Updated list OCT 15 2020 #MassArrests Executions including François Legault,Celine Dion & Justin Trudeau...
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Updated list #MassArrests/Executions sept 2020 including François Legault & Justin Trudeau...

1-Land of the deads-Mason Jar 2.0
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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjFEryAxnIU ("CONSPIRACY THEORY PURGE OF TRUTHERS AND DISSENTERS PART OF COVID19 PLAN LOCKDOWN? SHARE MAKE VIRAL!" by Yea Right The Matrix)

Thank GOD I downloaded this video before it went private (I suspect that YT or Zionist Agents forced his video to private)

**Orginal vid had 720p capability, but I needed to download it to my phone in a hurry. Still, clear enough. USE HEADPHONES when watching!!!**

The information about the arresting of truthers & dissenters starts around the 7 min mark (Project Pogo & Project Zyphr)

Whistleblower's name: David E. Goldberg

Project Pogo: Zionists use disinformation/cointelpro "Anti-Zio" channels to TTI (Tag-Track-Identify) people who are subscribed to these channels & who are against Zionism. The plan/project also allows for legitimate Anti-Zio channels to stay up, but only because they want to TTI... Claims that well known legitimate Anti-Zio YT channels such as "Know More News - KMN (Adam Green) may be a part of this operation either coerced or w/o his knowledge. God, I sure hope not. He says that it is a challenge for the Zionists since a lot of people make anonymous Youtube accounts w/o their real name, photo, nor IP address (VPN), but he says they will complete the operation VERY SOON!

**W/o his knowledge = TTI (Tagging-Tracking-Indentifying) Adam Green's subscribers & viewers without him knowing. Obtaining their IP addresses, emails, & full names.

Project Zyphr: The purge (arresting & execution) of Anti-Zionists. Low level targets will be infected w/ viruses (COVID-19) & HVTs (High Value Targets) will be "picked up" (snatch & grab; kidnapped, detained, arrested), sent off to FEMA camps/Gitmo, forced labor &/or EXECUTED! This is purported to happen in 2020, either Winter 2020 or 2021. Whistle-blower mentions that it may happen sooner depending on if the TTI (Project Pogo) is fully complete on time. This video was upload around mid 2019, guy in video says that Project Pogo (at the time of the video) was about 78% complete. That's EXTREMELY close to 100%... Also mentions that the Zionists are hard at work to set up propaganda for the un-awakened masses; they will be fed with BS like "It was the virus outbreak that killed these people". He says that people WILL notice all these millions of people (truthers & dissenters) missing/dead, so they have to bring in all types of lies in order to cover it up. Says that they will carry out this operation "Under the cover of darkness" (aka blackout). They will blame the nationwide blackouts on Iran (or some other superpower) so that the US gets catapulted into WWIII, which will result in more depopulation. Mentions that they will cause an economic crash on the largest of proportions - worldwide (all countries at once). This economic crash will last approx. 6 months, & will result in the masses to beg for a N.W.O. & new currency (World order ran out of the Third Temple of Jerusalem w/ a world religion & cashless society aka "Mark of the Beast")

**BACKUP OF THIS VIDEO's DESCRIPTION: https://hastebin.com/raw/eninotemam & https://hastebin.com/raw/ofesapofej & https://hastebin.com/raw/ewuwicapeb (NEWEST)


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The deeper that I look into Tom Hanks and his career on Hollywood the more I am realizing that he is a chosen one to push the Illuminati agenda. He must be an Illuminati Freemason 33rd Degree High Priest. I really never paid too much attention to him before, but since he came out and announced that he and is partner Rita Wilson contracted the Coronavirus in Australia on March 11th (The date that I had been watching for a good year because I had kept seeing the 3/11 and how it always connected with Seattle I knew I had my Illuminati New World Order Messenger.) So now he is on my Radar. I also ask in this video why are Russia's numbers being posted on the Coronavirus Data Board's so low? For a country that borders with China and has a huge population and is cold (The Virus apparently thrives in the cold) Russia's numbers are very small. I believe that they are not playing the Coronavirus Psyop Game. Also, the mainstream media loves talking about Russia and China, but in this case I have yet to hear one newscast ask the question what I just asked: Why are Russia's COVID-19's numbers so low? Are they doing something that the USA and here in Canada should be copying? Like not playing this Illuminati Card Game. This Coronavirus Psyop is going to get really heavy as North America is well under way to Medical Martial Law.

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Biggest Political Spying Scandal In Human History: "When Brennan has can go no further, and can develop no more additional information, from unmasking, and every tool he has with his foreign partners, he employs domestic tools, our courts to get FISA warrants, to legalize the spying. Nunes talks about it all the time... 'and that's what led to the legal spying.' What I call Plan B, what he calls 'legal spying.' The use of domestic tools to spy on Obama's political opponents. This is only the biggest political scandal in human history." - Dan Bongino, Fmr. Secret Service to Barack Obama

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Zolna Report December 2, 2018

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