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Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, CGP is a teaching chef, Certified Nutrition Consultant, and Certified GAPS Practitioner who is passionate about illuminating the connection between food and well-being. A member of the Honorary Board of the Weston A. Price Foundation for almost 20 years, Monica is a dynamic teacher, speaker, consultant, and author who lives to share the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to cook nourishing, traditional food.

Simply Being Well

Dr. Thomas Cowan

Dr. Thomas Cowan

The Contagion Myth (Book)
Why Viruses (including "Coronavirus") Are Not the Cause of Disease
Thomas S. Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell ask the question: are there really such things as "viruses"? Or are electro smog, toxic living conditions, and 5G actually to blame for COVID-19?

Dr. Thomas Cowan On Gab.com

The Science Of mRNA Vaccines by Dr. Thomas Cowan (51:58)

The Foundations And Flaws Of Viral Theory by Dr. Thomas Cowan (52:44)

Understanding What They Mean By 'Risk Reduction' Is Critical by Dr. Thomas Cowan (12:52)

Response To Dr. Judy Mikovits With Dr. Thomas Cowan And Dr. Andrew Kaufman (47:16)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 18: Alison McDowell (59:19)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 17: David Aguado (57:21)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 16: Dolf Zantinge (51:01)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 15: Justin Frandson (50:28)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 14: Ross Barrable (57:59)

Conversations With Dr. Cowan And Friends Episode 13: Veda Austin (58:29)

This week on "Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends," I talk with Veda Austin, who has a special connection with water and has developed the technique for photographing the way that water forms shapes and patterns. It is not a stretch to say that Veda is at the forefront in making visual the seat of consciousness in living beings. Unlike what we have been told, DNA is not the foundation of our biology or our consciousness. The real seat is in the remarkable substance called water. Please, watch this amazing video and see for yourself the remarkable properties of water.

Veda Austin
The Secret Intelligence of Water
Science, Art & Consciousness

Plandemic With Dr. Judy Mikovits (Part 1) (25:52)

Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman On VX, Hydrogel, And Secret Government Programs (1:12:14)

Dr. Carrie Madej

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Mark John Robert David Elsis
by Mark R. Elsis

Articles And Other Creations
by Mark R. Elsis

Worldwide Excess Mortality Rate In 2020
Contrary to what most people believe because of the non-stop media brainwashing,
2020 had a proportionately normal year-over-year increase in the excess mortality rate.
by Mark R. Elsis

There Will Be 72,556 Extra Suicides This Year In The United States
by Mark R. Elsis

2 months ago