Royal Drill Trap
Enjoy and Tysm for Watching
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I understand why Oda loved this man because... me too, bro. Me too...
I'm so glad he's still alive. ouo;;

That is, he only passed out, Makoto almost got herself killed while Tachibana was recovering and possibly in a coma. Then he came out of it and destroyed the man who almost destroyed him because Tachibana is an absolute G.

Song: Wildcard by KSHMR (feat. Sidnie Tipton)
Footage: Yakuza 0

#Tachibana #GMA #yakuza0

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Die schweigende Mehrheit nimmt augenscheinlich alles hin.
Das war immer so, aber wie lange soll das so weitergehen?
Es wird nicht immer so weitergehen können und was dann?

Jeder muss seine Stimme erheben!
Es geschieht überall nur noch Unrecht!
Sprecht die Wahrheit und sagt es anderen weiter, jeder hat andere Möglichkeiten..

Schweigen ist keine Option und die Freiheit ist NICHT verhandelbar!

Viele Grüße,

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Nickelback - Silent Majority

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New version featuring new elements and enhanced expanded lyrics
"New World" words and music by Eric Hanson
Directed and Produced by Eric Hanson
©2022 Eric Hanson

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From the moment I heard this song, it was the closing song for DED...
Definitely worth a read if you ask me.

The Features - Whatever Gets You By by

Visual characters & aesthetics for my novel, Dead End Drive.
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Click: http://www.terrenceday.com "I Can't Tell You" by Terrence Day.

Filmed in upstate South Carolina (in Greenville, SC), this music video features downtown scenery, including places where Terrence has performed. This includes footage from Gather GVL, Roost, The Commons, Oak & Honey, Hoppin' and more. The music scene in Greenville is known throughout the country, and this music video gives a taste of the area.

The track "I Can't Tell You" features guitarist Desi Serna, bassist Jim Schwartzentruber, and drummer a "J.R.", with Terrance Day on vocals and acoustic guitar. Written by Terrance Day. Produced by Jim Schwartzentruber. Music video filmed by Terrance Day, Sarah Schemansky, and edited and produced by Raquel 98.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/qpsk0lKqvQg

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Just a brief music video I put together; footage of me playing Pokemon Sword, along with an original song I created.

#Pokemon #PokemonSwordShield #MusicVideo

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My Facebook Name: Charlie Christian
One of my first Editing I Did
I'm A Muscle Car Lover.
Mustang The Most.
Original Track: Syml Remixed by
The Midnight
I saw the Midnight Live In Paradiso Amsterdam 2019, Same Year I Edited This One
Movie: John Wick

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Trapezium Trap Journey
Enjoy and Tysm for Watching
#Music #Musicvideo #Trapezium #Trap #Beats #Beatmaker #Rolandzenbeats #CanadianAngel #TwisterAngel #Twisterproductions #Musicforlife #Followingmydreams #Musicmom #Dj #Rolandzenbeats #Zenbeats #Sounds #Wondershare #Filmora #Musicmom #MusicForFreedom

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Song used: War by Poets Of The Fall.

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The Bitter Truth Album
Evanescence - The Game is Over
Full of Esoteric Occult Symbolism

1 month, 3 weeks ago

2nd Self Titled Album
Released after Scott Weiland's Death
More Butterfly Symbolism

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Lady Gaga's X, Butterfly, Nephilim Giants
Nodens Seal ( & Jupiter/Chesed ) God of the Abyss
Copy-Cat Mask Madness, Trumpet, Magenta/Purple
Windows Logo CircleX M.O.T.B. Helicopter,
RainBow Promise & Veil Dropping, Chrome, Bubbles
Checker-Board Floor

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The Blood Sacrifice that kicked Off
The PlanDemic (Jan 26th & Genesis (1:26)
M.O.T.B. - DNA Alteration of the Image
of God, Meg Myers Running Up That Hill
"DEATH" = 213

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Deltron 3030 - Virus

1 month, 3 weeks ago

"Unforgettable Venice", performed by beautiful and very popular Canadian singer, Mira Solovianenko.

Composed & arranged by Fishel Pustilnik, a very well-known Composer/Publisher.

Lyrics by Irene Dav.

Vocal Recording and Mastering: Dima Graziani.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/Bjp2QjjOH7c

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This film could have been so much more regarding the life of what it means to be a leader of a nation in the modern world and the good, the bad, the right and wrong that come with it including the biases. Whether it be the West or the East etc we all have our conflicts and issues and most importantly we are all human who all laugh, cry and hurt inside. It is a shame Seth Rogan and James Franco decided to end this film the way they did.

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White Gospel for the Sunday
Video by Timmy Hoes
Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gij18cxX3sY

View on Odysee: https://bit.ly/3rtp0Ti
MP3: https://t.me/WhiteUnite/1947
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New music video by Kurt Dog featuring Sticky Fingaz from the legendary hip hop group ONYX, this banger depicts the choices we face coming from poverty stricken environments. Short film style music video shot by Drew Shot ya produced by Looda Beats.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/P7_gN4nOb0Q

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