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Receiving Christmas with snowflakes and fairy tale characters

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In our productions we take care of everything, the direction, the costumes, the script, etc.
Our clients do not have to worry about anything
In this case: The menades

2 months, 1 week ago

event: Quasimodo's dream on stage, in this case the snowflakes

4 months, 1 week ago

Shockingly, this film detailing the Jewish domination of Broadway, was released by some of the biggest Jewish and Zionist ass-kissers in existence: the BBC. But even a broken clock is accurate twice a day.

On second thought, maybe it isn't surprising at all. Perhaps the Jews at the BBC feel zero shame whatsoever on the negative influence their people had on Broadway. Most likely, in their minds, they view their role in the Broadway musical scene, with all the filth and perversions that came with it, as positive and something to be celebrated.

And that's precisely what this film, directed by a man named Michael Kantor, is about. "Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy" documents the manifestation of the Jewish bio-spirit being projected on the Broadway stage. The result was not only a showbusiness scene of extreme nepotism (if you weren't a Jew or at least willing to suck Jewish cock, good fuckin' luck finding a career in Broadway), but one of–like pretty much anything these bastards sink their tentacles into–rampant filth and degeneracy, faggotry, and perpetual victimhood.

As we have grown to expect from their track record in the media and entertainment industry, the Broadway scene also became increasingly littered with anti-White, anti-Western meme-pathogens. Within only the first thirty seconds of this film, the viewer is already exposed to a brief excerpt from one Jewish musical meant to stir up anti-White hatred and resentment: "Life can be bright in America," they sing, "Life is alright in America, if you're all White in America". Every. Single. Time.

"Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy" is highly informative and comprehensive in it's hour and a half exploration of the massive role that Jewish immigrants played in transforming America's Broadway musical industry. The film features a number of Jewish guests who recount their experience in a scene that rapidly came to be overwhelmingly dominated by this highly ethnocentric tribe.

****Note: If you see a documentary film on my channel that you like and want to upload to a seperate channel or platform, feel free to do so. But please do so without stealing/ plagiarizing my original, written content I have included in the description****
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8 months, 3 weeks ago

In this documentary the open secret of Broadway is documented with pride, the massive influence of Jewish writers, producers, owners, directors, and actors throughout the history of the Broadway in making the most successful shows. Also, this documentary particularly concentrates on the long history of the Jewish progressive ideals seen through these shows, pushing for many new approaches to immigration, race relations, Jewish identity, nationalism, homosexuality, and bestiality. So many famous songs that you might hear so often. Who writes your stories? Who tells you what your values are?

1 year, 2 months ago