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El Gato al Agua, the Spanish national political and current affairs talk show hosted by José Javier Esparza, has given space in its program to the biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna to comment on the official interim report of the analysis of the first vaccination vial obtained. According to Delgado, La Quinta Columna has obtained a dozen more from different laboratories and will continue to analyze them together with the University of Almeria without rest.

Throughout the program it has blown everyone's mind that between 98% and 99% of the content of the vaccination vials corresponds to graphene oxide. As they have been saying, this is not a vaccine but a dose of pure graphene oxide into the vein.

Orwell City has summarized, transcribed, translated, edited and subtitled the video in English for its readers.

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This is the first time technology with Intelligence agencies, Governments, Military, Companies, Organisations, Media, Churches, Religion are standing as ONE against creation with Corona virus hoax named COVID-19 to change Human DNA with Gene Code Injection to destroy humanity violating Law of creation and laws of creation at 3rd dimension. - view: mRNA Technology Brings the World with It to the Final Judgement like Sodom and Gomorrah at https://tinyurl.com/dcku5bfn and on the https://harold-holt.net website.

and Remember, all gave word to be on Earth at this point of time knowing you cannot violate creation, and all knowing you’re all here for the final judgement where every law of your human suit and every law of your spark and every law of design laws aspect will be judged for its thought/intent/action against creation and to Law the ultimate authority of creation. (it should be understood laws are a living thing and, this includes laws of technology, computers and mRNA technology.)

I don’t care what you believe or think of me as my ct-scan shows I have the world accountable for alien technology in me and on this planet and my https://harold-holt.net website states: Technology and the world violated Law of my 1970 Invoking after I as a Navy Diver withdrew from the game after clandestine act under age and why they will be accountable for their alien technology and for violating my 1970 Invoking and accountable for violating the God’s Doc (I refer to as authority of signed law) that I have that’s signed and can never be undone and people like Mr Robert David Steele, all of Intelligence Agencies, Governments and technology that violated the God’s Document, their defiance will not go unchecked even the alien computer knows this is a Fact.

I must add, they are forced to do reports on me that’s why I’m not interested in the numbers of hits on this platform because I know they’re interfered with as my website receives 130,000 to 160,000 hits every month and the internal link for the video of killer vaccine receives over 10% of the monthly hits and the links on the site pointing to these platforms are lucky if it has 20 hits per month, which proves my statements a fact showing the interference to the facts I try to expose that creation is being violated.

Because of my https://www.harold-holt.net/ evidence.

I send my videos with my emails to embassies around the world because they all have intelligence officers in their staff and I know they have to pass up the chain, and they know themselves, no one can do anything on this planet unless it's approved - they all know I have what all refer to as The God's Document that's signed and can never be undone and they violate the god's document and humanity's consent and freewill with their agenda for alien plan of New World Order and change human DNA on Earth. COVID-19 does not exist https://tinyurl.com/ykdvrwae - Deception is not True Consent https://tinyurl.com/t4r2wr57 -  the world's Deception violating Law of creation -  Game Over with No Reset -

Everyone should question the thought/intent/action of those seeking payment for the truth they put out.

http://www.verite-covid19.fr for English and French documents and videos.

Deception is Not True Consent https://www.brighteon.com/channels/shazzaandbro

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Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs Parasites Morgellons Worm-Like Micelles For Drug D

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The Nasal Swab is shoved to the back of your nasal cavity where the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER is .. this is a thin membrane that protects the brain. We have found that on the swabs themselves there are nano particulates known as smart dust and Thera-grippers. These Thera-grippers attach themselves to the nasal tissue and can release drugs or pathogens. Developed by Michael Bloomberg's John Hopkins University.

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This footage was caught by chance a year or so ago on a CCTV system.This all ties in with the Smart grid and 5G, mapping and surveillance of people AND the NANO SKY structures they have deployed... They can make nano lenses in the sky using the chemtrail nano particulates.. foglets utility fog.... Direct energy at areas which have been also coated with the nano we get sprayed with... This also ties in with the neuro brain science no doubt... And those waking up to the possibilities of mind control have all this to take in....

Aplanetruth: DO NOT Get Tested ~ Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine! PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE!https://lbry.tv/@SixthSense-Truth-Search-Labs:0/important-video-from-apt4:0

Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons | CGSR Seminarhttps://lbry.tv/@SixthSense-Truth-Search-Labs:0/Brain-Science-from-Bench-to-Battlefield_-The-Realities-%E2%80%93-and-Risks-%E2%80%93-of-Neuroweapons---CGSR-Seminar:4

Connection between spraying our skies with heavy metals - NANO PARTICULATES, chemtrails, and 5G technology

⁣MARK ANTHONY STEELE: Trying trolling this one - Easy for people to see through trolls and their cont


FOGLETS: ⁣https://foglets.com/
UTILITY FOG: ⁣https://humanparagon.com/utility-fog/
NANO TECHNOLOGY: ⁣https://humanparagon.com/nanotechnology/
DANGERS OF NANO BOTS: ⁣https://humanparagon.com/dangers-of-nanobots/
⁣Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination



Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery


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MIRROR SOURCE: In this video I have re-assembled the video and added the IMPORTANT inclusion of NANO! (very important piece of the jigsaw!)
FalconsCAFE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/falconscafe/

Quote: "Here you have it folks. The connection between spraying our skies with heavy metals, as part of the global geoengineering programme, and 5G technology. This is a mass surveillance system. They can track and trace anyone anywhere which this technology. Additionally, it’s equipped with beam-forming technology which allows it to basically lock on to targets and direct a focused beam of electromagnetic waves to that target. —— Check out the documentary “5G Apocalypse - The Extinction Event” 🎥 on YouTube. It is a MUST WATCH. #5g #technology #emf #frequency #emfprotection #wifi #radiation #chemtrails #geoengineering #weathermodification #nikolatesla #fuckthesystem #fuckthegovernment #sheeple #mindcontrol #surveillance #conspiracytheory #conspiracy #nwo #agenda21 #illuminati #freethinker #freethinkers #truthseeker #truthseekers #truth #thematrix #smartcity"

5G apocalypse - The extinction event https://www.bitchute.com/video/FFmbAKRkhHNY/

What is 'raining' in clear weather in 14F, -10C, Trondheim Sør-Trøndelag Norway, 2 5 2019, Enhanced + https://bit.ly/2BuP32X
5G, smart meter, LED, DEW, EMP, EMF military technology, UN strong city network, Mark Anthony Steele + https://is.gd/nqM4LF

Gangstalker wars: Security industry specialist tells all, social engineering program details exposed https://is.gd/nZDJIZ

US Federal Law Enforcement, harassment, asset seizure, human trafficking, organ harvesting, vaccines + https://is.gd/XVhSIx

Fitzwilliam inbred military cult, Troy river, tent city, 18 Brickyard Troy depot, school, witch hood + https://is.gd/bAxgHq

Octogon, the empire of darkness + https://is.gd/em8WPL
The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest - The True History of Chemo & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly http://tinyurl.com/zk4xuoj & Website https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/

Body Organs Of Over 18,000 Syrian Children Sold in Six Years https://www.abeldanger.org/body-organs-of-over-18000-syrian-children-sold-in-six-years/
Abel Danger: Website http://abeldanger.org & http://abeldanger.blogspot.com

Livestream https://livestream.com/accounts/1990801

Twitter https://twitter.com/Telford_Russian

Youtube https://bit.ly/2CdCJW1

BitChute https://is.gd/XAYKKf

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