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Somehow, there’s more to talk about with boomers. Being the largest group of a generation of humans, the boomer has had a large impact on the shaping of society. Their routines disrupted, their memes stale and cringe, and passing their “knowledge” onto future generations has detrimental effects on top of all the problems they’ve already caused. And yet, there is hope. As the boomer passes out of existence, stronger future generations will emerge from their ashes, learning from the mistakes of the boomer generation and its consequences.


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Whilst I was never a big fan of Take That, I do think that Robbie Williams is a great talent and his 1999 hit 'Millennium' makes a great parody song for my latest upload 'Millennials.'

Millennials (aka Generation Y Bother) - don't you just love them? Yeah, I thought not as well!


They think life should be theirs on a plate
They want it now, you'd better make haste!

'The whole world is a bad place!'
You'll hear them wail and scorn
but these gender-fluid muppets
Believe in Unicorns

They are so dense (they are so dense)
Devoid of sense

They think they can determine your fate
Throw their weight round all over the place
God must be surely thinking 'what a waste!'

'You must be aware of my awareness day
and I will be the one who decides what you say.'
How come they're all so sensitive, is this some crazy joke?
It makes me want to parody a song by Rob from Stoke!

They divide and they conquer by race
Yes, they're bound and misguided by hate
An evolutionary flaw and disgrace

When they look back years from now, they'll be thinking 'what the hell?'
Acting just like whiney brats, they screwed their lives up well!


All they care for is up-votes and rates
Anger and bitterness etched on each face
Heaven knows that they look such a state!

(Nothing but cry bullies, ha ha ha!)

Yeah, and I see they are looking salty now;
Crying all day because somebody won't kowtow
Oh so ridiculous, yeah, they are such a sight!
It's not the end of the world if people won't agree
It's not serious, no, it isn't World War Three!
Go out and have a laugh for once in your life!

There's nothing special about them or great
Just a bunch of sad, stupid fakes
Why don't they give it a rest for Christ's sake?

(Don't you wish they'd just shut up?!)

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with an entitled, spoiled, fantasy world living little princess. And this is the norm. Heaven help the countries upon whom these mental defectives are going to end up making decisions for the the rest of us. Oh...they hate God or are programmed to believe there is no god. Thanks to the satanic left.

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Millenniyule 2019.

Millennial Woes is an interesting character, each year he does his Millenniyule series, where he chats with prominent figures in the "Alt-Right" and "Alt-Lite" movements.

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Original Youtube Channel: Paul Joseph Watson
Jun 29, 2016

Stupid butt-hurt millennials are whining and crying because the UK voted to leave the EU.


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We have chosen a philosophy of death, so it stands to reason we have internal deadness.

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This commentary is going to start a series officially, however it technically began with “Why I HATE: Globalism”. The contents of it go into detail on why The Greatest Generation™️is absolutely not so, as boomers are the generation that destroyed everything, from civilization to the planet to human development. The arrogance of the boomer has caused more calamity than any generation before them, and yet they refuse to admit it, instead they blame it on everyone after, when they lived in the fruits of The Silent Generation’s labor.



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Hey guys Flowerwoman here to make a quick video on climate alarmism, Greta Thunberg and how the young are being indoctrinated and the potential consequences to all this. Sorry if I sound slightly out of it in this video as the night before recording I had one of my insomniac nights so had very little sleep. Really sucks when that happens but hey Flowerwoman's gotta get her opinions out there!

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This video was scrubbed from all the participants YouTube channels

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Bill Maher - "Millennial's NOT Having Sex a Good Thing, Masturbate and Then Hurry Up and Die for the Earth"

Taken from Real Time with Bill Maher.

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Listen to the full conversation with Millennial Woes

Black Belt [intro], licensed by Audio Blocks

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Vrij Denken met Sander van Luit

In deze aflevering analyseer ik de documentaire “Mensen van nu” van de VPRO, waarin linkse hipstermillennials kritiek leveren op “het systeem”.

Tekst van deze column: http://sta-pal.nl/2018/05/regressief-links-en-de-hipstermillennial-waar-is-het-misgegaan/
Documentaire “Mensen van nu”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjxof2hSsLY
Analyse van De Snijtafel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo1WaVem3dc

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Yet another review of some interesting events from the past week.



Gun Control:

Taxing Texts:

First Amendment:

Pay your own settlements:

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This week I cover the issues of immigrants and technomasculinity.


immigration and Wages:

Non-citizens Voting:

Cost of Illegals:



End Birthright Citizenship:

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Episode 6 of Silent Millennial Talks. This week is about free speech and what the left is trying to do to it.

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Episode 5 of Silent Millenial Talks. This week I talk briefly about hockey and nationalism.

For clarification, the anthem protest was at the start of the 2017 season.

1 year, 10 months ago

Today I look at what the Left stands for and what they are willing to do to those who disagree.

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Today I talk about the possible future where using the cloud is required, and the consequences of it.

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A bit of a filler video. My original idea just wasn't working out and I wanted to upload something.

1 year, 11 months ago

My first video! Just a quick intro video. More to follow.

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Weaponized Haggis.

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One of the best interviews with Simon Sinek Millennials 1981-1997 age 19-35
in the work place.
Disclaimer: All works The Truth Sayer Channel are criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching and research.
-All footage taken falls under ''fair use'' of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998). Therefore, no breach of privacy or copyright has been committed.
This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

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Original - President Trump Participates in a Panel Discussion at the Generation Next Summit - https://youtu.be/2dAcxXvay-U
White House Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYxRlFDqcWM4y7FfpiAN3KQ

June 2018 Election:


ManFoWars Music - http://manfowars.com/music.html

Inspired in-part by Kendrick Lamar's song "ELEMENT" from his new "DAMN" album which is pretty damn good.


Drake on "Energy" and other songs talks about people draining his energy. Like weak, bitchy, ugly men. Lazy, bitchy, ugly women. Or rude, bitchy, ugly kids. For example. Quiet gender neutral forcing others to look at, be near or touch people, not admitting or lying like pretend zombie girlfriends acting stupid who get off being ignored making a scene in public by a confident man is an issue. No wonder Drake worries about Toronto, Canada and elsewhere. Can the Six God help humans keep their polite heritage? And you?


November 22, 2018 marks the 55th Anniversary of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Evidence showed and millions believed for decades it was done by "deep state" or "shadow government" forces still working for "globalists" to sell-out countries and control people today.

Fortunately, millions exposed stuff like this for decades with the "info war" to help people resist. It's great online with creative articles, videos and more. But, does it seem like people now have more problems talking about this and more offline?

Globalists may be brainwashing people, or creating more quiet, ugly and angry Antifa commie-zombie protesters who mindlessly attack others, or Western "cucks" to be raped by radical migrants, or insecure adults turned into pedophiles and kids into pedo-food. Nationalists can help stop it.

ManFoWars.com states: Polite ladies and gents who insist and teach kids to and promote that offline can relax, respect each other, mind their business, look, walk, talk and feel good and discuss everything better offline. Regardless of gender or other identity this can work great.

People can avoid confusion, stress, lies, social constipation, gender neutralization and sexual harassment everyone can clearly see and agree is happening in front of their eyes just like the weather and discuss what to do about.

FYI, posters worked forever and still do as the successful 2016 "GO Transit Better Etiquette" campaign in Toronto proved and can work anywhere. People can take action, get in touch to discuss and donate. Thanks and good luck - BK

ManFoWars.com - http://manfowars.com/index.html
Twitter - https://twitter.com/manfowars1
Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/manfowarscom/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZt-6nTNXGX3XQg97WO72WA
LoveMen.ca - http://www.lovemen.ca/index.html


Better behaviour on GO transit after etiquette campaign

Gilbert Ngabo . Metro . Oct 04 2016

Looks like Metrolinx’s message on manners is getting through. Six months after launching its online etiquette campaign targeting customers who display inappropriate behaviour while on GO trains and buses, the transit corporation says etiquette fails are down across the board.


Bad News Needs Good News:

1. https://www.infowars.com/
2. https://www.therebel.media/
3. http://www.breitbart.com/


The Joe Rogan Experience #911 with Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo - 4,156,598 views - https://youtu.be/UZPCp8SPfOM

#958 with Jordan Peterson - 1,193,817 views - https://youtu.be/USg3NR76XpQ

YouTube Downloader for The Alex Jones Show Commercial Free from The Ron Gibson channel etc. - https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/video-converter

AP - Trump: I'll Fight Human Trafficking 'Epidemic' - https://youtu.be/v55uBk5zx5o

Unreported: 1,500 pedophile arrests made since Trump took office - http://www.worldtribune.com/unreported-1500-pedophile-arrests-have-been-made-nationally-since-trump-took-office/

Vets For Child Rescue - http://www.vets4childrescue.org/

VICE: Canada's Original Vigilante Pedophile Hunter - 1,311,451 views - https://youtu.be/rJU_LvwL-Kc

Pediatricians condemn National Geographic over 9-year-old ‘trans’ child on cover - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pediatricians-condemn-national-geographic-over-9-year-old-trans-child-on-ja

Survey: 40% Of Transgendered Americans Have Attempted Suicide - 27,715 respondents - http://khn.org/morning-breakout/survey-40-of-transgendered-americans-have-attempted-suicide/

American College of Pediatricians: Gender Ideology Harms Children - https://www.acpeds.org/the-college-speaks/position-statements/gender-ideology-harms-children

Wives of Tranny Men Get No Sympathy - https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/11/wives-abandoned-by-tranny.html

Look into it first then decide - Sex Change Regret - http://www.sexchangeregret.com/


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Welcome to The HollowNet LIVE Podcast on The Lanterns Media Network! Here together we hold the line against the night, and defend the republic against tyranny, division, and persecution, standing for the Constitution and for eachother. Listen on Spreaker, ITunes and TuneIn or online at www.Lanterns.buzz , follow us at facebook.com/hollownet and Tweet @TheHollowNet . The #Millennial #Conservative Resistance begins here. Today's Topics: What have we become?

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