Some people have commented that the audio in the original version of this video is too up beat and doesn't suit the content being presented. I don't necessarily agree as I feel this video has an underlying positive, empowering message which encourages critical thinking. The original audio in my opinion also emphasizes how these psychopathic medical tyrants relish the horrific situation they have created.

Anyway, I have re-released this video with a more subdued audio track that some people may prefer, listen to both versions and let me know which version you like by commenting below.
Link to the original version https://www.bitchute.com/video/lM7t5WNRUmBo/

Thanks for watching, regards from Failure Of Fear.

This educational video exposes the blatant vaccine propaganda so relentlessly pushed by the deep-state psychopaths and their corporate owned fake news media PUPPETS, so willing and able to control and brainwash the public into depopulating themselves under the disguise of a fake pandemic health crisis.
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Hosting Alex Jones

-Tyranny by way of the medical system

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