Michael Keaton is going to be involved in Spider-Man 3 as The Vulture. He’s already signed on to be in the movie, and seems to be the last piece in the puzzle of getting the Sinister Six on the big screen for the first time. I loved him as Vulture, it was different as he is not considered or has role that in being a villain, he is no per se a Villain but is. #SinisterSix​ #MichaelKeaton​ #Spiderman3

6 months ago

It seemed like a done deal. Flash director Andy Muschietti said it was happening. But the ink may not be dry yet on a contract for Michael Keaton to return as the Dark Knight.

That’s the impression the star of Batman and Batman Returns gave on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night. Keaton didn’t deny he’s moving toward a return to his iconic role in The Flash but he didn’t confirm it either.

9 months ago

"I'm Batman."
In this video, MAR gives his thoughts on seeing the classic 89 comic book film in theaters, from the audience to picture on the big screen (along with a minor oscar complaint).
#Batman89 #JackNicholoson #MichaelKeaton #TimBurton

11 months, 3 weeks ago

According to multiple news outlets, Michael Keaton is in talks to return as Batman. Will DC use the Flash movie to set up a multiverse? From what these rumors convey, that may be true. What Batman stories would you like to see adapted with Michael Keaton's Batman? I lean more toward Batman Beyond and I think that'd be epic!

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