, by letting him get shoulder deep in the grease as his rancid little rabbit fists caused the thrush to gush out all over him with every thrust until he got covered from head to toe as the cheesy stench from these massive wenches landwhale trenches splattered all over him. Snowflake loved that shit...
Snowflake loved the big beefy bitches. The bigger the better. Because Snowflake knew damn well that the bigger these bitches were, the easier it would be to lure them into getting their mammoth muck holes of doom violently violated, in exchange for just a cheese burger. Snowflake was always so delighted as he got drenched in the cheese and whale gravy from the big beefy bog burgers of homeless wench's stench trenches, as the chunks of crusty pus nuggets flew out all over the place as he relentlessly ravaged their colossal custard canyons, with the fist of fury.

One Monday morning, after a most epic weekend of fisting the fuck out of his seriously sexy slave slut Sophie.
Snowflake woke up feeling kinda remorseful for all the thousands of times he had solicited acts of sheer depravity from big fat sloppy sluts as he had fisted the fuck out of so many desperate fat homeless bitches, in exchange for cheese burgers.
Well, not really. For you see folks, this was all part of Snowflakes cunning and elaborate plan to fist the fuck out of every giant fat bitch on the entire planet.
And so Snowflake then headed to the nearest Catholic church to speak with a priest, so that he could make his confessions, and be cleansed of all of his sins.
As Snowflake sat there talking to that priest, confessing all of his sins, and talking about all the big stinky homeless fat bitches he had solicited for ferocious fistings over the years, Snowflake got distracted. Because all that catholic priest seemed to be interested in, was asking Snowflake whether he had any sons, or nephews. Snowflake thought these questions were a bit odd, and his mind began to wander, and he started thinking about fisting fat bitches again. And it was at that exact moment, whilst talking to that wierd old catholic priest, that Snowflake came up with the most epic plan ever.
Snowflake decided, that he was going to start a cult. Snowflake was fully aware that morbidly obese bitches weren't at all intelligent. He knew that if those fat bitches had even an ounce of intelligence, well then they would never have gotten so fat in the first place. Snowflake worked hard on his elaborate and cunning plan to exploit the stupidity of all the big beefy hippo skwotch a thot a moose giant land whale hog beast bitches, by telling them all that he was the son of god. And telling them, that if they joined his cult, they would be rewarded with cheeseburgers. Snowflake also knew to tell them that for serving the son of god by receiving relentless ferocious fistings right up their beef curtains, well then they would certainly go to heaven, where there were infinite cheese burgers and that they could then feast for all of eternity.

So Snowflake then headed to his tool shed of doom, to begin drawing up the blue print for his new cult headquarters. And that blueprint, was indeed, an absolute masterpiece of architectural ingenuity.
Snowflake then purchased a large piece of land in an undisclosed location. And construction of his cult headquarters began immediately. And when the construction of Snowflake's cult headquarters was finalised, it was truly an awe inspiring sight.

One by one big fat bitches showed up to join Snowflake's cult and get fisted for cheeseburgers. And once the word got out, fat bitches started arriving by the truck load to line up for the fistings and cheese burgers.

Near by property owners were furious at what was going on there, and they reported Snowflake to the authorities numorous times, complaining about the smell, and strange noises coming from that place.
At first local law enforcement agencies tried to gain access to Snowflake's ranch of fistings. But they were alarmed when they saw what looked to be military equipment guarding the heavily fortified fisting facility. So they decided to call in the big guns.

Time and time again, law enforcement agencies, in a combined group task force with swat teams, the FBI, ATF, CIA, and even the navy seals, the S A S, and other elite special forces units from all around the world tried over and over to breach the perimeter of Snowflake's cult headquarters, only to be forced into r

1 month, 1 week ago

In Awe Of Becky - By The Bushman
Vocals: The Bushman
Guitars: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 month, 1 week ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake loved to cause the thrush to gush with every thrust of his furry little fists until he was totally covered from head to toe in cunt pus from these giant stinky homeless land whales as he violently fisted the flaps off of their big beefy bog beavers. And all it ever cost him was a cheese burger. As Snowflake knew that these giant fat hipposquatchathotamoose hog beast lard laden land whale gutter whores would do literally anything for a cheeseburger.

Until one day, Snowflake woke up absolutely fucking furious when he looked down at his Rolex wrist watch to check what time it was, when suddenly he discovered that it had stopped working. Because the cheese and grease had leaked inside of it after years and years of fisting the fuck out of giant fat homeless bitches, in exchange for cheeseburgers.

This enraged Snowflake.
So snowflake then when to his favorite thinking spot, so as that he could plan his revenge.
Snowflake thought long and hard that day.
Why are so many bitches so fat and cheesy these days, he wondered?
And that's when he realized. That it was the propaganda created by radical leftist feminists with their body positive bullshit because they are jealous of sexy bitches, in combination with Ronald McDonald and his deplorable food menu that was causing the obesity epidemic.
And that's when Snowflake decided, that he would take his vengeance out on the leader of all the lib tard leftist lunatics, creepy Joe Biden...

So Snowflake then went to his tool shed of doom, to create the most horrific ass wrecking devices the world had ever seen. To be sent forth to split creepy Joe Biden's ass hole so viciously that no pieces of his body would ever be found. Thus liberating the United States of America, from both Creepy Joe Biden, and all the fat bitches that voted for him.
Snowflake decided to call this plan, operation sphincter ripper. And this ass wrecking assault was to be carried out a dawn the following morning.

Legions of ass wrecking machines headed to the white house that day to carry out operation sphincter ripper. Creepy Joe Biden's ass hole got obliterated, and so did the ass holes of every single member of his staff.
Their screams could be heard from as far away as Australia, as their poop chutes got ripped to bits. And blood and guts where splattered all over the entire state of Washington in the process. The clean up took months. And no pieces of creepy Joe Biden's body were ever found. So now the demented old fuck can never touch kids again.

Donald Trump was elated.
Snowflake was given a medal for his most triumphant victory.

And everyone lived happily ever after.


1 month, 2 weeks ago

Lead vocals: The Bushman
Backup vocals: The Bushman
Lead guitar: The Bushman
Rhythm guitar: The Bushman
Bass: The Bushman
Drums: ???

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Shocking new bigfoot footage...

2 months, 1 week ago

The title is self explanatory...

2 months, 1 week ago

What is up all you glorious bastards and bitches?

So, how do you fuckers define yourselves? Strong? weak? Or somewhere in between?

Or are you one of them god damn snowflakes, that has a complete and total toddler tantrum type melt down, every time you hear, or see, something that you don't like. And then go into an uncontrollable fit of intense rage queefing, in your safe space, cuddling your My Little Ponies? Fucking Pussies! Let's hope it's not the latter. Or you, are going to get absolutely fucked right up, when your daddy finally weans you off of his big hairy boobies.

You see folks, what you need to comprehend, is that life is tough. And that's just the way it is.
But, you have two choices. You can either just lay their on the ground, crying, when bigfoot has his way with you, with no lube.
Or, you can fight back?

Do you want to be mentally and physically strong? Or are you just going to be a quitter and give up without even trying?

It's your choice...

Listen up, and listen good.

This, is my mantra. And you can make it your mantra too, if you want. It works very well to help me to overcome any of the shit that life throws at me, and I guarantee you, that it will do the same for you.. But, you have to live it, and breathe it, in order for it to work..

Say it with me you magnificent cunts.

I have been forged in the fire of life.

I have been tempered to endure the unendurable.

This, has made me, the toughest mother fucker, ever.

I control the fight in my mind.

And, I have always won.

And, I always will win.

That, coupled with the love that you give me, (you know who you are, sexy), makes me unstoppable.... Literally

There is one thing that remains true, no matter what happens.
And that is, when life gives you lemons.
Then you kick her right in the fucking ballsack..
And keep on marching up that hill.
And don't you ever, ever give up..

Be kind to yourselves.
And be kind to others...


Now fuck off.

I love you, cunts.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Hello to you, all my friends. And others. I am The Bushman
Listen up. and listen good. Because this message will show you the path, that will most certainly help you to achieve a much more valuable existence, and give you true empowerment, the ability to be totally self reliant, and not be like all those other shit heads out there, that are poisoning our world with their toxic ideologies whilst continuing to breathe our air.
this message is to help you to become an individual. To become a leader, and not a follower.

We all desire to have the company of others in our lives. That is normal behavior for us as human beings.
However, if you walk into a room that has 5 idiots inside it, and stay there for too long, you will inevitably become the sixth idiot in that room. So don't be the sixth idiot in that room. Be a leader, not a follower.

If you walk into a room that has 5 drug addicts inside, and stay there too long. You will indeed become the sixth drug addict in that room. Don't be the sixth drug addict in that room. Be a leader, not a follower.

If you hang out with a bunch of woke professional victims, that preach Marxist critical theory, AKA political correctness, like feminists, body positive activists, and other deluded fuck tards, that have been brainwashed into believing what is so obvious to anyone with even an ounce of common sense, to be nothing less than a bunch of well orchestrated lies. Lies that have been purposely created by a bunch of sick twisted and evil cunts called Marxists, in their plot to destroy every aspect of western civilization. Then perhaps it's already too late for you. Because I don't think that there is a cure for such terminal stupidity. And most of us just see you as ridiculous and extremely weak minded. Stop being sheep, and learn to become shepherds. You stupid fat fucks.

Shaking my head...
Be a leader, not a follower.
Don't follow the herd. Don't be a sheep. Be an individual, and find your own path in this life.

But. If you enter a room that has 5 positive, healthy, and smart people, with good hearts inside.
Then this is the place that is best for you. And if you stay there with these people long enough, then that is when you will have every chance of becoming the sixth person in that room, that is what I would call, someone worth knowing. Comprehendo?

Look. No great achievements come easily in this life. But every great journey starts with just a single step. Just make sure that your feet a pointing in the right direction, when you do begin your journey.
This is your life. This is your journey.
Be a leader, not a follower.

Oh, and just one more thing.
At the end of the day. If you can look yourself in the mirror, and know that you have given your day your all.
Well then, you have certainly earnt the right to have, what we know to be, true pride.
And this will never come from being a mindless sheep. It can only come from being a shepherd.
So be a leader, not a follower.

Thanks for listening.
And you beautiful bastards and bitches have yourselves a most glorious day...


I think I have something caught in my ass.
God help us all...

2 months, 3 weeks ago

I did not make this video. And I don't know who did. But it's hilarious.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

A true story by me, in aid of suicide prevention.

3 months ago

What is up, all you beautiful and most glorious bastards and bitches?
Today I'm going to tell you a story a bout a slut I once knew. A very annoying slut. A butt slut like no other. So I suggest you put down your cornflakes, or whatever the fuck it is that you cunts are eating before it ends up all over you and whatever device you have in front of you. And don't be drinking anything either, as I will not take any responsibility for the coffee gushing out your nostrils and destroying your keyboard and causing you to be electrocuted.

And for any of you dirty fuckers who only came here to see massive landwhale bitches getting fisted right up their massive sloppy septic sludge slots. Get your hands off your pee pees right fucking now. We can see you. Just stop it.

Once upon a time, I lived next door to the most annoying and horny slut. She was always knocking on my door begging me to fuck her, asking for coffee and sugar, fuck me dead was this bitch annoying. And fuck was this bitch horny. She was the type of bitch that would most oftentimes whilst having her gash thrashed from behind turn around and say in a most agressive manner, just jam it up my ass, etc.

Anyways, one day she came over and knocked on my door. And when I opened the door she was literally down on her knees, begging me. Please, please let me suck your cock, she said over and over, whilst batting her eyelids and pouting her lips.
Jesus fucking Christ... So, I let this ravenous horny bitch in, and let her get what she needed...

We both ended up in the bedroom, and again, I went about thrashing her gash from behind. Because that seemed to be her favourite. Now honestly, I don't remember whether or not I was balls deep in her pussy, or in her ass, when suddenly this filthy annoying horny bitch turned around and asked me the question of all questions.
she said to me, and I will never forget this. She said, is that in my pussy, or in my ass?

What the actual fucking fuck.
I just told her to get the fuck out, and never come back... She was just far too annoying for my liking. And that question she asked me, still haunts me to this very day... I mean, I'm not a female. But surely a woman would know whether she has a cock balls deep in her ass or her pussy, right? For fucks sake. Really?
I showered until the hot water ran out after she left. Because I just felt so, well, I stunk like I had been killed by a tuna.
My entire house stunk like it too had been killed by a tuna.

And what about all you glorious motherfuckers out there?
Have any of you experienced anything like that?
Have any of you known a woman, or women, that can't tell the difference between their cunts and there ass holes?
Leave a comment, so as we can all achieve enlightenment.

And have a nice day you maniacs.


3 months, 1 week ago

Hi everyone, Bushman here, And today's video is brought to you by my intense disgust and hatred of feminism. Because feminism, is simply an ideology based on lies. And the hatred of men and boys, using them as scape goats to perpetuate their falsified victim narrative in order for the fat nasty cunts to milk money out of the government and other corrupt organisations. Because feminists are nothing less than a bunch of Marxist scum bag criminal cunts on a mission to destroy all of us. And yes, for those of you in the know, that was a parody type introduction in the style of the legendary Sandman.

Now, let the fistings begin...

Once upon a time, many moons ago. I was a student at a high school that had over 2600 students. And I was shocked that the girls who attended that school commited many more acts of horrendous violence against each other, than the boys ever did. I shit you not, there was more blood spilt by the young women there than what was spilt by the young men. I was shocked at just how vicious and violent these young women were. I guess it was mostly due to that bullshit about girls being sugar and spice, and all things nice nonsense that we all get fed when we are kids. Well, the things that I seen at that school were certainly the opposite of nice, that's for sure.

The reason, or cause for the majority of this horrific violence by these young women was jealousy.
The fat ugly girls all hung out together in groups. And they were enraged by the attention that the slim attractive girls got from the boys. The groups of fat ugly girls would then gang up on these innocent young women, and beat the absolute shit out of them, leaving rather substantial pools of blood on the ground.
And this kind of violence happened on a daily basis. Where as the fights between the young male students, were actually very few, and far between by comparison.

There was one girl in particular, who was in many of the same classes as me. She was targeted by these fat ugly hippo skwotch hog beast bitches, more than any of the other girls. She was a very quiet and shy, petite soft spoken half Japanese, half Australian girl. Her only crime, is that she was very pretty. And because of her attractive looks, she got plenty of attention from the boys, for reasons so obvious they need not to be explained. The groups of fat ugly hog beast swamp donkey bush pig bitches, beat the hell out of this poor girl almost every single day. Sometimes she would get beaten up multiple times per day, by multiple groups of, you guessed it, fat ugly bitches. Usually when she was outside school grounds, as she waited to take the bus home. I got so sick of seeing this girl getting beat up, that I ended up walking with her at all times, as her body guard, or white knight, or whatever you wish to call it.
I can't stand bullies. And I certainly don't condone such horrendous violence against innocent people. And there was no real reason for the hatred she recieved from those fat nasty bitches. It was all simply just jealousy, and spite, that drove the ugly fat girls to do what they did.

Now, is all of this nasty behaviour from those big fat ugly bitches starting to sound familiar to you? Or have you been walking around with your eyes closed?

It doesn't go unnoticed, that the majority of women that call themselves feminists, have the exact same characteristics as the big fat ugly nasty bitches at my high school. Feminists are mostly fat ugly nasty unfuckable land whale bitches, who recieve none of the attention that slim healthy beautiful women receive from men. And this is a huge part of what drives their hatred for both men, and attractive women also.
And rather than taking care of themselves health wise, and eating right, exercising, and doing any of the things that would improve their attractiveness, and personality disorders. They instead persist to hide behind a very thick wall of denial.
Why, because they are stupid. And they are fucking lazy. That's why. And now that these deplorable women are adults. They continue to form gangs to bully, harass and commit unacceptable acts of violence. Only now they hide behind a different wall of denial. This is what we now know as feminism.

All of this, is the real reason for feminism's body positive movement. They want equality of lard. They want the slim healthy beautiful women to be big fat ugly unfuckable land whale hippo skwotch swamp donkey pigs, just like them. Because misery loves company. So jam that up your massive septic sludge slots and smoke it, all you disgusting feminist cunts. Bushman done gone exposed you fucked up idiots. You just got officially fisted right up your big beefy bog buckets of doom. How do you like those apples? Cunts.

For fucks sake. If only those bitches were smart enough to realise just how stupid they are.
And what a better place this world would be, without nasty cunts, like them in it.

Feminism, is ass cancer.

3 months, 2 weeks ago

The title of this video is self explanatory and I just couldn't be f#cked writing a proper description right now lol

3 months, 2 weeks ago

The title of this video is self explanatory... LOL

4 months ago

I just can't help myself, sometimes. LOL...

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Maniac fishing... I caught the weirdest fish I have ever seen in my life...

5 months, 3 weeks ago


Life is a fight... Every species on earth is in the fight... For life...
We are never out of the fight...
Well, unless you're a Californian gender studies expert with a degree in lesbian dance theory, or some dumb shit like that...

A very wise Chinese man once said. duck who not swim fast enough, end up growing barnacles on ass. and sink to bottom of lake, then get raped by dolphins..

Well actually, I just made that up then, and I'm not even Chinese. Who would of fucking known?

Life is full of fat bitches, pus, cunts, and shit.

And sometimes, it feels like we all live inside a massive fat bitches big sloppy septic sludge slot cunt, all covered in pus, and shit.

And it sucks hard, like a crack whore on a Friday night..

However, that's just the way it is... You know it, and I know it...

Sometimes, life hits us with an unexpected sucker punch.

Sometimes it hits us with one after the other, and knocks us down with our dicks in the dirt...

Now, are you gonna stay there on the ground with your dick in the dirt?

Or are you gonna get the fuck back up on your feet and keep fighting?

Life will sometimes throw sucker punches at us. Because that's what life does...

We can choose to stay down on the ground with our dicks in the dirt.
Or, we can stand up tall, and be warriors...

So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to let the shit keep you face down, with your dick in the dirt, until a Homosquatch big foot, finds you laying there crying, and decides to take advantage of your ass, with no lube?
Or, are you gonna stand up, and fight?

It is time to take them god damn gloves off, and start using them knuckles, to start hitting back at what life throws at you...

It's not the getting knocked down that makes us who we are...
It's the getting back up again...

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy.
And there are no safe spaces in reality....

And nobody gives a flying fuck about your feelings...

Way to many people take life for granted... And I'm pretty sure that they don't really appreciate any part of life.
Like every other species on earth, we too, must keep on fighting for our survival... Because that is just the way it is...

You need to take care of you.
And don't ever expect that somebody else is going to do it for you. We must all learn to only ever rely on ourselves. Never rely on others. Or you are already setting yourself up for a massive fall. However if someone does help you in your life, then you need to be very grateful for that, and show appreciation. But don't ever expect it, or rely on it...


I hope that you glorious bastards and bitchesses got something useful out of this video.
And I hope that you all have a wonderful day...

5 months, 3 weeks ago

The title is self explanatory... LOL...

6 months, 1 week ago

The title is self explanatory... Just wait until you hear about YouTube's latest escapades of nonsensical Marxist critical theory PC censorship bullshit... smh... Plus extras... Enjoy,,,

6 months, 1 week ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named snowflake.

Snowflake absolutely loved to get covered from head to toe in the stench of homeless wenches trenches as he fisted them deep right up their seriously sloppy septic sludge slots after not allowing them to shower for weeks. Because he wanted them to accumulate the thickest layer of cheese on their big beefy bog buckets of doom as humanly possible. Until the layers upon layers of crunchy cunt crusties made their massive soon to be prolapsed flaps look like a reef at low tide, and dragged along the ground behind them from all that extra weight. Thus guaranteeing snowflake lots of croutons to chew on as he ferociously fisted the fuck out of their mammoth meaty muck holes, and made these bitches earn their cheeseburgers the right way, as he got shoulder deep in the grease, and the chunks and slime from their seriously sloppy septic sludge slots, exploded all over him in a most magnificent and glorious manner as he gave these bitches the fist of fury, right up the beef curtains.

One day, Snowflake woke up in the middle of a field after a 3 week long binge on the magic mushrooms and acid, with the very worst case of gas imaginable. Snowflakes frequent flagellations from his furry little fart pipe seemed to be of great interest to a hurd of nearby cows. For the more that snowflake farted, the more and more cows surrounded him.

It was at that moment that Snowflake realised, that he was in imminent danger, and that the cows were indeed planning to rape him. As these cows were quite obviously gay cows. Snowflake knew that the cows were gay, or why else would they be so attracted to his farts? He knew that only gay cows are attracted to farts..

This enraged snowflake.

Snowflake then luckily made a hasty escape, with his ass hole thankfully still in one piece. And then swiftly headed straight to his tool shed of doom, where he then worked frantically all through the night on a most comprehensive strategy for exacting vengeance on all the gay cows that tried to rape his fluffy little butt earlier that day..
Snowflake created a legion of the most brutal ass wrecking devices, the world had ever seen.

The very next morning, Snowflake sent an entire division of armoured fisters accompanied by squadrons of robofisters to fist the fuck out of the asses of every single last one of those gay cows that tried to rape him the day before. It was absolutely fucking horrific as each and every single one of those gay cows received an involuntary ass fisting until the entire field was covered in what can only best be described, as total carnage. Everything that went moo then went splat. Moo, splat Moo splat. Until the moos turned into faint gurgles, and then those faint gurgles turned into complete silence.

And then Snowflake went home to cook up some steaks for himself, and his seriously sexy slave slut Sophie..


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake.

Snowflake really loved to go fishing, but he absolutely fucking hated stingrays. Because stingrays have massive flaps, and seeing the massive flaps on a stingray always reminded Snowflake of his fat stinky cunt of and ex girlfriend Miranda, because she too had massive flaps, just like a stingray. Infact, Miranda's flaps are much much bigger than a stingray's flaps because snowflake regularly fisted the fuck out of her big beefy bog bucket of doom to make that bitch earn her cheeseburgers. And now, she drags her giant prolapsed crab canyon around on the ground behind her, everywhere she goes. Because she's a big fat stinky homeless crack head cunt with extremely big worn out flaps from being fisted way too many times right up the beef curtains.

One day, many moons ago, Snowflake noticed a most horrific stench coming out of the crack of that wench when she bent over to lick up some of the cheesecake that she had dropped all over the floor just like a dog, but more like a hog. Snowflake then asked her what the fuck was going on with the horrific smell coming out of her big beefy bog bucket of doom and told that mouldy bitch to go take a shower and clean her self up immediately, or else she wouldn't be getting her cheeseburger. Miranda then went and took a very long shower, but when she came back out, the smell of doom coming out of her poon was still just as bad.

Snowflake then grabbed a set of BBQ tongs or something like that and told Miranda to lay down on the floor so that he could conduct a thorough inspection of her prolapsed pungent poon pouch to try and establish what the cause of the smell was from. And upon examination, that's when snowflake made a truly shocking discovery. Miranda's big sloppy sludge slot, was completely covered in shit. For you see Miranda, like all other morbidly obese bitches, couldn't reach around her giant ass to wipe herself from the back like normal people do when she took a shit. So instead of wiping from the front to the back whilst reaching around from behind, she was instead wiping from the back to the front, thus smearing shit all over her cunt in the process.


And Miranda didn't even realise that she smeared shit all through her cunt when she wiped her ass from the back to the front instead of wiping from the front to the back from behind like normal bitches that don't weigh 500 pounds do because I don't think that Miranda even knew that she had a cunt in the first place, as she couldn't even see her feet past her guts, let alone her cunt.

And that my friends, is just another reason why having sex with a massive fat pig like Miranda is a really bad idea. Unless of course you want to get shit all over your balls, just like Snowflake... Fuck that, I'm going fishing.


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake...

Snowflake absolutely loved to watch sport on the TV...
Watching this skinny slut queefing her little heart out on the TV, got Snowflake thinking.

He started wondering, how on earth do massive fat hippo skwotch landwhale hog beast bitches wipe their giant asses after they take a big steaming shit in the mornings? How can they possibly reach their wrecked rancid rectal exits for wiping when they're arms are so obviously not long enough, to reach around all of the mountains of lard laiden fat rolls hanging off their fucking fat disgusting bodies, from any angle, to clean all that greasy poop off of their mammoth anal cunt holes, ever?

Perhaps, they tape a spoon to the end of a broom, to bilge out their big beefy bog buckets of doom?

Or maybe they just sit on the faces of soy filled manjeyena kuck male feminist allies, and make them scoop out all the layers upon layers of time hardened bog slop with their tongues, for the possible reward of being able to try and find their cunt holes, underneath all of the cheese, for a game of stinky diver?

Who knows?

It is definitely one of life's greatest mysteries. And something that has continued to puzzle scientists world wide...

But what I really want to know is, how the flying fuck do these fat cunts even fit on a toilet at all, without causing a god damn earthquake?


Fuck you, Ronald McDonald, you cunt..!


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake.

Snowflake loved to keep sexy sluts tied up captive all over his house specifically for the purposes of preventing these bitches from ever being able to use his shower so's that they would develop serious crusties in their cunt cracks and so that when snowflake went down on them there would be plenty of crunchy bits for him to gag on during prolonged sessions of cunnilingus with croutons as he got pleased as he choked on their cheese. Just before he'd go ferociously fisting their meat, and then kicking them out on the street with the cheesburger each that he had promised them that they had so rightfully earned for their efforts.

One day snowflake got 2 massive fat stinky bitches to come back to his house so he could fist the fuck out of their giant beefy bog burgers that he suspected with good cause to be absolutely full of cheesy clam jam and croutons for him to chew on, when suddenly, they started going on and on about gender equality and women's rights and all that kind of nonsensical deluded bullshit because these two fat stinky cunts identified as feminists.

That's when Snowflake realised that he had broken his number one rule when it comes to seeking sloppy sluts to seduce for furious fistings. Snowflake had forgotten to ask these 2 stupid bitches the very most important question. He had forgotten to ask these 2 massive landwhales what their thoughts were regarding feminism. For if their answer to such a question happened to be even slightly femtarded, then he would know that he should just keep on walking until he finds some bitches that need fisting, that aren't completely mentally retarded like feminist bitches are.

So Snowflake headed to his tool shed of doom to create another one of his custom made pussy plunging devices specifically designed for these 2 fat stinky deluded feminist sluts that were now eyeing off what food supplies that Snowflake had stored around his house...

Snowflake called his new design, The Texas Butt Plug. A tool of torture specifically created for feminists, because they are the very worst kind of women, that any self respecting man with even an ounce of common sense or intelligence would know damn well to never have anything to do with, ever!

So snowflake then proceeded to shove the Texas Butt Plug up these retarded bitches asses until they cried, and then he kicked their fat festy femtarded asses out on the street.
Only this time, they never got their cheeseburgers...


6 months, 2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake...

Snowflake's seriously sexy slave slut Sophie loved to get all hot and wet and this delighted Snowflake a great deal because the more wet that she got the more that she stretched and the more that she stretched the more that she liked it and this always ended up with Snowflake uploading his hard drive right up her software and then giving her the fist of fury all up in her hot little snot pocket until her legs became so shaky that she was unable to walk.

Sometimes Snowflake liked to cruise the soup kitchens in the ghetto looking for vulnerable fat homeless crack whores to proposition for the purpose of sexually deviant exploitation in exchange for crack rocks and cheeseburgers just so he could film them getting fisted right up their massive bog buckets without them even knowing about it. So he could later upload the footage to random porn sites just so depraved old cunts could jerk their girkins whilst watching Snowflake getting shoulder deep in the grease. And it was there, at one of those soup kitchens, where Snowflake ran into his psycho fat homeless cunt of an ex girlfriend, Miranda...

Miranda used to be so absolutely and incredibly hot and sexy as all fuck... She was so fucking hot, that Snowflake would often go to light a cigarette, and it was already lit. Because she was so hot.
But now she's not...
Miranda smoked so much crack, and ate so many cheeseburgers, that she ended up smashing the wall so fucking hard that now the stupid bitch is the size of a house. So Snowflake sat down with Miranda just so he could indulge in the satisfaction of watching her cry whilst she moaned endlessly about how men just don't give her any attention anymore. And how because of this, she is now broke and can't even afford one tenth of the crack rocks and cheeseburgers that she was once so accustomed to.

Miranda always irrationally blamed men for all of her financial problems without fail. As she truly believed that it was somehow the fault of the patriarchy that she never had enough crackrocks and cheeseburgers to meet her needs. Which snowflake found to be absolutely fucking hilarious by the way. Maybe Miranda hadn't seen herself in a mirror lately, or something, hehe.. Snowflake couldn't believe his ears listening to this land whale talk about how she felt entitled to the wealth of successful men and their resources even tho she was now a giant homeless whale skwatch hippo looking O beast pig that was addicted to crack...
And then Miranda asked Snowflake the question of all questions,

"Where did all the good men go"?
She asked...
Snowflake then replied with
"Where did all the skinny bitches go, Miranda? Maybe you ate them all, you fat self entitled cunt"?? He said..

Miranda then started bitching and moaning about how if she could just afford a laptop, she could then start up an OnlyFans account, so that she could then cybermilk the fuck out of all those desperate simps online, just like all those other bitches do...

So Snowflake, being the kind hearted and good Samaritan that he was, then offered to let Miranda use his laptop back at his place, so that she could start up an OnlyFans account...

So they both went back to Snowflake's place to get online to help Miranda become a camwhore...
But there was just one slight problem...

Snowflake didn't have a camera with a wide enough lense to be able to fit Miranda's giant swamp skwotch ass in the frame...
But Snowflake just so happened to be an absolute genious when it came to making lemonade when life gave him lemons..
So he then fisted the fuck out of Miranda's massive hog beast bog bucket, then gave her a cheeseburger, and then kicked the stinky fat homeless bitch out on her ass...

So, it was back to the streets for Miranda, to suck old tweeker's cocks for crack rocks, once again..


6 months, 3 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake...

After an intense night of ferociously fist fucking fat festy homeless crack whores until their cunts were so badly prolapsed that they could now wrap their flaps around their entire bodies like sleeping bags made from big busted beef curtains of bog slop with cruetons. Snowflake then sat down to smoke some bongs and check his You Tube channel only to find out that one of his videos had been removed (again) because some delicate little pussies must have gotten triggered by Snowflakes honesty when it comes to fat feminist bitches and their serious lack of self control and stupidity when it comes to jamming food down their faces. And because snowflake so dearly loves to relentlessly and mercilessly fat shame the hell out of those giant hog beasts because he just refuses to let their fragile little fee fees get in the way of the fact that being that fat is absolutely fucked...

This kind of ridiculous censorship from big tech companies totally enraged Snowflake. And he knew that something needed to be done about this totalitarian bullshit immediately before people like Facebook's Zuck the Cuck, and You Tube's CEO Susanne McFlapskees ended up censoring us all to the point of not being able to say anything at all...

So Snowflake headed to his tool shed of doom and worked tirelessly throughout the night to create a legion of robotic remote controlled fisting devices to send into Commifornia and storm You Tube headquarters to find Susanne McFlapskees and the rest of those Stalinist sympathizing cunts at team You Tube and fist the fuck out of these cunts until their ass holes were so horrendously torn to shreds that they would firstly beg for our forgiveness. And then reinstate Snowflake's video. And then reinstate every other video and channel that they have ever so wrongfully removed because of their toxic unchecked Marxist critical theorist ideology on steroids that they use to silence everyone that has an opinion that differs from their lunatic leftist horse shit.
And then load all of those stupid cunts, along with all the other retarded leftist feminist fruit loops, aboard a giant rocket ship, and send them all off to some other planet where they can have their perfect dystopia in some other far away galaxy, that doesn't have any oxygen. Because we certainly don't want them here.

Long liv free speech.

And make fat bitches skinny again...

Before they eat us all...


6 months, 3 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake.

Snowflake woke up early in the morning and took his seriously sexy slave slut Sophie down to one of his favourite spots so that he could violently violate all of her orifices all day long with his new mobile ass wrecking device and delight in her screams of ecstasy as he filled her hot little face with cum over and over again.

When suddenly, he then spotted his homeless psycho fat lazy cunt of a stalker girlfriend, spying on them both from the other side of the stream whilst fisting herself, and splattering chunks of fungus infested fermented cheese all over the place, from her massive warn out sloppy crevasse of doom....

Snowflake's girlfriend was so extremely hot and sexy when he first met her. And her cunt was sweet and juicy. In fact, she was so hot and sexy, and her cunt was so sweet and juicy, that it caused Snowflake to be as hard as a rock 24 7 and all Snowflake ever did was plough her profusely precipitating pussy like a Canadian hiway after a heavy winter blizzard, because she was just so god damn delicious and desirable.

But Snowflake's girlfriend just kept on eating and eating and eating. And the more that Snowflake's girlfriend ate, the fatter she got. And the fatter she got, the more her cunt stunk like the inside of a dead tuna's asshole fermenting in the sun on a hot summer's day. Until one day, she finally broke Snowflake's bed when he was fisting the fuck out of her massive porridge bucket. So, he had no choice but to kick her fat ass to the curb. And that's how Snowflake's morbidly obese cunt of a girlfriend became homeless in the first place.

One day snowflake was watching TV when he seen this bat shit crazy rancid looking bitch that called herself a feminist squawking and moaning about all kinds of stupid bullshit. She reminded him of the putrid stench of his fat homeless giant cunt of a girlfriend's massive worn out cheese canyon. This nasty bitch on the TV looked just like how Snowflake's girlfriend's big mouldy slop bucket stunk...

Snowflake was totally horrified by the words coming out of this dumb disgusting looking fucktard's mouth. In almost every sentence she would say the word patriarchy. Patriarchy this, patriarchy that. It really sounded like she desperately needed some cock, or something. This enraged Snowflake, and he just wanted to kick her right in the cunt as hard as he possibly could.

So, from that moment on, Snowflake officially declared, that every day, from that day on, be International kick a feminist right in the cunt day.......


6 months, 3 weeks ago

Once upon a time, in a most beautiful meadow, in a land far away, lived a cute little bunny named Snowflake.

Snowflake loved to objectify, finger suck and fuck gorgeous sluts with his patriarchal pole of mass destruction 24 7, because snowflake was a total nymphomaniac, and he loved to fuck, well,, like a rabbit, always on a mission trying to absolutely wreck as many bitches holes as he possibly could, often turning their once tight little cunts into worn-out gaping canyons and stretching their beef curtains so bad that they'd end up wearing their flaps as hats.

Snowflake also loved to hang out and party at clubs, drinking whiskey and taking copious amounts of hard drugs with his two best friends, Bastard and Cunty, before they'd often head out together late in the night, looking to hospitalize, torture and kill motherfuckers that owe them money. They'd most oftentimes use a blow torch and a set of bolt cutters, or sometimes other random assorted toys, from their tool box of doom, to try and gently persuade these cunts to pay their overdue debts without making too much of a mess. And just incase that didn't work, well, they would always make sure that there was plenty of room for a safe space, in the trunk of their car, and a hole already dug in the woods, with their name on it.


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The title is self explanatory LOL

7 months, 1 week ago

The title is self explanatory lol...

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This idiot SIMP jumped into a crocodile infested river trying to impress a girl, and got REKT

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Australian Crazy Bitches Are The Worst Vol. 2 is a video compilation of news clips, and other deplorable, violent and disgustingly atrocious behaviors of Australian women caught on camera. This video is truly horrendous btw.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Australian Crazy Bitches Are The Worst Vol. 1... Is a video compilation of news clips, and other deplorable, violent and disgustingly atrocious behaviors of Australian women caught on camera. This video is truly horrendous btw.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Earlier today, at Red Morton Park in California's Bay Area, onlookers watched in sheer horror and astonishment, as members of the Californian fire department attempted to rescue a trans-species poodle that was actually born as a Siamese cat who now identifies as a non-binary hermaphrodite triangular shaped elephant with wheels like a bus that go round and round round and round, when it got it's silly ass stuck up a rather large tree, after it climbed up there in an attempt to dismantle patriarchy. Because the poodle felt triggered by the patriarchy for making dogs walk on leashes. And because the poodle had been brainwashed into believing that all dog owners are sexist transphobic misogynistic racist pigs who support extreme right wing white supremacist nationalist capitalist groups, and are Trump supporters who oppress poodles world wide, by making them wear collars, sleep in kennels. And perform tricks for snacks like homeless hookers in a ghetto burger king parking lot on a friday night.
The poodle, known to locals by the name of Bruce, turned savage on the fire man as he attempted to rescue it from the tree, and bit him multiple times on the face and arms in a frenzied attack when the poodle felt that the fireman was exercising his male privilege by placing his ladder underneath it's tree without consent which is rescue rape its not your body so it's not your choice unless you have a vagina or are a part of an oppressed minority group trying to gain victim points for freeshit. Or in this case, a really weird and over emotional poodle, one blue haired landwhale looking witness said... After many attempts at negotiation had failed to bring this volatile stand off with the poodle to a peaceful conclusion. The decision was then made to bring in a team of elite marksmen from the south Korean special forces who just so happened to be on a training exercise in the area at the time. The south Korean snipers quickly took up position from multiple vantage points. The green light was given. The shot was taken. And now the poodle is being prepared to be cooked in a wok by the Korean special forces team back at the hotel they're staying at to celebrate. A spokesperson for local law enforcement later told reporters that this is what happens when poodles are endoctrinated with toxic Marxist ideology. They simply lose any connection with reality as they do their best to destroy the very fabric that holds our civilization together by tearing everything apart through the use of Marxist critical theory A.K.A. political correctness. Until every aspect of our society that was built through the hard work and sacrifice of generation after generation of our ancestors is slowly reduced to degeneracy and decay. And then they end up getting cooked in woks by elite marksmen from the south Korean special forces.
It comes as no surprise that stupid has no lid these days... And social Marxism and its mongrel puppy that they call feminism, are the reasons why.
Thanks for watching my video.
Please be sure to like share and subscribe. Or I will get a 500 pound feminist to sit on your face, and queef until you piss cheese.
You glorious motherfuckers have yourselves a wonderful day...

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A short comedy film (made from clips of some of my old videos) show casing the typical dysfunctional world, of a "happily married couple" LMFAO😂😂😂

7 months, 3 weeks ago

From the makers of All Men Are Misogynistic Rapist Pigs comes the blockbuster hit, Feminist Vagina. LMFAO

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Femtard Logic - Right Up The Beef Curtains

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Just some crazy random shit because I was bored lol.

11 months, 2 weeks ago

How I deal with the infamous obsessed stalker, crazy bitch, Sharon "Stalker" Hensley.

1 year, 2 months ago

Bushman got real stoned out in the bush, and went full maniac taking the piss out of Bear Grylls during a canoe / fishing trip back in 2014

1 year, 4 months ago

I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred Parody)

1 year, 9 months ago

A short documentary of extreme madness.

1 year, 10 months ago

Clearing up some common misconceptions that tourists often have about Australian wildlife.

1 year, 10 months ago

Traumatized Aussie guy almost gets ravaged by a group of sasquatch whilst hunting.

1 year, 10 months ago

In this video we take a look at the truly dark and evil nature of feminism and make a massive joke out of it, you know, so we don't all get cancer....

1 year, 10 months ago