Have you ever been ripped off by a Mechanic?
Do you remember back in the day when things were made by hand and mechanics took pride in their work?
Hi and welcome to my channel, Red Pill Garage. Learn how to fix your car from a long-time honest mechanic who takes pride in his work. I have been a mechanic for over 30 years, and now it is time to share my knowledge with you and save you money, by teaching you to repair your own car, and not be ripped off by dodgy mechanics.
You will learn how to fix your own car with easy step by step instructions from me and it will consist of things, from changing wheels to timing belt replacement and all in between. I will record videos in my shop and post them, each video will be recorded by me alone with a little help from my wife, edited and published from all my own work.
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In the end, he just walks away thinking: "Screw this. I am fired now."

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What to do when the G8 alternator is stuck in alternator bracket, and things I learned the hard way replacing my G8 alternator. TL;DR there's sleeves on the bracket that may need to be lubricated then compressed to get it out. And the bracket should be removed and lubricated if the alternator doesn't slide right out. The new one is a 92258220 ACDELCO 170amp and is @ 15v with 2 rockford fosgate P3s and a SKAR 2000.1D .. this is for the L76 motor not V6, G8 GT 6.0L alternator replacement and possibly applicable to LS3

HD version will be on my odysee page. posting here too for mirroring purposes https://odysee.com/@Hexagod:3

TAGS: G8 Alternator Removal Replacement Stuck Bracket How to remove g8 alternator problems L76 LS3 generator

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Bantics Show, June 28, 2021

Change oil with another substance bill promotes.. can you guess it?


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From the Bantics Show
If Bill Gates was a mechanic. Sound Familiar?
If the vaxx were for your car you wouldn't take it

vaxx vaccination plandemic billgates car auto oil jab salesman run

3 months, 2 weeks ago

Bill hates the mechanic - a parody of the current Covid 19 vaccine situation.

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Im broke...parts cost a lot. F in comments for my wallet

I used this thing

PS, Amazon will be shutting down my thsirt store thing...not enough sales. Its sad...but such is life ((Thanks to all that did buy something so far))


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5,181,000+ views · 9/26/2018 · by Junky DIY guy

Bolt extractor sockets good

In this video I show you how to Remove a rounded bolt head .

I also show you
1. How to remove a rounded nut
2. How to remove a rusted bolt without rounding it off
3. How to remove a bolt with no head
4. How to to use a bolt extractor
5. How to remove stuck or seized bolts with heat and WD40
6. how to use a left handed drill bit
7. How to remove a broken off bolt in a deep hole

Rounded bolt removal is a tedious job so as broken bolt removal. Here in this video I show you my top 5 tools to remove rounded bolts so hopefully this will be a guidance for those in need of a little helping hand.

Bolt Extractor Set: 11pcs 3/8 Inch Drive Socket 9-19mm Damaged Nut Stud Extractor Bolt Remover Locking
Bolt Extractor Set: ( Low Profile ) 10pcs 9-19mm Broken Bolt Removal Kit Damaged Nut Bolt Remover Stud Extractor Set
Bolt Extractor Set: ( Deep Socket) IRWIN Tools IMPACT Performance Series BOLT GRIP Deep Well Bolt Extractor Set, 3/8-inch Square Drive, Drawer, 14-Piece with 1/4-inch Hex Drive to 3/8-inch Square Socket Adapter
Adjustable pliers: KNIPEX Tools - Cobra Water Pump Pliers (8701250)
Hammer: Tekton 16 -oz Ball Pein Hammer 30403
Cold chisel: Stanley FMHT16553 FATMAX Cold Chisel Set, 3 Piece
Manual impact driver: TEKTON 2905 3/8-Inch Drive Manual Hand Impact Driver Set, 7-Piece
Impact wrench: Bosch IDH182B Bare-Tool Brushless Socket- Ready Impact Driver
Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set: IRWIN Screw Extractor/ Drill Bit Set, 10-Piece (11119)
Extractor wrench set: Astro Pneumatic Tool 7181XL 8 Piece Extra Long Damaged Fastener Flank Bite Combination Wrench Set
Multi-Spline Screw Extractor Set https://amzn.to/2y1bjjhet
Striking cap screwdriver set (cheap set): Best Value H4200103 6 Piece Go Thru Striking Professional Screwdriver Set
Square shaft extractors: Tapered Bit Extractors Set Extractor Tapered Bit P635478
Straight teeth bolt Extractor Socket Set: OEMTOOLS 22967 9 Piece Nut Busting Bolt Extractor Socket Set - 3/8" Drive Metric

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A car that won't start can be caused by many different problems from low fuel pressure to no spark. In this case, I have no clue what the problem is and I go though my methodology to figure out the problem. (Spoiler alert) It ends up being a bad battery which is probably the most common no start problem.

An amazing portable car battery jumper: Schumacher SL1338 400 Amp 12V Rechargeable Lithium Jump Starter Starts 4.0L - Gas vehicles
Multimeter: INNOVA 3300 Hands-Free Digital Multimeter

How to check a car battery (In-depth video):
How to test an alternator:
How to check for a short or parasitic draw:

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Just can't get enough of this guy, lol. Funny stuff right there. I will gladly link to the original if someone can find it.

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Safety First! Never sleep under a bus! (There’s no privacy! Lol).

I get help tying my hair in a new mechanics hair do! Its bleeding edge of R&D. And off to work under the bus! I’m trying to find the air leak, and my first thought is from the towing crew that made a failed attempt. So, tighten things up, start Olivia up and see if she holds air.

I do suspect the Romanian engineered external air fitting, but nope. Its not there! I never got around to putting the Bosch conversion fittings, from metric to NPT.
Crawling under a Romanian bus while its running…safety first! We do have the parking break on.

Ignore the thing about Bulgarians (cool guys!)

After hearing the air leaking, I go under the bus again for further inspecting! Its at the rear wheels, so I crawl and its not pleasant. The biggest issue is finding which are the active air lines, and which were literally just left there. This is gonna be fun…

Also, Olivia is leaking transmission fluid. Gravy…

At least I got the tape out of my hair! I say its not a good idea but I didn’t get scalped! I may use it in the future.

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Ever wonder what its like to be a mechanic? You work hard, and its honest pay. Makes you feel alive! You get all the ladies, and make a ton of money! You work with some of the greatest people and are on the bleeding edge of technology and new theories! So if you want a healthy lifestyle, great social life and excellent benefits, apply to your local mechanicing establishment…today!

Mornings as a mechanic (00:00)
Neighborhood as a mechanic (02:15)
Bosses as a mechanic (02:47)
Team players as a mechanic (03:04)
Drity as a mechanic (03:40)
Dating as a mechanic (04:31)
Hard work as a mechanic (05:17)
Coworkers as a mechanic (05:53)
Professionalism as a mechanic (06:37)
Safety as a mechanic (07:26)
Online as a mechanic (07:57)
Health as a mechanic (09:43)
Going home as a mechanic (10:45)

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This is satire and comedy. Its 2020, so it must be said…don’t eat cutting discs!

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You want to race
If you insist
At that price
I can't resist
That's right
That's right
That's right
Tonight it ain't right
I got to have me a week
But I'll be back for you, Jack
And I'll let the machine speak
That's right
That's right
That's right
Showdown, you bet
And I haven't even saddled my pony yet
Have mercy, Miss Percy
I done put the coon tune on this bet
That's right
That's right
That's right

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A fun and 420 take on a method for starting your vehicle which has been sitting around for some long period of time.

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What is it? What does it do?

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Russia 2020


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Repairs, upgrades, more upgrades BUT WHY? Must be my mechanic. Just a 'for fun' video.

A mechanic is an artisan, technician or skilled tradesperson who uses tools to build or repair machinery.
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