Some guy puts his blood under the microscope after Covid vaccination

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqh-rRWhAPs

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I accidentally popped off the swiveling part of an HP 15's touchpad cable connector and take the opportunity to show you how to put the connector back together without damaging it.

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Was ist das? Kann das jemand erklären? Sobald diese Fädchen angehaucht werden, bewegen sie sich, aber nicht alle ...
Tote Fasern können es also nicht sein, die sollten sich einheitlich verhalten. Die Maske wurde direkt vor der Aufnahme ausgepackt, Herstellungsdatum 20.12.2020, stammt aus einer staatlich gesponserten Apotheken-Aktion ...

Update 29.3.2021:
Ich glaube nicht, daß das diese Bico-Fasern mit Formgedächtnis sind, dafür bewegen die sich einfach zu lebhaft. Auch der Umstand, dass direkt daneben liegende Fasern der selben Beschaffenheit sich nicht bewegen, spricht gegen diese These. Vielleicht kann jemand von meinen geneigten Zuschauern mit einem besseren Mikroskop Klarheit schaffen? Das wäre sehr hilfreich.

In der "Qualitätspresse" tauchen natürlich jetzt Artikel auf, die das Ganze für Unfug erklären, hier allerdings erstmal nur auf die Teststäbchen bezogen:

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This video came via Dr. Richard Urso's tweet. https://twitter.com/richardursomd/status/1344246982848749570
Twitter thread from author of video : https://twitter.com/KenNotBen/status/1344195026499338240

Most people have worn this type of mask at some point in time. This video leaves you in no doubt as to whether this type of mask is safe to wear or not.

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What are rife frequencies about? What is a rife machine and what does it do? I heard it can cure things that medical science says are incurable. How do I tell which information is true and correct and which may be fake and hype and just plain fraud? Is there a genuine rife technology out there that could save our lives? This is a crucial issue now that cancer has become public enemy #1 ahead of heart disease. What do we do when the next flu epidemic sweeps through or one of the exotic and incurable diseases escapes and finds its way to our land. How about bio terror? More info https://dreddymd.com/2017/02/20/the-truth-about-rife-technology-machines-therapies-information/

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This short video is composed of pictures of crystal films and crusts that I have grown from large droplets of aqueous or acid solutions of various inorganic salts. The droplets are poured out onto a watch glass and heated for a time using a heat gun. Once the droplet is hot the watch glass is placed into a vacuum desiccator over 3A molecular sieves or solid NaOH depending on the compound involved. Once the droplet is dried the resulting crystal film or crust is photographed at 1600x magnification using a digital dissection scope.

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Dental hygiene is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and keep a high quality of life. Brushing, flossing, and eating the right foods help with this as well. Remember - everything is cooler under the microscope!

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Overview of Mold Spore Trap Analysis Using a Microscope

2 years, 4 months ago

Microscopic images and video of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, photographed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab.

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