Copied from https://youtu.be/Hwm0rHSE4mE

One more from her. Evidently I like her material and find it valuable. I recommend her channel for those interested.

I know in my own case I had a hard time accepting the reality my own family would have malignant intentions against me. It just didn't make any sense to me. This of course explained why my years living there were so chaotic and traumatic. It was on purpose by a nature that was deliberately using me as fuel. Extremely bizarre, the kind of life form you'd not think should exist, yet it does. This is the kind I think about when I say They Live.

She says it is hard to wrap your mind around someone having harm as their end goal, and I'd add particularly if you think you share a close bond with them, and have only the best intentions for them.

She mentions cognitive dissonance. I mean just imagine a child trying to comprehend something like this involving their own family. Of course the child is the perfect target.

It's really fascinating because the type we are talking about feels no loyalty and bond to their own biological offspring except as something which can be confused and exploited to provide emotional fuel.

As I say, very bizarre.

She talks about the need for a proper map of reality.

I admit I had a map of reality that was very inaccurate that was very largely a projection of my own unique nature, and my sense of idealism of how things and people ought to be.

And thinking if I would treat people well and mean well for them, then I should expect the same in return because surely they are much like me on the inside?

Wrong. The "They Live" type wants chaos and dysfunction, and thrives on being evil and destructive. Truth appeals to me, and lies and deceit appeal to them. Loyalty appeals to me, and betrayal appeals to them. Love and compassion appeal to me, and sadism and domination appeal to them. Freedom appeals to me, control appeals to them. Peace appeals to me, war and noise appeal to them. While I'm creative and imaginative, and just want to be, they act and they mirror. They live very differently.

She says you don't want them defining concepts for you. You don't want them defining what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, and you don't want them putting black and white thinking in your head.

"The idea to be a good person is to believe everyone is innately good - it's not reality."

I admit I was always trying to see the best in everyone. I thought deep down everyone basically is constructive and well meaning, so I expected to be able to help problematic people and get through to them, and get them to see I wasn't against them, and therefore there was no need to war against me.

To be clear, the type I'm talking about here is not just a normal person who is neither good nor bad. It's something very unique that, as I say, I wouldn't expect to exist.

This type seems to need to feed on the emotions of those like me who have rich souls and good constitutions. The feeding is something I still haven't gotten a properly in depth explanation about.

One girl told me that if not for her means she expected to be thrown into the river by those at the party. She had a much wiser nature than me about people realities, and she said that her mother told her this: "If someone mistreats you, walk away and never consider it a loss."

2 days, 12 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/O9FO2KT9t3g

Another useful upload. So much strangeness in the world makes sense when you appreciate how prevalent are malignant, destructive people. They don't wear horns and they don't advertise what they are. They are covert actors.

2 days, 12 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/S8W6_Qqhs20

A continuation on the previous two.

Naturally these types are anti-Christian and want Christians crucified.

2 days, 13 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/M7CagUAPcXM

This video is a bit more detailed than the last one.

"I don't care what people say, they are very different, and wired very differently. They live for supply that they get in strange ways."

I do recommend this video. At 8 minutes it says useful and worthwhile things.

Some comments:

"My narc ex husband used to argue with me all night and would not stop until he made me cry then he would stop and fall soundly asleep within seconds. And I would sit there in bed sobbing while he was snoring away!!!"

"Now I understand why the narc began to sing or whistle when I wept ! It felt terrible :("

"Whenever I got angry, his eyes would light up. After one argument I caught him smiling behind me!"

"Exactly. He refused to comfort me. He would heighten whatever he was doing that was making me cry. So sick."

This video also relates back to what I conveyed before that a demonic creature would get high just from the torment of a child. They wouldn't need adrenochrome for that.

See what she says about getting angry. Anyone with experience with these creatures knows not to get angry with them because that gives them exactly what they want.

Yet you have so many tough people in these truth communities getting all hot and bothered and angry, not knowing they are falling right into the trap.

The shot callers of this matrix purposely do things to provoke you.

In this context, "loving your enemies" is wise and sensible.

The key is knowing that they are your enemies. If you know what they are, then it's not the statement critics of it like to make it out to be.

You figure out who your enemies are through knowledge and spiritual discernment.

2 days, 13 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/H4yYTeqMba8

I'm just a couple of minutes in, and surely even a general audience can understand from what she's saying that this is like a different species? Later on she says, "It's just really weird how these narcissists operate."

Again, I think the material is relevant at a big picture level as well. A lot more will come together once we appreciate that "a different species" in effect is calling the shots in this world.

I found this video because I've been curious to learn more about what exactly is happening and how these types are feeding off the energy and emotions of others. I still haven't found a proper explanation, just a lot of people saying what I've already come to understand.

People in general behaving "narcissistically" doesn't interest me, it's the "inter-species" predator/parasite type that does.

I used to expect people in general to have, at bottom, a good Christian constitution, and now I consider it exceptional rather than the rule.

Her conclusion in this is that being strong, confident, and happy in public is a good first layer of armor.

"These narcissists are on the prowl, always scanning their environment, searching for new supply, new victims, new targets."

It's also worthwhile to note that this type will relish the matrix environment, and will have no interest in truth. If there is a lot of them, and I think there are, then you'll never get through to them with what the truthers are putting out because they're not interested in truth. It makes sense then that the establishment would want to nurture this type because they are natural allies in a deception dystopia.

2 days, 14 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/yeyR_62KGAQ

At the source: "Narcissistic Mothers Are Spiritually Possessed"

"The people who were doing things in the dark in the past, they kept the information to themselves. They manipulated, twisted events, changed people's directions, blocked their righteous paths."

He says they were given a test: "What would they do with the power in their hands?"

"They say one thing and act and feel a whole different way behind their mask."

"These people are wearing a mask."

"We will probably never get a full grasp of the lives and motives they live." (paraphrased)

"I couldn't believe she had done these things with a straight face." (his own mother)

"To find out my own caregiver was actually the one person who wished me the most harm."

"I was sold out by my own mother."

"I am thankful even to speak about this. It is a victory, a small victory perhaps, but an ongoing journey."

"They live in another world."

"Held down by so-called loved ones."

"Let go of the past because it is too heavy to carry where we are going."

5 days, 7 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/mZvRjVDe4Ks

I listened to this, and some of her understanding is impressive. An army of people obsessively trying to bring down one person. I really couldn't understand it at all in any of the cases I experienced it in because one just doesn't expect to have good, kind intentions rewarded with evil betrayal.

6 days, 7 hours ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/hQvSD9-DZPc

Regarding "why don't you just leave" the same question can be asked of each of you. Why don't you just leave the toxic, dysfunctional matrix? The malignant controllers have made that quite difficult, haven't they. They need the whole world so you have no choice but to be controlled by them.

Which percentage of those watching this were injected with dozens of toxic vaccines before they left the hospital? Which percentage were strapped down and sexually mutilated? The violations and the abuse begin immediately.

Oh I know it's perfectly normal and not a big deal, just like everything else.

One of the few sources of MSM I'm exposed to is the radio I use as an alarm. This morning I heard lots of chaos about a crashing economy and the global pandemic. It's all so obvious the matrix is controlled at the highest levels by the type of spirit Kim Wilson and others discuss.

Another point is that the children of the devil in this system - called narcissists in these videos - aren't going to care about truth and morals, they simply want to be more privileged than their neighbors, and there is A LOT of that nature in this world. Those types always will cozy up to those with power and money, and will gladly every time take the side of the controllers against those opposing those controllers.

They like to mock truthers as basement dwellers because they recognize it's not a financially prudent decision to turn against the network with the world's money and power.

You say you have truth and a moral high ground? Again, they couldn't care less. They put their trust in the power and might of the prevailing system.

It's actually "a global cult" as Icke likes to say, but the thing is we're all inducted into it. The common narc slash devil child isn't going to be very severe, but they're still on the same spectrum of operation as the pure evil ones, and when I use the term pure evil it's not some kind of emotionally laden exaggeration.

Those that are pure evil intentionally support lies against truth, knowing full well what they are doing. The book "People of the Lie" is about them. They enjoy lying, and they enjoy being evil.

Regarding the Jekyll and Hyde nature of an evil person, the Doctor Jekyll front is used to con and confuse the target. If they succeed in gaining sufficient power and control, they can drop the front entirely, and unleash the demons.

This world reality is a fascinating experiment on many levels. Unfortunately it causes lots and lots of pain and misery for countless good people. This pain and misery I say is unfortunate actually is great energetic fuel for many others. They positively relish the suffering of others, and do all they can to facilitate it.

On listening to the beginning of this about "fixing all the shit" that was wrong in her relationship, it was of course being intentionally caused by her partner. That's how matrix reality works as well where you have the shit causers in the shadows intentionally orchestrating chaos and dysfunction.

Another point is that in a German doctors gathering exposing the plandemic/scamdemic, one of the doctors mentioned believing in Christ. You don't have to say that to be lumped in the same category as caring about the truth. If you care about truth more than your career, the narc network in this system quickly figures out you are not one of them. Although they may not explicitly say it, they consider you an enemy deserving destruction.

I call it a Deception Matrix.

Those noticing and commenting on those deceptions obviously aren't in on the agenda, or even worse are opposed to it. The narc network wants to make life miserable for them, and this network is supported by the ruling power structure.

1 week, 2 days ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/Q1Mm8yW0H00

What we recognize as the pandemic hoax links to this material because the deceivers get some kind of energetic high from duping the public and getting away with it, particularly when they bask in the destructive consequences of their deceit and betrayal. It also gives them permission to become increasingly controlling and abusive. After all, the public keeps putting up with them and their antics.

1 week, 3 days ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/8GRoYAIVVsg

This is a short upload with some useful observations. There is something uncanny and consistent about how these creatures operate. However, I don't believe in changing these demonic creatures. It's not our responsibility, and we best work on ourselves and those who mean well for us. I know as a child I tried so endlessly using all my innocence, goodness, energy, in great abundance, to try in every way I could to help my abuser. Nothing ever worked. I'm also very dubious they are made from traumatic childhoods. We've got to stop sympathizing with evil in this world. A great trick of the devil is getting you to pity him.

2 weeks, 5 days ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/eCn46NRg7_A

She says they have no connection to God and are not spiritual. However, they can be spiritual but with ideas and beliefs totally contrary to those normally considered spiritual. They can exalt evil, chaos, dysfunction, betrayal, and destruction.

She says the narc's job besides other things is to destroy your faith and relationship with God.

"The devil will send the narcissist on assignment to seek and destroy, control, use, manipulate, and destroy the faith you have in God. That is the assignment Satan gives to the narcissist." She says this is how Satan gets to you to intercept your relationship with the Almighty. They are trying to bring you down to their level of reality. They really hate God's people, and they can and will use every dirty means possible to degrade and triumph over His people.

She uses the metaphor of a snake, which has been most accurate in my experiences as well, and which is Biblical too, and which is depicted in The Jungle Book as the creature trying to hypnotize and devour the boy.

"He slithers in like a snake, wins you over, and then beats you in the head."

"It is truly a demonic spirit."

"They are Satan's minions. Anyone who has survived and overcome narcissistic abuse is a warrior."

Almost certainly the word narcissist is overused. In fact, I've had strangers refer to me as such just based on how I was living, which was my way at the time of adapting to life as I knew it. Narcissist in these videos, however, refers to true evil with deliberately evil intentions.

Regarding my reference of adapting to life as I knew it, I'm convinced the matrix paradigm conditions us to provide camouflage for these evil entities. What we consider reality largely is based on the conditioning all around us. As well, people tend to perceive others as they themselves are, which is something these evil abusers know very well and use to their full advantage. They look for targets who give them the benefit of the doubt.

The target will have a totally contrary nature incapable of making sense of the perpetrator, who tries to camouflage themselves as though they are like the target while internally their wiring and intentions are completely opposite. Covert enemies can be very effective depending on the target. Imagine a primary parent being a covert enemy where the child is born into the dynamic with a high degree of trauma bonding, and it can be very overwhelming and difficult. Meanwhile the perpetrator is perpetually feeding somehow on the pain and confusion of the target.

"Satan sends them to finish you off." I have to admit when I was very young, in my earliest memories, I observed in my parent a demonic level of rage totally incomprehensible to me, but when I saw that, with white foam bubbling out of the raging mouth while cursing God, I knew I was in trouble because of how young I was and having no place else to go.

"The goal is to kill you and destroy you. They want you dead."

This is what I experienced as well, and yet it took me a long time to properly figure out an accurate idea of what I was dealing with. Once again, what doesn't seem to make any sense can be most confusing, and this is leveraged by the Satanic abuser using a full suite of powerful psychological techniques. A loving child will be the best target particularly if the abuser is a parent, but there are countless videos and stories of relationship partners citing similar experiences. The key is that the abuser wants to exploit human bonding to best deliver their Satanic evil.

From what I can tell, they are cut off from God, and their mission is to steal souls for Satan, but just inflicting abuses and damaging lives is greatly satisfying for them.

"If you keep letting the narc come back, the narc will beat you down to nothing."

In my opinion, the truly evil ones may be uncommon, but what is common are the conscienceless minions who cover for them.

True people of God are rare. We are taught we are all children of God, and this is patently false. Too many repeat things without questioning. Because they hear it and it sounds fine, they add it to their knowledge base and assume it's correct.

"When the victim has had enough of the abuser, victims a lot of times will snap and murder the abuser."

I have to admit I felt that way as a child, that if I could have gotten away with it then I would have done that because the evil was so overwhelming and ruthless. This goes back to another recent upload:

"Narcissists That Can Push You Into Being Seriously Abusive" https://www.bitchute.com/video/dkoOe6pfUHfY/

The abuser in my case definitely was trying to get me to adopt their hateful and horrific nature. You ought to be careful you are not merely reacting to the evil perpetrated against you.

She says the narc and Satan have a pact, and if the narc fails, Satan will be furious with the narc.

"The body is a shell. This is a demonic spirit."

2 weeks, 6 days ago

Copied from https://www.bitchute.com/channel/elevatetogrow/

Notice how she says the abusive cluster B personality types are everywhere. This is very different from what the establishment tells us of them being just a tiny percentage of the population.

Here is the video she links: "Why Abuse Victims Binge Watch Narcissism Youtube Videos -10 Reasons." https://youtu.be/QRrqLsA-C2Q

From Narc Survivor:

"They are calculative sadistic emotional predators. They want to eliminate your intuition and your identity. They are full of hate, anger and envy. They are extremely insecure, have an inferiority complex and a reptilian brain. This all fuels them to abuse and manipulate you. You have all these great qualities which you have and they do not. Every time you are around them it is a reminder. You have empathy, consideration. You can feel genuine happiness, love and an emotional connection. You have self-esteem, self-value, self-respect and you are self-assured. The narcissist just pretends to have these qualities, but deep down they hate themselves. Your presence reminds them of this and triggers them to hate and envy you. No secure, emotionally healthy person would ever abuse or manipulate you. Human psychology proves it so remember that."

Here's a valuable comment in return:

"Narc Survivor I don’t agree, they LOVE themselves. And Nobody Else."

Here's another comment on the video she links:

"I got all the lies, emotional games, and also got a dislocated jaw in return for my love. Let me tell you, some physical injuries don't just heal or fade-I've got a steady ache in my jaw and pain at night and it's not going away!! It's a very physical reminder of why I left. After he dislocated my jaw, he mocked me in public and then said I was "making it..."

This is an important one because to outsiders the abuse doesn't seem to make any sense, as it neither makes sense to the target. The abuser will gaslight outsiders as they gaslight the target. This is a very evil condition. When she says, "In return for my love," believe it. These evil abusers reward love, kindness, and innocence with lies, betrayal, gaslight, and all kinds of abuse. They mean to ruin lives and they enjoy causing lasting damages. Therefore it's not just some kind of personality quirk, it's some kind of deep and dark evil. This is why Wakeman and others have said they needed Jesus to heal. Recall, Jesus - the lamb of God - was humiliated, mocked, tortured, and crucified.

To this day, Satanists consider Christianity a religion about the triumph of their unpunished evil. They believe they can make this world a heaven for themselves and a hell for the righteous.

3 weeks, 2 days ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/lK1wx1oalTE

"We are two completely different species," she says.

It's particularly perverse when this type of person targets their own child, and this phenomenon is happening at the matrix level.

3 weeks, 2 days ago

Copied from https://www.bitchute.com/channel/narcissisticstories/

"To understand the world is to understand the narcissism. To understand the narcissism is to understand the workings of energy parasitic force. In this video, I present a negative energy transformation process that is key to narcissism."

David Icke talks about this in his most recent material.

The lasts narcissists I dumped were trying to elicit anger from me once they knew I was onto them. I said I wasn't interested, and my total disinterest as well as my lack of reactivity kept them away for good.

There is much in this topic that is applicable for understanding this reality at large and for how to navigate it at the world level.

Here's a highly rated comment at Renegade posted by Stevie:

"Sometimes I wonder if the jews at the top of the pyramid even realise the extent of our rage they’ve caused."

Stevie, maybe those "jews" as you call them want to fill you with the most blinding rage, and you're reacting as intended.

Now we appreciate the sublime wisdom of loving your enemies.

3 weeks, 4 days ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/YrpLPbfuCGw

"Wow, great analogy! And the hyenas even have that narcissistic laughter."

"I have seen slaves upon horses, and princes walking as slaves upon the earth." Ecclesiastes 10:7.

3 weeks, 6 days ago

Copied from https://www.bitchute.com/channel/magbittertruth/

Regarding Observer7's comment, I have experienced "people" who very effectively deny realities so well that, somehow, their reality denial and gaslight has been effective on me. I think this could be because I just couldn't fathom they had such evil intentions against me, but also their tactics and techniques for dealing with confrontation were diabolically advanced.

Consider that those who would say and do the most evil in the first place have a very different nature that is very challenging for the target to understand. In my case it was extremely difficult coming to terms with the level of deliberate and orchestrated evil, never changing only becoming more advanced and more covert, perpetrated against me by a family I cared about and loved and meant only the best for.

Therefore, the biological bond was exploited as was my inability to understand why I was so maliciously targeted, why there was no conscience, why there was no heart, why they were so hellbent on conspiring against me as the opposite of what I was taught to expect from family ties with whom I wanted to be on good and loving terms.

Once again, my nature is totally contrary from the nature of the biological bonds that targeted me. There is an enormous difference even though our biology obviously is similar. I was targeted like prey and I couldn't figure out why and what was going on. Nothing I ever tried to help made any difference, and that makes sense because it was all deliberate, and my attempts to help were further fueling the evil.

My point is that those with good, upright, constructive, loving natures may have a blind spot to evil people and how they operate. For whatever reason, their tactics are extremely effective. It's just so incomprehensible why they would want to be evil against an innocent target that just wants to thrive and get along.

The last upload "Lying Machine" is one I like because that's how they are, like a lying machine that lies constantly, and as soon as you engage reality with them, you become hypnotized somehow by their reality denial and delusions. It really must be spiritual at a deep level.

Again, similar biology but totally different inside, like a demonic robot camouflaged as a human with a bond with you who is programmed to undermine, sabotage, and destroy you. Joy not through construction, loyalty, love, creativity, the beauty of natural life, but instead through lies, deception, sadism, power, control, destruction, and evil.

Very covert, sneaky, hypnotic. Children of these families will never figure it out. They can't possibly understand the abuse all is deliberate evil because the abusers are all in, meaning they devote tremendous time and energy into camouflaging the deliberate evil of their craft against the target whose nature is completely different, and can't make sense of what is going on and why. They don't have an interest in life, they have an obsessive interest in preying on the target, and it's very confusing because the target just wants to get along and thrive.

To emphasize, you have to judge them on actions, never their words. Their words exist to confuse the target about their actions. The other point is that EVIL spirits in this realm are as real as GOOD spirits, and they are in the same human bodies. Because they know they really are pure evil, they know the importance of being COVERT and utilizing advanced tactics that work well against GOOD people with good intentions.

A final point is that they get fuel or supply out of anything you do to engage their reality because they know what they are doing and they know nothing you do is going to change them. The only thing you really can do is get away and come to full acceptance of such deliberate evil.

At the matrix level, they try to make it impossible to get away, and it's also structured in such a way that the vast majority don't know what is going on. The same tactics are used, but at a bigger scale. These evil entities in human bodies readily know each other and conspire. It's so absurd I wouldn't expect people to believe me. It's hard to believe how deep and how evil are these realities.

Once again, they will very readily deny reality and gaslight, and if you aren't prepared for how effective they are in those tactics and others, they will be effective in keeping you from reality.

In the matrix you are further compromised by having spent so much of your life training for their system and being dependent on their money. You have a bond with them where you feel life is good when you do as you are told. They can reward you financially and ensure others think highly of you by being complicit in their agenda. It doesn't seem so bad.

If you get out of line they will ruin your life without conscience and without remorse, so most aren't interested in truth because it's irrelevant and detrimental to the reality they're required to accept.

2 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/cMf13y49odc

Pay attention to this video because this content is not typical for Bitchute, yet is critical for truth communities.

"Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." Ephesians 6:16.

A point from me personally is that talking to a "narcissist" as they are called is completely pointless. They are in a delusional reality perceiving everything in ways not worth trying to understand. You may as well talk to a robot programmed by Satan.

The important point is being able to quickly recognize these things without having They Live sunglasses available as well as being strong and sure in yourself as a son or daughter of the Most High. When they tend to be effective it's because the target is fooled by the human exterior and/or has some kind of bond with them where it's incomprehensible they would have evil intentions.

This material is important for truthers to remain anchored to God and to avoid falling into the many traps laid by Satan, which are meant to eat up your life and compromise your holy soul.

Satan works through people in human bodies just like yours. Your churches may not tell you this. They may try to tell you we are all children of God and that is your duty to help save the souls of everyone around you. False!

These entities know all the ways possible to ensnare badly educated Christians.

Comments welcome.

2 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/KWdFMzeGl80

I found this video valuable at parts, and if you listen to it I'd like you to think about how it applies to the world stage. Again, she vilifies the Nazis in another of her videos, and does so with such conviction, but actually the "Nazi Germans" were breaking free from the international control grid, and this was terrifying to those who won the war and remain in control to this day. It's not by chance they try to impose mandatory injections of poisons before our babies leave their hospitals. Jeanice Barcelo covers the ultrasound angle as a weapon against fetal development, and we can go on and on about what has been and is being done to thwart the potential of wholesome humanity.

At the personal level, here's a powerful comment:

"This is revelatory for me. I’ve never encountered anything that describes my life as the son of such a monster than this. Thank you. I’m in a place in which I must overcome the damage done to survive."

I recommend the comments section and I recommend the Bible.

Lorraine Day's perspective is that this reality is a war between Satan and Christ.

Share any thoughts and insights. Everyone has their own unique journey and I expect different perspectives from different people.

Another thought to mention is that there is a Satanic spiritual root that is camouflaged by the world we are conditioned to conform to. At its core this is a spiritual topic far deeper than biological realities.

Most of us don't even know where to begin when coming to terms with how thoroughly we've been conditioned by our controllers about how to think about this reality.

2 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/IlXDiLqrTwM

There is something very different about so many in this world that in my naivete and innocence I had no ability to comprehend. In this clip, it's more careful acting that may be effective on many people not knowing any better. We tend not to expect this kind of calculated betrayal. The Christian framework when not diluted does warn disciples about the wicked serpents of this world, and how to navigate. When diluted and when subverted, Christianity is worse than useless.

From a top comment on another Melinda Gates video:

"This is a huge advancement in science. This must be the closest a robot has ever been to show real human emotion."

At least on YT, all the comments tend to be from those with a decent level of discernment and awareness.

They are doing everything possible to force us to accept their injections.

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/5UYU4Slh34I

Here's a link with comments still enabled https://youtu.be/SoQQMfURcKs

I wanted to upload this because many seem to think these people are oblivious. Far more likely is they are deriving duping delight from living out their narc fantasies. The dancing/laughing nurses seems like the same thing.

This was published by The Telegraph out of the UK, and I used the title they themselves used. The Daily Mail also out of the UK is infamous for rubbing in the faces of the working stiffs the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

My channel has lots of narc matrix content I don't expect most to appreciate at a deep level, but I think understanding that material on some level is vital for properly making sense of the matrix at large.

This video though heavily down-voted with comments disabled has been left up because it serves its purpose of humiliating the people enslaved by this cult.

Another point I thought about today while looking over the credentials of highly paid executives is that the system is designed to suck the time and energies of those wanting to do well in it so that they haven't the time and interest to understand what really is going on. We're all focusing on ourselves and our needs while participating in the only system available to us. Rare are people like David Icke spending 30 years researching the world at a high level. You can't do that while living out demanding careers.

5 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/l0CZNNCrQN0

"Damage Narcissists Cause Part 2" at the source.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/S8sqBlznoJg

"As HORRIFIC as all of this has been to all of us.... I am grateful in a way because I now know how truly strong I am. I really think that this whole NARC THING.... Is God showing us WE ARE DIFFERENT, WE ARE OF GOD. The end is coming and HE is preparing us and separating us from these demons and HE is guiding our paths away from the evil and to HIM."

"They come to steal, kill, and destroy! Roaming about, seeking whom they may devour. You are so right."

"My “mom” killed my beautiful aunt because she’s beautiful,
Kind and comes from a generous family. She admits it too.
Now that she’s dead my aunt’s 2 children call HER “mama”"

"There are many terms that describe these devils: BIBLE called them 'brood of vipers', 'wolves', 'sons of belial', 'children of the devil', 'scorner'. others: soul vampire, psychic vampire, jezebel spirit, people of the lie, character disordered, toxic, narcissists, sociopaths ... all the same . Their tactics are shockingly identical across cultures and generations. They twist and subvert truth, constantly invade boundaries, project, lie, gaslight, blame the victim, smear, ruin your birthday and ever other day, cause endless chaos and drama, all while professing eternal love and loyalty. It's scary. It's EVIL. It's those closest to you, your spouse, kids, boss, parent, sibling, neighbor. And they disarm you with their warm, friendly, caring demeanor, until they have you cornered. Guard yourself. Keep your own counsel, protect your assets."

"Its slow sadistic murder by torture. I can think of no physical pain that even comes close to measuing that we feel emotionally at times. Especially when someone is deliberatly cruel. But they are NEVER held accountable. In fact, here in california the law protects my cruel deliberate murderer. Shes my mother so i guess the law views me as her property rather then an adult. She could press charges on me for the same behavior, but i cannot even file a complaint because of her relational rank. Im sorry, but how is this behavior any less or not damaging at all when coming from your mother? As far as evrything psycology knows parents, especially mothers, are by far the most damaging and insidious abusers. Yet the law, in an insainly complicated way clearly states, that I have less rights and protection then someones neglected pet. In fact, animal abuse is a felony. How is that, all on its own abuse all in itself? The law descriminates against protecting me in the same situation it protects evryone else, because its my mother. As if life hasnt been hard enough with a mom i needed any protection from in the first place. And now ive been classified, regarded, and given less concideration then and treated with less social worth and respect then a dog."

"One of my narcs (parent) waited ages to call the ambulance when I tried to die by taking 50 sleeping pills. I changed my mind and wanted her to help. She smirked and wouldn't call for some reason. My brain felt like fireworks going off. Another narc said her life goal was for me to kill myself. She said I should've got it right the first time I tried too. This is really what goes on in their minds. Pure evil. I didn't want to hurt anyone - just wanted to get away from the deep pain. Then God came in to my life ..."

"My narcissistic mother killed my father for insurance money but caused my sister to commit suicide- you are so right James !! Help is all!!"

"Mine did try to kill me, but God had other plans. I escaped, and despite all his plotting and kiniving, I'm living on, praise God! Several months after the attack, he died of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose. He drank his own psychic poison. It may be wrong to speak ill of the dead, but I must say, it couldn't have happened by a nicer guy. No stalking, no constantly looking over my shoulder and living in fear. His untimely end was my new beginning."

7 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/iMBV_rXKXvM

The lying and gaslight they do can be so relentless. They put so much work into destroying the life of the target who can't understand what is going on. The target cares about and loves the perpetrator and assumes they care about them as well. The perpetrator disguises the rage and hatred they have for the target, while they are orchestrating a relentless attack to lead them to ruin. How do you explain this?

If not spiritual, then what? What kind of person derives such energetic "supply" from destroying lives?

Destroying the lives of those closest to them, who trust them, who love them, who try the best for them.

I realize people stumbling across "narcissist" material at first can't possibly understand the true nature of what is being talked about in these videos. In fact, I would sometimes get called a narcissist just for how I was living, and I think that's what most people think about when they see the term. That's unfortunate because there's such a world of difference between being happy and proud and just enjoying life to the fullest and these evil "narcissist" predators who do everything they can to destroy lives. They are so amazingly evil it's impossible to put to words, but targets know what I'm talking about.

The abuse is so covert that a target can end up isolated and without resources and with no one who can sympathize or understand. Like having no voice at all after having been relentlessly attacked by the devil using an elaborate scheme of manipulation and abuse. It's the perfect crime.

I wonder how many countless lives have been carefully sabotaged and ruined by these demons.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/8JAUzP4b1X0

This video on YT has over 1 million views.

From the comments:

"Narcs, together with Psychos are the devil's creation. They are evil beyond comprehension. They are never to be pitied. I was the victim of one. I was abused for years. I am free now, but it's taking a long time to recover. The day will come when they are found out, and are literally disabled for their crimes against humanity. I regard such evil beings as nothing more than Pig vomit."

"It took me almost 50 years to figure out why my mother treated me like she did. Great to her friends, but the verbal abuse for me throughout my life, almost destroyed me."

"We understand we are in our 50's and discovered recently within that past few years. A lot of us realize it later in life. Yes these monster try to destroy us."

"Same here, I went through the 'not getting it' for 49 years. It is like being brain- washed! It almost destroyed me too!!!"

"i was with my narc for 36 years....i threw him out 15 months ago....the only reason he never left physically was because i refused to sell my inherited home.....he hated me so much because he could never kill my confidence....couldn't kill my self esteem...couldn't kill me period....he thinks i have give up fighting for what's mine legally,cuz i've gone complete no contact....stupid arrogant fuck....was strong then...and thanks to that thing and what he has done to me....he has created a powerful,educated, prepared and totally fearless little warrior.....stay strong people....pass on your strength and knowledge to those that are in need...spread kindness and light to combat the toxic dark and negative energy"

"If you threaten a narcissist's agenda...they will hurt you."

"Incorrect title. It should be the narcissists DISCARD those they cannot control. Narcissists only destroy those they CAN control."

"or call it "Narcissists TRY to destroy those they cannot control." And if they can't destroy you, they will certainly discard you the moment you stop serving their needs. And if you ever dare to say "no," there will be hell to pay!

Attempts to destroy me and ongoing attacks have definitely been the case in my family for my whole entire life. They have tried to destroy me for 66 years, all but one. It's a bitter pill to swallow, over and over again, to be hated so and never know why. They are the enemies of truth and the handmaidens of denial. Where will they end up when they die?"

"Actually Narcissists often stick around to finish the job - which is why when a person breaks up with a Narc their controlling behaviour escalates to often epic proportions particularly if there are children in the equation. Narcissists appetite does NOT go away until they know 100% their behaviour brings no reaction from the other person and more often than not that is only achieved through 100% no contact."

"narcissism is demonic. I don't care what anyone says, I know where the root lyes. its not of God, it is a demonic oppression or even possession that causes it."

I know what I've experienced personally, but those of you who think I go too far, or that my experiences are totally unique, how do you explain so many others saying the same things?

Clearly this is some kind of hive condition. Before the Internet, I didn't think anyone could possibly understand.

Remember that with a parent dynamic, the child is going to give the parent feedback about the harms of what the parent is doing, and the child is going to share their lives with the parent. The covert narc abuser is learning constantly from such feedback how best to destroy the child.

They train the child to empathize with others instead of with themselves. Maybe this is partly explanatory for the "empath" conditions of so many targets. The "narcissist" perpetrator cries out in pain while striking and says whatever they are doing to the target is being done to themselves.

The perpetrator has a bond with the target such that the target reaches out to them for empathy and experiences more betrayal and more abuse, but the whole time the perpetrator is trying to be as covert and confusing as possible. It's simply extreme evil that disguises itself. Normal evil would be more open about what it is. I call it extreme because it tries so hard to be covert. It's very calculated, cunning, severe. The perpetrator has not the tiniest bit of conscience or empathy for the target. Yet they have unlimited empathy for themselves.

The deeper the bond the perpetrator has, and the more the target is able empathize with and love the perpetrator, the more severe and lasting can be the abuse, so the perpetrator intentionally tries to nurture a trauma and attachment bond. This is most feasible when the target is their own child, born into the dynamic where the predator is all they know, but it can be anyone.

At the world level, the predator is the matrix.

"I've given all I can. It's not enough."

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/B-dCZB1dxIA

Her understanding is very good. That's why this channel has many of her videos even though I wouldn't expect most to know what do with most of what she talks about. Personally speaking, I was conceived by one of these psychopathic predators almost immediately after a divorce and custody battle. There is some bridging of the gap going on, and there could be a spectrum of the condition/disorder, but the ones that have people obsessing with videos are not just dysfunctional people. It's a very peculiar and dark reality. Of course for everything in life we're just looking for words to express things, and we never are perfectly accurate. Life is such a mystery. We know relatively little.

Another thought I've had is that the matrix makes many mentally and emotionally ill, but it's hard for me to understand how I'd ever become so ill that I would behave like one of these without any possibility of changing.

The reality of these predators is very significant and powerful. They can do so much damage and their wiring is hard. They won't change.

From the comments:

"Now that more "empaths" are waking up to these evil creatures and not engaging narcissist will have no choice but to start abusing their enablers/ victim shamers."

"Oh yes this is so true! They never stop sabotaging the victim, they don't just want to see you suffer - it's ALL they want to do - see you suffer your whole life & never get off your knees. The sadism doesn't take a day off."

"There definitely needs to be more lawsuit brought about for extreme intentional emotional distress."

I like her ideas about not emphasizing being an empath just because you have empathy. As you can appreciate, every content creator has their own insights and perspectives to add. That's why I encourage comments as well: to hear other views.

Sure I'm empathic in that I have empathy, but I agree with her that I'm lots of other things as well. However, I don't and never have looked to abuse and prey on others, let alone with the kind of conscienceless malice and sadism that defines these being termed narcissists.

It's also possible these narcissists do have empathy for themselves and those they choose to have empathy for. That's what I've experienced at least. They can choose? I don't know what is wrong with them exactly and never have been able to figure it out.

She's also correct they're fully conscience of what they do. Some misinformation channels try to say they're not really conscious, they just don't care. Well, if there are types like that, and I'm sure there are, that's not what the videos on this channel are about. These are calculated predators who know what they do, who know they are the problem, and who thoroughly enjoy being evil.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/e5D0-NFn7kk

Her understanding is good. They aren't just people. There is something very different about them that you really need some first-person experience with in order to understand. This is why so many of those targeted have such awakening experiences. Probably the matrix gives them camouflage by turning us all into something that resembles these narcissists. We live and act the part without even knowing it, which helps them go better undetected.

I don't like how it sounds when we're dehumanizing as we are, but it's really the only logical way to try to explain these ideas. Those who know, know.

From the comments:

"I think they have a high nephilim/reptilian percentage of their DNA as opposed to real christic pure blood humans. Narcs are a manifestation of this consciousness war that's originating from the unseen metaphysical levels and manifesting in the seen as a war between dense low vibe entities fighting to keep status quo and those who carry alot of light and are essentially here as game changers. This may not be everybody's situation with a narc, but I know it was mine, and many others as well."

If it's about consciousness, what difference is DNA going to make? I'm always skeptical of the DNA claims and I have my own reasons for that. I can appreciate DNA necessitates I live and function through a certain biological vessel, but I think we should we be careful about assuming we are nothing more than our DNA.

I like the level of awareness Scott Roberts exhibits in terms of politics, but I don't personally like the genetic reduction he and so many others participate in. However, I'm open-minded enough that I take what I need from various sources even when I have points of disagreement.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/nllH8zcaygA

From the comments, the highest-rated one:

"The narc I met told me, during the love-bombing phase, that he was a 'Monster' who inhabited the underworld. I thought it was just mythical nonsense but I realised after the mask came off that he was giving me the truth in plain sight so that I would be making my own choice. Doing that during the love-bomb phase was a tactic. Turns out he was a monster. But even demons have to follow supernatural laws which emphasise free will. Narcs sort of tell you a part of the truth in a weird way, to keep in with the supernatural laws."

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/SX83ZwD76Uo

Those of you stumbling on this channel wondering about the narcissist content, listen carefully to this. This is the kind of narcissist this channel exposes. Not only are these characters extremely difficult when they are family, the evidence suggests they control the matrix.

begood4000 was one of the first people on YT exposing these evil demons. Yes, they are evil. To say they are something else means you don't have the kind of experiences necessary to understand how they are constituted and how they function.

You can't have an accurate picture of the world without understanding these demons and the role they have.

This material is the most important on this channel because no one else on Bitchute, or in any high-level truth communities, has attempted to make a proper connection between these demons and the world matrix.

What I've done, among other things, is merge narc abuse with the level of awareness of a Scott Roberts.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

I just want to make the point that once realizing there are those with narcissist natures in this world, and that they are common, you can still be around them and benefit from them as long as you are duly aware of how they are constituted and how they function.

There's no need to completely close down and conclude this reality is evil beyond reproach. Learn how evil people can be, be vigilant, and understand that most people are living in the EGO where they need to feel superior and flattered. If you threaten their ego reality, they may want to murder you. That's how it is, and you just need to understand how these realities exist and function, same as how one understands how to use electricity and gasoline for their benefit.

Yes, narcissists can be dangerous, just like snakes can be dangerous, but that's not the full story.

If you are empathic like I am, you've probably transgressed and offended countless narcs without ever meaning to do that and without knowing it, same as how a child may accidentally provoke a bee to sting.

Yes, when scorned a narc is most deadly, but as long as you know what you are dealing with, and you know how it functions and how to respect it, I think you should be able get along with them and benefit from them.

Remember that commentary I've written in the past was never made to stand the test of time, just to provide thoughts, insights, and perspectives at the times I made those comments. Especially I wanted to hear from others.

This latest commentary is also why those closing down and considering evil beyond reproach this world are wrong, in my view. This reality is complex and vast, but it has so much to offer us as long as we have a good understanding of the many dangers it presents.

And if you want to be political, approach it from a space of optimism and love, with love for the truth and for the beauty of this reality. The "black pill" approach isn't wise, nor is it wise to dehumanize those you deem your enemies.

When you dehumanize people, they become what you believe they are. They become worse and they become more deadly foes.

Remember that online there is a great tendency toward groupthink, where everyone reinforces everyone else, and we absorb the emotions of those we surround ourselves with.

Most of the content seems good and helpful initially, but then you end up sunk in quicksand. Too many people talking and not enough true wisdom with an eye for productive solutions.

7 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/6sfIal8jlZQ

My belief is that it is only GOD within us that keeps us from being the most ruthless, wicked, diabolical predators on earth. The GOD within us is also forcing those without GOD to camouflage themselves as something other than the evil predators they are, who are Satanic and in revolt against God. Saying that, BBA explains these topics without going as far as I do, and his explanations probably are better for most people. He's correct they do a tremendous amount of mimicry, and I resonate a lot with his use of the word robot. Remember since they mimic so much the robotic core can be well disguised.

From my perspective you have Christ at one extreme and Satan at the other. You can be of God but become separated of God, but if you truly are of Satan I don't believe you have God within you whatsoever. It is a permanent abandonment. This is why if you try to heal a predatory narc, they will use this as an opportunity to try to suck you into their void. Once there, it's welcome to the jungle and they eagerly begin the predation they live for. They can't be healed and they love being evil minions of Satan.

The genital mutilation that is common can be a way of making more predatory those born without God. Mainstream psychiatry acknowledges this through the term psychopath. They are said to be born that way, evil and without conscience. Well, if you are born without God within you, then strapping you down to a board and mutilating your genitalia is going to make you more vicious and predatory. The psyche is said to be most vulnerable to trauma in the first weeks of life.

If you have God within you, I don't believe abuse makes you more predatory. It didn't have that effect on me. It made me long passionately for proper human bonding through which to express and receive love.

Maybe a severe trauma at birth, like genital mutilation, could cause a separation from God. The abuse I endured was different. I remember a very angry and denigrating phone call a few years ago that was meant to hurt me after which I lay down for a few moments and felt comforted by the presence of God. This is an example that I was not separated from God as I think could potentially happen with a traumatic genital mutilation at birth. It could conceivably cause God to leave the body and then only the Satanic organism would remain.

It can be an extreme degree of trauma for just a newborn baby with no capacity for understanding what is going on, and why it has been abandoned to endure such evil predation.

My parent did remark with usual serpentine glee that I was, quote, resilient. They wanted my loving nature to remain yet they wanted to continue to target and prey on me for as long as possible. What joy is there in Satan attacking another expression of Satan? They want to go after those with God within them. If I were less resilient then I would have much sooner become an unsuitable target and they would have had to find another.

However, I'm not a suitable target anymore because I have been able to learn about these topics that ideally should be available to young children in their early school years.

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/Qwxtg4DtIbA

From the comments:

"My opinion is we have to stop projecting human cares onto theses people... when I look with clear eyes at them and their past behavior I can see that they showed me who they are, I just kept believing they must have some normal human warmth because their cold-hearted cruelness is basically unimaginable."

Also, by smakintosh:

"Malignant "grandmother", like most narcs it seems, knew how to take an existing situation and script it for her own purpose: the destruction of your son, which in her mind was probably the ends to her ultimate means - your destruction. God delivered you both from evil on that day."

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/sHXFiFKEvj0

New comments have been added to the most recent Wakeman uploads. Most of us aren't learning well about this reality from our parents and schools.

Another thing to be conscious of is simply the level of consciousness you are on and those you are around are on. If you have high standards for your level of consciousness, you'll notice when others are trying to pull you down to a lower level.

I think we're all prone to falling to a lower level of consciousness when coming across truth material. Why? Because it takes us down to realize we've been lied to as we have. Lies are a form of abuse and warfare against us, of gaslight and reality control.

Something similar happens in narc relationships where the abuse weakens the target insidiously. Slowly, before they know it, they fall down to levels of consciousness where they're more easily conquered, where the tactics against them become increasingly effective. Meanwhile the abuser understands just what is happening, so their enthusiasm and efforts increase, eagerly plotting the impending demise of the target in their net.

In terms of Wakeman considering the whole matrix narcissistic, and how many survivors of narc abuse start thinking everyone is a narcissist, it's partly because once you endure that kind of abuse you become more sensitive to everything about it, whereas before you are living with different perceptions of reality. After the abuse you realize what's most important to you, and you start noticing that what's important to most others has different criteria.

For example, you may start realizing some of the people you find most revolting can actually have respectable social positions and look well put together on the outside looking in. This is because your value system is now oriented toward deeper realities.

Another comment worth sharing:

"Deception is what they're all about. It's the key to their power and control."

Once you appreciate how many toxic people there are, it's easier to sympathize with why that is so. It can be a vicious cycle. If you aren't strong enough to properly cope with toxic people and the abusive tactics they employ, it's possible you can become just like they are, as if contracting a virus. Hence the importance taking a step back and having some kind religious practice that keeps you grounded to a higher level of consciousness despite everything.

In terms of most people having to work much more than they should, it's not just the system and usury. It's also these dysfunctional family dynamics where you have warfare in the family, so wealth accumulation becomes so much more difficult and doesn't accumulate as it should through the family generations.

8 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/-hRG7DvgsLM

In terms of what can be done about these toxic creeps, awareness. The schools in a high civilization would be informing first-grade kids about these predators. Their evil and the consequences of what they do have no bounds since they have no conscience, no sympathy, no decency, no mercy, are so highly predatory, and can be extremely sadistic. They know what they are and what they do. The problem is their targeted victims don't understand until it is too late.

8 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/kVhuTH4pP1E

Another realization I've had is that predatory narcs operating through the Satanic hive mind aren't afraid of soul consequences because they are soulless. Of course. They simply decompose like any other animal, and this explains why they are so fixated on those of us with souls.

Where he mentions blood sacrifice rituals using animals and children, I'm called to reflect on the continual torture that goes on in slaughterhouses all over the world. It's horrific to contemplate. Given how demonic narcs feed on pain and suffering, I've thought all that pain and suffering could be fueling evil in this world.

Something happens to these creatures when they witness pain, suffering, sorrow, hatred, or any other low vibrational state, including envy and fear. It powers them somehow. They become gleeful and strong.

8 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/M5hb20vYcE4

"Narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy are all demonic manifestations. The level of evil that lies inside the three are beyond human comprehension and imagination."

"The entire Bible is about the good seed vs the evil seed (of Cain/Esau). When I found out the Bible (aka Jesus) is the Truth and not religion, I separated from mainstream religion and began to follow Him (the Truth). Most religion follows "another jesus" not the Real One (the 100% Truth). Jesus is not "religious" at all. He is REAL. His true people are IS REAL LIGHTS."

"Yes. They love evil.they are demon possessed. Demons are real. Dont let anyone change your views if demons are real or fictional. They are as real as night and day. Ive seen demons in their nonhuman form. They look like monsters. They feed off your pain."

"They are evil, wicked, harmful, injurious and what not.. the list continues."

"I can just sense the atmosphere change wen they walk into a room. They bring everyone down with there negativity. They're so depressing"

"Even when they are wearing their fake, pseudo-cheerful "positive" mask. They make you feel dirty, like you've been slimed by something very disgusting. And your internal anxiety goes through the roof. They also make you feel like you are somehow inadequate and less than them if you aren't fully awake to their BS."

"According to Scot Peck M.D. author of The People of the Lie, yes those with NPD are the definition of evil in our society!"

"We all know the answer to that. Thank God we can put a name (narc) to this evilness. I thank you NARC SURVIVOR for the healing that I received from your life experience. Thank God for this channel! ❤"

"Narcissists are the major cause of pains and suffering on this earth, Narcissists cannot survive a peaceful enviroment, but scapegoat can survive any enviroment normatter how difficult such enviroment is, scapegoat will always walk their way out of that situation, reason because they never created any bad situation for others, ansd so, the world works on what you wish for others will backfire and come back to you, its rather the narcissists who offten create all kinds of bad negative situations and obstacles that makes life a living hell, for others, out of their pride and wickedness to dominate people, with their character, narc want everyone to believe that unforgiveness is a good thing, hate is good, discrimination is good, lying against an innocent person is a good thing, cheating on your wife or husband is good, disrespecting other peoples values is a good thing,etc. the narc are possess by evil wicked spirits that controls them, and its seems they enjoy being wicked."

"Yes, from my experience I conclude they are evil...he knew when to 'behave' and when not...apparently...he knew what he tried to cause...but underestimation is one of their weaknesses..."

"Nefarious activities and a lack of Empathy = Evil wrong doing's and cold hearted callousness... We all choose our path in life...some of us choose the righteous path...the Narcissist chooses the demonic path of EVIL.. all the way to hell 💪💪✌"

"Yes! They are most definitely evil. Some try to downsize what they do but I will not accept their opinion and I have no problems voicing what I believe to be the truth."

"Having to destroy someone they desired... Causing emotional and physical pain... Attempting to keep victims in their psychotic patterns all mean the same thing, YES THEY ARE EVIL."

"Narcissists are empty inside and evil is always emptiness (nothing) and it tries to make everything empty."

"Yes, ultimate evil, devils, satans, fallen angels... This is very deep rooted on secular and also spiritual level. They don't have/can't feel any emotions, conscience, love and they can't (or don't want) to differentiate between the good and evil deeds, they are without any humanity inside, without the holy spirit, soul. Are they humans at all?! Why we weren't tought about them in the school(because most of the population are narcissists and they want to "normalise themselves" by school curriculum, masmedia, celebrities, sportsmen and also by laws, general/global economics/politics systems, etc...)!?"

"No contact forever! They are demons from hell and their mission is to destroy us!!! Devil's puppets! Haters! Let them go to Hell where they came from!"

"They are evil in all aspects of their miserable life. When you can’t love or have empathy in your heart then you're EVIL 👹👺"

8 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/A6tdIjadGho

It seems to me now the main gist of the Christian story is that Jesus was of God and those in power in this world are of the devil, Satan, opposed to God.

He needed to be crucified by this world for exclaiming the reality of the situation. This simple idea of two fundamentally opposed spiritual lineages, one from God and one from the devil, doesn't get the respect and appreciation it deserves. Why is that?

49 I have come to ignite a fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! 50 But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is accomplished!

51 Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but division. 52 From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. 53 They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

Why are they divided though they share the same DNA? Because some belong to God and some belong to the devil.

8 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/WXTyx9TRhrg

From what I can tell, these types feel envy readily and potently, and feel a burning hatred for the target inciting their envy. Notice at 56 seconds the comment about masking the malignancy. This is why these types are much more prevalent than most realize. They're very sneaky and covert. I recommend avoiding them at the first sign of any malignancy. Don't think because they have white skin they aren't malignant!

From the comments:

"I woke up to my mother staring at me like this when I was sleeping. This was back when I was still in high school, at the time I wasn’t allowed to leave the house or talk to other people on the phone or use the internet. There was a lot of physical, mental and emotional abuse happening from her to me and I couldn’t escape her. I was homeschooled and on 5 or so unnecessary prescription medications (so basically already this person is trying to take me out or destroy my life) She was hovering over my bed, just watching me, but not in a sweet way like I like to sometimes watch my dogs sleep, no it was this blank empty, pure evil expression. The creepiest part was when I woke up and saw her, her expression didn’t change she just turned around and swiftly went down the hall. The next morning I asked her about it and she denied it ever happened... but she left my door open and I NEVER sleep with my door open, I couldn’t fall back asleep that night, I know what I saw. That expression, it’s pure evil."

"The closest I’ve been to this is with my ex psychologist who I believe is a narc or psychopath. I caught her staring at me with hatred while I was sobbing and she was besides me. She didn’t notice that I could see her through the periferia of my eyes.

Till this day I don’t know what was crossing her mind, but she looked like she hated me. I never understood if she didn’t like something I said or if it was just a reflection of who she actually is. All I know is that the next session was the full blown gaslight and devalue stage, of course, using all the information she had already extracted from me."

The usual tactic of the malignant narc is to deny everything when questioned. "I never said that." "I don't remember." "No." They will lie pathologically to prevent from being exposed and to perpetuate their psychological attack against you.

If you don't know about this condition then they can be quite effective and dangerous. Once you know, you should be able to identify them quickly as toxic and evil, and adjust accordingly.

Also from the comments:

"Shrinks = are often narcs. What a feeding ground."

I agree. Imagine being able to make a career out of feeding on the pain and difficulties of others. It doesn't get any better than that for a malignant narc.


"They have that predatory stare studying you and scheming their ways on how they want to manipulate you and to secure you as a source of their supply. They have that soulless stare."

"Their stare is full of hatred!!!"

Malignant narcs is one of the advantages of living in large cities.. Why? Because you can be much more anonymous. In smaller places you're more likely to get noticed by predators.

Once again, evil is live spelled backwards and refers to attempts to sabotage innocent life.

8 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/xKvJfXY5xPM

These abusers if they are extremely malignant are diabolical psychopaths with very advanced techniques. I can fully appreciate how they can murder their targets without leaving fingerprints, particularly if the target is an immediate family member or spouse. You can have such cognitive dissonance about what is going on, and as the abuse deepens and you become more worn down and impaired, they become stronger, more energized, more powerful.

Given this happens on an individual scale, it's worthwhile also to consider how it can apply at a big-picture level in terms of how humanity is used as supply by psychopathic predators who know exactly what they are doing.

Personally I've found alcohol makes one more susceptible to poor decision making and burn out, and I don't think it's a coincidence alcohol is just so ubiquitous. In Muslim countries that isn't so.

From the comments: "Duper's delight: they love to cause pain at the expense of their victims."

"I think they are proud of what they do. Seems like it to me anyway. They seem to think they are real smart when they get one over on somebody."

"Yes, I have noticed all this too! They only modify their behavior temporarily when they see they have lost control over us. Then they try to appear to be a different person when they return, but resume as soon as they feel comfortable again. This seems to be absolutely predictable."

"I know what you are saying is true. My ex was horrible and out the corner of my eye I would see him smirk after insulting me or getting something out of someone. My sister has great joy being the narc she is. They love it. They are the spawn of satan."

"I used to believe they hated themselves. I just don't buy it anymore. They LOOOVE what they do & how they do it. Thank you."

"Makes sense now why they never seem to really enjoy anything. I was their entertainment system."

"God leaves a depraved soul: He abandons them."

"They get their joy from inflicting pain on anyone."

"There is a reason I download your videos and keep them in a folder on my computer desktop - they encourage, they instruct, and they clear away the fog. These videos are so incredibly valuable. THANK YOU."

"Excellent video. Re-watching this now. Every single thing you're saying is TRUE! These are practiced WICKED monsters. By choice!"

smakintosh says they're never ever wrong, ever.

The evil one of these things can inflict on an isolated child is very powerful. I didn't realize how resilient I was until I understood how much calculated abuse I had overcome without even realizing it was all orchestrated to sabotage and destroy me. The abuser had to be covert so that I couldn't understand it was all deliberate evil. They have advanced techniques especially when a child is born into their arms and knows nothing else.

They are like literal vampires who somehow derive strength from feeding on sadism and suffering. No mercy at all except that they may be afraid of losing the target so they have advanced manipulation and control tactics.

If the target understands they are evil then the gig is probably up, so they pretend to be bipolar or something else, anything but the pure evil they really are. And the target probably longs so much for the parent that doesn't exist, and this unmet longing is maximally exploited. In addition the target simply can't understand why the parent is as they are. It makes no sense to any healthy, sane, innocent, loving soul.

Strangely enough these sadistic predators are much more prevalent than I ever could have imagined.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/QNfFVtXnJ3c

About why Europeans as a collective have been the perfect narc magnet. In my personal experiences I have reached out to narcs, not knowing what they were, and my kindness and generosity were rewarded with betrayal and the evil malignancy characterizing these creatures. Really confounding if you don't know what you're dealing with because you can't make sense of their behavior, treating you totally different from how you treat them. As far as I know they get glee from functioning as "evil geniuses" as they think of themselves. Remember that any bonds with them are total frauds and that they have no good intentions for you.

She also touches on how they exploit forgiveness. Scott Roberts -- in a video, I don't know him personally -- said he cut someone out of his life just for stealing $20, and that was the right thing to do. Why? Because to do that indicated a malignant, disrespectful person in general. Scott said he didn't even give a reason, he just cut him out. Forgiveness equals permission in the psyche of a narc. They function on a specific level where they're just looking to prey on and exploit. Forgiveness just makes things easier for them.

She says being overly optimistic is a wonderful quality, but we need to be conscious of an entire breed of malignant predator that is highly manipulative that will take full advantage of this if we let them.

In response to the comment below, it's a spectrum. At the extreme end they are sadistic and evil with no redeeming qualities. I believe the most extreme cases are either born that way or form very early in life. They are very different in their inner infrastructure. True psychopaths, true minions of Satan. Extremely cunning, duplicitous, persistent, and dangerous. No limits to their evil.

Filed under psychopathy due to this paragraph, but it's really all the same once you identify malignant evil. They have turned away from God and are operating from a point of immorality and revolt. You can't trust them with anything, and they have nothing good to offer you without exacting more in return than anything they have to give. No conscience, no humanity. A whole bunch of acting, trickery, cunning. They have child molester tactics.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/WW144ZnCFLA

I personally believe the matrix was turning me into a narcissist myself though it never reached the point of malignancy. Others were noticing as well. Just for the record because I can see how healthy souls can become narcissists in the spirit of Lucifer just from conforming to the narc world. With that said, a true malignant narc really is something to behold. They are on the extreme end. They are in essence the perfect adaptation to the narc or Luciferian matrix, the end goal.

When I say something to behold, I want to clarify this is a soul condition and they tend to be covert. The something to behold refers to how they lie pathologically, have absolutely zero empathy, zero conscience, zero capacity for love, revel in destruction, betrayal, and sabotage, are highly sadistic, and on and on. Basically, they are devils incarnate and are vessels for evil that goes beyond the physical.

Remember evil is live spelled backwards. Evil is that which sabotages and destroys Creation and creation. The lowercase creation refers to what man creates and the uppercase refers to what God creates.

Therefore, once you appreciate this you can gain a new respect for the Bible and its framework for thinking about life.

Also, people have a tendency of thinking these evil creatures get away with what they do. Not really since they are dead inside, and when their bodies cease they will be stuck with those dead souls.

You may not appreciate them being dead inside because they put on a good act. However I know from intimate experiences what they really are.

So the saying what does it profit a man to have the whole world and lose his soul in the process seems truthful to me.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

This is Mark 8:36 (KJV) from the New Testament. Most probably don't understand the veracity and profundity of what is being said.

Rough thoughts as always. Let me know what you know and think. Personally I find my respect for the Bible increases with experience and age.

I also have to say being respected and admired by the malignant narcs in training the Luciferian matrix produces -- meaning the common benign narc -- has lost any appeal to me as my level of understanding and awareness has increased.

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/JR8d7xzx6NY

From the comments:

"I wish we could exclude them from the earth. They intentionally harm people."

Jesus said:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

From what I can tell, there are at least two different spiritual lineages here. These of the devil think themselves very clever for blending in like those of the heavenly Father while coordinating to prey on the latter.

Someone else says:

"It’s unreal! We were born into a Program and they are Machine People. They need our Loosh and our Venom. Starve them out. Don’t play."

She also says, "As for Athenians- they were Narc Machines too." (I don't know enough to comment on that.)


"The Inuit would take them out on a boat - for a one way trip. Here in the states, they band together in gangs of like minded NPD’s, pick an easy target who they think they can get something from, and amuse themselves batting the target about like a cat with a mouse until they get what they want. Penalty free with no repercussions."


"They did send them all to the island. It’s called the United States..."

The bottom line is they're prevalent. At a high level they saw me as a useful and easy target like the comment there says, and batted me around like a cat with a mouse until I figured out what was going on. At higher levels of the pyramid they're extremely prevalent, but I noticed they're prevalent right down to the bottom of the pyramid. That they are of a devil father describes them, but you could also say as the other comment does that they are Machine People who need our spiritual energy.

One says:

"Ostracism is what narcissists fear most. It’s why they scapegoat people who know the truth about them.

If we sent narcissists to an island and it would play out like ‘Lord of the Flies.’

The ones on top are hardcore Narcs themselves. Just look how comfortable they were with Epstein."

This is a very deep topic that most don't properly appreciate. The psychology community viewing it as a personality expression or disorder have it wrong. It's definitely deeper than that, and the culprits know this.

I was supposed to "lose my mind" when the masks came off regarding my family of origin. They had deceived me many years and thought themselves very clever, but it's obviously easier when one is born into the conspiracy. It is all one knows, and one wants so much to have a healthy, normal family that is on the same team.

The fact this is deeper than ethnicity and race partly explains my relative disinterest in more typical Bitchute material. It's also because that material set me back in terms of protecting myself from "Aryan" psychopaths of their father the devil.

That they go undetected as effectively as they do makes them feel very clever. They are wired totally different at a deep level, so it's a good accomplishment they are able to blend in as they do. Really creepy people once you understand through direct experiences at the level I do.

Share any insights you have.

In the latest Predator Free upload she says, "We were intentionally targeted by an abuser, a predator, and they tried to do everything they could to take advantage, manipulate, and use us, and that is not our fault."

I haven't listened to much at all of Assc Direct's material, but she says she likes his content, and there was another woman on here also citing his channel.

Once more, it's very important to understand these are not normal people with some personality quirks. There definitely is a bridging of the gap going on between different spiritual lineages, but these "narcissists" are of their father the devil. They are very different from those of Jesus' Father.

Remember Jesus didn't identify with his biological father. Instead he identified with God as his heavenly Father.

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/K9nGyIZVtC8

A good quality upload on how narc manipulators play 3D chess with the lives of unsuspecting participants. This is their talent and art in life.

From a comment left by "loyalty to Jesus word" (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdRR50JNV5ugtrF263l61w/playlists):

"the problem is that bcs they (cluster b demons) r in control of the resources of the planet (on a large scale) & they r the every boss/manager/owner (on a small scale) at least in Israel its like that, when they recognize an empath decent person & they see this person stressing boundaries from the beginning (4 example the cluster b demon will gossip on some1 else, maybe a customer or other employee, to the ears of the empath & they notice the reaction (of the empath) is NOT to gossip back meaning NOT participating in this toxic manner as this is also stressing their (cluster b demons) toxic manner at this moment & its like a pointing finger back on them (the cluster b demon) on whom they really r = evil), so the problem is that the cluster b demons notice the empath is decent & they (cluster b demon manager) is not giving them (empath) lots of shifts or fired them."

I'm not sure what this person is doing in Israel, but it's an interesting observation. I've found before I would be targeted I was first tested for empathy. You may think so what regarding empathy, like what's the big deal, but these things consider it diagnostic of something. The ones with the true condition who aren't just sociologically conditioned to bridge the gap between a true narc and a real person all function so much the same, like evil robots. See the source for other insightful comments. Among others:

"Narcs are methodical. They’re saboteurs. Like an evil scientist at a huge blackboard.
One day this. Next day that. It’s not just chess. It’s 3 dimensional chess.
Narcs like playing week long games. Month long games.
You better have a poker face during all this gambling at the table stakes.
They’re cheaters too. Keep that constantly in mind. Especially if money’s involved.
Narcs have nothing but evil motives floating around in their minds."

Another thought is that what they were trying to do to me they would say was being done to them. In effect they were admitting what they meant to do but in a roundabout way. Maybe that supplied duping delight. Their minds are really bizarre from my perspective.

In general I think these types are prevalent, and I think they begin thinking to target you if you arouse jealousy/envy in them. One creep a while back admitted while sizing me up he was jealous, and I wasn't paying much attention at the time, but in retrospect I know that was certainly another narc plotting a scheme.

Consider how this translates to a world perspective. Remember that the narc wants everything for itself and nothing for the apparent competition that arouses in it feelings of inferiority and lack. Instead of feeling those awful sentiments, it attempts to turn the tables and make itself the envied subject. However, they are fixated on bringing down the source of their envy rather than constructively working to better themselves. They have zero-sum thinking in general.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a good story example. A quick summary from Wikipedia:

"On the day of his wedding to Mercédès, Edmond Dantès, first mate of the Pharaon, is incorrectly accused of treason, arrested, and imprisoned without trial in the Château d'If, a grim island fortress off Marseille. A fellow prisoner, Abbé Faria, correctly deduces that his jealous rival Fernand Mondego, envious crewmate Danglars, and double-dealing magistrate De Villefort turned him in."

Now Danglars is elevated above his envied competition. Not by improving himself, but by scheming to sabotage the other party.

"They hate people with confidence. Anything that will make you feel good about yourself is a threat to them. I stop sharing everything. I wish I knew this years ago, many things would of been prevented. Like sharing I am going to get married to a doctor. That caused narcisstic rage. That relationship was doomed from the time the narcs in my family found out about it. Imagine my own mother being the leader of the pack of wolves. I always wonder how can a mother be jealous of her own daughters progress in life? These individuals really don't care about anyone's happiness but their own. It's really disgusting."

Before I was wise to these things I thought certain people would be happy for my successes. It actually seems more likely than not to inspire envy because these narcs really are prevalent, and they can be those closest to you. Crazy, but true. Search evil eye for more on related matters.

According to Rabbi Kook: "The evil eye is the venomous impact from malignant feelings of jealousy and envy of those around us."

As the sages tell us, "Blessing only rests on that which is hidden from the eye."

9 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/1d2gW09PHeY

The Pete Sapper content is particularly disliked here, so a quick commentary.

I listened to this and he genuinely knows what he's talking about. You'll notice throughout the content on this channel just about every dislike has no accompanying commentary. I encourage all dissent and insight. The videos don't speak for me personally, they just offer useful perspectives from others.

If it's uploaded here chances are I found value in something. As in life, one takes what they need and discards the rest. Those saying life is a mere meat grinder, for example, are not on a higher level than those who know how to use their lives constructively. They're just more fixated on challenges and obstacles, and life has a way of reflecting the mind of the subject. This is why devilish people try to break us down by penetrating and taking over our minds.

About this upload in particular, it's genuinely good content. Thumbing it down doesn't change my opinion of it. If you have useful thoughts to share, I encourage that on this upload and every other one.

Another point is that what generally works really well in life is exactly how these evil demons, as so many refer to them, are able to wreak the havoc they do against us. We are positive, happy, constructive, optimistic, loving, caring, imaginative, idealistic, hopeful, brimming with good intentions, and these predatory parasites, as Pete Sapper calls them, are programmed very well to take advantage of our innocent natures UNTIL we realize they are wolves in sheep's clothing who mean to sabotage and destroy our potential.

This information changes everything for those who need it. If I ran a school, the children would be educated on these matters as I never was. It's essential.

9 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/dSe0nz_vavA

Here are two truthful narc comments I read. These were left by a Black woman, for what it's worth. Once more, I'm more interested in the spirit of a person than in what race or ethnicity they are. I sometimes take an interest in European matters because I respect and believe in the preservation of European peoples, cultures, and civilizations. It's just common sense.

The comments:

"Narcissist are simply roaming demons in human form. These creatures are ancient fallen angel. They are embodied spirits who need a human body and soul in order to legally walk the earth, as hunter and predators, seeking whom they may devour."

"Narcs love to seek out and destroy people with purpose and destiny. People who don't know how great they really are. The NARC sees this attribute In you,and makes sure it continues to be suppress and lying dormant. The NARC knows you are his worst enemy, bc that greatness in you is "LOVE".."

Both these ring true to me.

Another point to make is that a "narcissist" who doesn't prey on others doesn't bother me. The narc videos on this channel are about predatory, malignant narcs who purposely do evil against innocent targets who care about or even love these narcs, not knowing they are pure evil. These narcs try their best to camouflage the fact they are pure evil and are trying to be chaotic and destructive, on purpose.

9 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/PXCfsYd06Pc

I've been hearing something recurring in these narc videos, and that it's that the narc is always trying to turn things around when you confront them. Instead of even for a moment considering the validity of what you are saying, they are instinctively trying to turn things around, and this is a sign of having no empathy or consideration for you.

9 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/8AWzOAXx5sw

From the comments:

"Yes they specifically target empathic, loving and caring people. We are easy for them to take advantage of. They are very predatory and behave similar to child molesters when they are targeting us."

9 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/xqsJtO6ikRQ

"They are real life's demons walking in human form. No empathy or conscience... So sick and devastating! Thank you so much."

"I wish this video was an exaggerating."

9 months, 1 week ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/mMQK1h5nCvI

I added "tries to" in the title. There is something so profound about this topic.

9 months, 3 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/XZK7sC3gxJA

I don't watch the video portions of this content, but have long found his ideas worthwhile and valuable. The comments at the source will interest those interested in this material. For example:

"Narcissists are fraudulent, counterfeit, hollow shells of parasitic humanity who lack an identity or a moral rudder. I often liken my experience with the BPD/Narc as falling in love with a ghost. She looked human on the outside but upon closer inspection, she had no soul. Nothing about her was real, genuine or authentic. They truly are pathetic sociopaths who need to be identified and segregated from the rest of society."

"Human beings have a heart and soul. They feel empathy and compassion. They can forgive and show mercy. Narcissists are devoid of all the things that make us truly human. It’s like they’re aliens... 👽 Or demons 👿"

"They are souless heartless horrible creatures trapped inside a human body and image."

"Narcissists will bring terrible luck into your life. Since their true self and soul is effectively dead and buried, they are simply empty vessels, the walking dead. Whatever is empty needs to be filled. In the case of the narcissist, this space is filled with a very dark, malevolent energy. They personify evil. Spend even a short amount of time with a narcissist - you will literally feel this energy/spirit. Run!"

"They lie in the face of evidence."

"Narcissist are not real ppl, they are demons."

"Narcs are here on this earth doing the Devil's handy work. Nothing but the Jezebel Spirit!!"

"They are incredibly weak, cowardly and pitiful beings. They will deny all facts, try and force you to believe in their false self and then call you "crazy" when you disagree."

"Narcissists are impostors and frauds and this is the actual person we are meeting at the beginning.We were fooled by someone pretending to be a normal person, we were not to know.They turn nasty in a very short time with their partners as there aim is to confuse us and get us quickly into a trauma bond with them before we are truly awakened and aware to the nightmare that they really are.They have a very wicked mentality which is not what normal people have.Learn the red flags and walk away from anyone when you feel or sense that their anger may be triggered as once they show this sign a narc rage is not far away. Don't feed this beast."

Someone said these targets choose to be abused. No. The narc perpetrator has a skilled and diabolical repertoire of techniques intended to work against loving and idealistic souls. Like this last comment says, they seek to create and exploit a trauma bond, and from that point they have a suite of weaponry that uses against the target their own loving and caring nature. It's complicated to describe and these videos are not for everyone.

However, I believe this material could also be valuable to those doing in-depth studies on world realities. I seem to have this idea there are a few high-level intellectuals coming across channels like this one, using the videos to contribute to some of the best and most valuable thinking humanity has produced.

Open, uncensored content is essential to thinking accurately about life. Before the Internet it was possible to control thought by monopolizing what got published and distributed. The Internet is trending in the same direction.

Reese Daniel says, "crimsonlotus 1122: Excellent observation. Yes the narc puts a "fog" on the brains of the people around them so that they cannot hear or process the truth. The truth becomes like poison to them. They have a demonic stronghold placed on their minds that the messenger of truth automatically becomes "the enemy" to them. I think this process is the "bundling together of the tares for burning" mentioned in the Bible. (I had to reply to your comment at the top of the page because the youtube psychopaths keep deleting my replies)."

Reese is a narc abuse survivor who had to leave her family. She has a good, able mind and an excellent understanding of true Christianity. I've also seen her on Know More News videos.

I wish people would not gas-light and undermine the experiences of abuse victims as happens far too commonly.

10 months ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/MlMTA0Zj3dI

Her videos have lots of down votes, and in this case that's actually a good sign.

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/TMcj7tlxiT0

Much truth here.

Again an important point to state is that you might think you're so good and innocent that no one would really mean ill against you. That's how I was such that I found the malicious conspiring so bizarre and difficult to believe that I literally could not believe my eyes, which allowed the narc gang to play into that through their advanced gas-lighting and curses and whatever tactics they use from the DARK side of reality. My goodness and innocence only told them they were right for wanting to destroy me. I know that now, but in those days I was just confounded.

Consider all the Christian and other religious martyrs. They weren't targeted because they were evil. They were targeted by evil people because they were obviously good.

These evil people feel very smart when their targets aren't aware of what is going on and allow them to get close to inflict the damages they are trying to inflict.

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/YF4vcPxCvHk

The highest-rated comment reads: "poison toxic demonic fake humans."

Someone else says, "They do not have an ego. They are synthetic beings that NEED Organic supply- because they do not have it."

One thing I know is that they are very different from me internally so I'm careful not to assume too much. Ideas based in race were getting me in trouble because I had no idea just how drastically people vary spiritually irrespective of what racial organisms they are in. You can't tell if a European is moral just because their skin is white. Why would demons inhabit only non-European bodies? It doesn't even make sense.

When I confronted one that it was a demon, it didn't deny it, it simply knew that I knew and immediately began retaliating (covertly). I was foolish in that instance to say as much, but I didn't yet know the full extent of what I was dealing with. A part of me still could not believe the full reality of pure evil. I must have thought there had to be some semblance of a conscience that would feel shame and sorrow on being perceived as demonic by someone like me, who had no ill intentions, was righteous and moral, and just wanted to be constructive.

Needless to say I've experienced some awful people in European bodies, which makes just fine sense when you don't believe we're just animals who are nothing more than our bodies.

If you still don't know, morality doesn't cure demons, it emboldens them to destroy you.

Share any insights.

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/ld5nrEHSVWE

Share your insights. I know a worldview based on race is a deception because we are not mere animals. We have profound spiritual aspects independent of our DNA. This is why the establishment loves to label as White supremacists or White nationalists those exposing their lies because it keeps the opposition inside the divide and conquer animal farm they control. Then instead of having their damaging lies exposed, the opposition is smeared as being something other than for truth and morality.

"You are a soul; you have a body." George Macdonald

George Macdonald, (born Dec. 10, 1824, Huntly, Aberdeen, Scot.—died Sept. 18, 1905, Ashtead, Surrey, Eng.), novelist of Scottish life, poet, and writer of Christian allegories of man’s pilgrimage back to God, who is remembered chiefly, however, for his allegorical fairy stories, which have continued to delight children and their elders.

I put the title in quotes because I have a more nuanced take.

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/LRF57HHqxWg

"They are emotional, spiritual and physical vampires."

"They love to call people stupid but they are the dumbest of them all."

"They do have a demon attached to them."

"Do not allow them to bite you twice. They are cruel and I hate the flying monkeys. Please go no contact. Leave them alone. Release them."

"Ive gone into having no contact. Now she is sick and going into the hospital. Im not falling for it. Lies and deceit. Pure evil."

"One thing I've learned when it comes to dealing with these demons is that when you get to the point of going no contact... You better make sure that you STAY NO CONTACT! Do whatever you need to do in order to purge yourself of these people...If you have to do a shut-in in your home for a while, do it and avoid these people like the plague!..I sincerely mean this! They will try to send you text messages, letters via USPS, social media, email and any way shape or form to reach you. Even if the narcissist calls or text you tell you that someone has died DON'T answer it! Don't even allow death to break no contact!..Just tell yourself you will see whoever the person is who passed away in Heaven if they were a decent person.They are pathetic evil individuals who will go about any avenue to suck you back into their levels of Hades! Always make sure that you block them in every way because you're literally in a fight for your life after being entangled with one of Satans entities. Whether they be former friends, family (such as a spouse, siblings, Parents/GrandParents, cousins, aunts/uncles) coworkers, Managers, and definitely neighbors make sure that you stay as far away as possible from these beings after discovering what they are....Because they will go to any length or depth to destroy you! Always remember that these narcissistic demons are ALWAYS lurking in the shadows trying to find and grasp upon any form information they can find on you. These son-of-a-guns are always watching you and monitoring everything about you from afar as well as close up. Narcissists are very sick minded people and they cannot be trusted because they will do any and anything for supply. These people are pure evil!"

10 months, 2 weeks ago

Copied from https://youtu.be/HUBnReNxpfw

From the comments: "we are all narcs. in some shape or form. come on now."

People saying things like that have no idea what these videos really are about. In reply:

"No. This video is about something else. This subject is COVERT MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS. These people are rare and dangerous and very undercover. They are duplicitous, and enjoy hurting others. NOT ALL OF US ARE LIKE THAT."

"there is huge difference. Your absolutely correct. They come in a disguise of compassion & are hard to detect until everything unravels. What they scheme behind the scenes is a well thought out masterpiece of destruction. They will steal your money, destroy your life in ways you can't even imagine. This type is the closest to hell you'll ever come. I'm writing a book called "Stranger In My Own Home." I am a paranormal researcher so the book was initially focused in this direction. However, the real stranger was the known, not the unknown. I plan to write it this way. Im hoping others can learn from my experience."

10 months, 2 weeks ago