Byron Jost is a White advocate and filmmaker of documentaries that focus on the contemporary plight of White Europeans. "Minority Rule" is his second and final documentary film. His first film is titled "The Line in the Sand". It documents the crisis at the US's Southern border and the consequences of non-Whites from Mexico and South America flooding into America. Both films feature longtime White Nationalist and leading authority on the Jewish question Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

In "Minority Rule", alongside Dr. MacDonald, is E. Michael Jones, another individual known within the White-positive sphere for his critique of Jewish power and influence.

From Freudian pseudo-psychology to Boasian pseudo-anthropology, to the domination of international mainstream media, Byron's film documents the rise of political correctness and how it is a manifestation of the Jew's "will to power". Many of the concepts explored within the film will be familiar to anyone who has read Kevin MacDonald's classic book on the JQ, "The Culture of Critique". Western culture is being subverted and injected with anti-White meme-pathogens by the Jewish dominated political arena, academia, media, Hollywood and entertainment industry. The results of this, the film explains, become increasingly more catastrophic to us the more the White population declines and is replaced by a hostile and racially alien group of people who are programmed to hate us for being White.

Although incredibly insightful and informative, the film in it's current state is not the final product that the filmmaker had envisioned. Byron Jost tragically passed away during the making of "Minority Rule". As a result, we are left with an incomplete version that was later released containing the footage that Byron–while still alive–had collected for the film's final draft. Perhaps for this reason as well, the incomplete draft that we're left with is of somewhat suboptimal viewing quality.

To view Byron Jost's first film, "The Line in the Sand", documenting the invasion of non-White Hispanics flooding in from South of the US border, click the following link:

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