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Is this the catalysing event for climate lockdowns? The event that shall herald a failsafe for the ruling class? Is this to ensure a smokescreen is present for the vaccine deaths? Or, is this merely just a fanciful distraction? I leave the decision up to you, the viewers.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

The landslide is likely to move as a coherent block for at least 15km before breaking up it will cascade
down to a depth of 4000 meters to the ocean floor at an average speed to 360 kilometers per hour.
As the avalanche spreads out on the ocean floor it will cover an estimated area of 3600 km2.

150 mt high wave caused by a massive landslide in Lituya Bay Alaska 1953.
Check Scientists uncover evidence of disastrous damage to the coastline at Lituya Bay Alaska. Analysis of tree rings from the tree trim line show evidence of an impossibly high wave - a Mega Tsunami. 1953.
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