1. A Piero 4:00
2. No Olvido 4:53
3. Jan Palach 2:25
4. Desolacion 5:09
5. Estais Ahi 5:33
6. Rudolf Hess 2:46
7. Inconformista 3:16
8. Retorno 2:41
9. Boia Chi Molla 4:03
10. Hija De Europa 4:36

1 day, 4 hours ago

Irish nationalist farmer & politician Niall McConnell takes on The EU & the entire liberal establishment. Check out my original music: https://lordstompy.bandcamp.com/ . For bookings, CDs or contact: [email protected] Donate to my channel: paypal.me/LordStompyAU My YT music channel https://www.youtube.com/c/LordStompyHarpLoonyTunes/featured Check out Niall's channel Síol na hÉireann: https://www.purged.tv/channel/2299221656/SiolnahEireann

1 week, 6 days ago

01. A Call For Freedom (05:29)
02. A Glorious Day (04:10)
03. Cradle Of Hate (04:05)
04. Last Living Hour (06:37)
05. Nordland (06:26)
06. Pride And Pain (04:03)
07. Europe Awake (03:23)
08. We Want War (05:30)
09. Words Of Power (04:51)
10. Alone (04:26)
11. Don't Fight Each Other (06:45)
12. Rainy Days (01:12)
13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (01:51)
14. A Call For Freedom 2 (02:53)

1 month ago

Learn The Truth, Revise History and forget what main stream TV, Books and school teaches about our history - Remember, Only the Victors get to write history. Do your own research for the Truth - SEE BELOW

Recommended Docs -

Europa - The Last Battle (slightly shorter version, original can be found in 10 seperate parts)

Hellstorm - The Biggest Cover Up In History - By Thomas GoodRich

The Fred Leuchter Report - Holocaust Truth

The Holocaust - Why We Beleive

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax - Documentary

The Auschwitz Gas Chamber Hoax - Documentary

6 Million Lies
Part 1 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/qRKJvRw6UlHq/
Part 2 - https://www.bitchute.com/video/7y0sTGlut77S/

Witness Testimones From The Camps

The Greatest Story Never Told -

A Message To England From Hitler - War & Slavery HITLER RACIST???

Communism By The Backdoor - A New World Order Documentary

Judea Declares War On Germany

The Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 - inc Russian & Spanish Civil War - By Dennis Wise

1 month ago

Find Harry_knowledge123 on Brighteon,Playback Issues Are Non-existent- https://www.brighteon.com/channels/harryknowledge123
Emily discusses Isabel Peralta, the 18 year old girl who named the Jew at a Nationalist rally in Spain, as well as the parallels between the Spanish Civil War and the political situation in America today.
(MIRRORED) All credit goes to Emily Youcis ---- https://www.bitchute.com/video/H6JaukG6Da09/

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Our Purpose, Our Destiny

Dr. William Luther Pierce

Join me on my DLive Channel for live broadcasts:

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Part 10:

- The Nationalist Revolution & The Awakening
- Credits

This documentary is only for educational and informational purposes. The content is not intended to condone violence or hate.
We must seek revolution through the education of the masses. When this information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable.
We don’t hate anyone on account of their race, ethnicity, sexuality or skin-color.
We completely oppose anyone who promotes racial hatred, supremacy, violence or illegality.
We DON’T applaud or condone any alleged genocide.

The Truth Fears No Investigation.

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Little Update, seems mike Enoch might be a jew and controlled discidence, make your own conclusions:

Top neo-Nazi shock jock grew up in the N.J. suburbs - and had a Jewish wife.

"Peinovich was outed last winter as a New York City-based neo-Nazi thought leader with a Jewish wife. Here's what he's been up to lately".

Neo-Nazi Website Implodes After Founder Admits To Marrying A Jew,

White supremacist outed for having Jewish wife.
17 January 2017.

Now, is not exactly to promote the party itself, but to look for organizations that could help all of us against this 2020-2030 agenda. Since is new and i do not know any of the members and even if the ideas and propositions are good i just dont know for sure if can be trusted and are not controlled disidence but since times is short and we need all the help we can get I will give them the benefit of the doubt but recommend you to investigate the mebers and make sure they are not controlled disidence or tiedly connected to the jews, freemasons, zionists and such.

Not sure if this person even existed and how much of this might be true bit just seeing the panorama is difficult not to beleive many of this.- FINAL WORDS David Elias Goldberg Classified Docs Reveal DEADLY Project Zyphr.

Hidden Covid-19 Vaccine Conspiracy.

And you know the phrase "Better safe than sorry".

Time is ticking so get a weapon, organize and form groups:

Moving Forward in a Dark Time: Guidance from William Pierce, part 1.

Everything Is Anti-Semitic - NO: You Can't Think or Talk Like That - Antisemite Antisemite.

10 steps for genocide.

Who killed Jhon F. Kennedy?(not sure is true but it could).

Quanon's farce, was created to buy time and give false hope.

Alex Jones BEFORE and AFTER selling out to the Zionist Jews.




David Icke Debunked - Freemason Influence.

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Happy New Year for 2021, be full of courage, boldness and strength.

MUSIC ARTIST: ➦ https://soundcloud.com/amalecab/voice-of-our-ancestors
T.G GROUP: ➦ https://t.me/ThePatriArt

3 months ago

Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/40BbHWu45lCr/

• The Nationalist Revolution
• The Awakening
• Credits

Documentary Website: https://europathelastbattle.wordpress.com/

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Support The White Rabbit:
Send Bitcoin: bc1qf9utqa72l8qmpsh0xhmppv0vcmve2tk8t9zjug
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3 months, 2 weeks ago

`Vart Svenska Lynne` (2008)

4 months ago

`Vart Svenska Lynne` (2008)

4 months ago

Original song "Freiheit" by Landser, "Freedom" by Bound For Glory(under the name Comrades) was part of a benefit album for the band Landser. This song is dedicated to all nationalists who have become victims of this anti-White system. Don't let our brothers be forgotten. Their struggle is our struggle.
Support: https://www.gminority.org

4 months ago

Artist: Aufmarsch
Song: 100% Nationalist
Album: 100% (2001 Wotan Records)
Country: Germany

4 months ago


1. Du Spürst Die Wut
2. Wer Kennt Sie Nicht
3. Selbstmord Gegen Rechts
4. Wie Es Um Deutschland Steht
5. Jeden Tag Die Gleiche Scheiße
6. Der Geruch Der Anarchie
7. Schranken Müssen Fallen
8. Die Grauen Wölfe
9. Bürgerwehr
10. Kampf Der Lethargie

4 months, 2 weeks ago


1. White Resistance
2. Dead Man Walking
3. Stranger In My Own Land
4. Red Ensign
5. For Our Race
6. Never Surrender
7. False Friend
8. No Sanctuary
9. Weight Of The World
10. Heros Never Die
11. Never Too Late
12. Schlesien
13. See You Again

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Here's a few clips of European pro-white, nationalist, or national socialist movements that are rising all across Europe. All of these videos were taken from documentaries made within the last couple of years, which show that - despite how easy it is to get blackpilled - people are waking up more than ever.

Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Jayme Louis Liardi is the author of Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Part memoir, part manifesto - all call to action. Liardi’s goal is simple, to inspire the disenfranchised youth of today, to give his fellow millennials the tools to combat this modern world of nihilistic materialism.

Using his own experiences, Liardi gives the reader hope and clarity in a world of despair and confusion. Liardi’s message is clear: nothing short of personal Revelation and a collective Return to Virtue will allow us to combat this modern moral decay.

Website: www.jaymeliardi.com
Red Ice TV

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Serbian nationalist politician Vojislav Seselj has been aquitted of war crimes. Euronews interviewed Seselj last November when he was awaiting his verdict in Belgrade.

Here he talks about why he believes the Hague Tribunal is anti-Serbian and why he would not return to the Hague.

5 months, 2 weeks ago


5 months, 3 weeks ago

From the group „Funkenflug“.
Original post by Dr. Ludwig

●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬❈ LYRICS ❈▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●

Es dröhnt eine Trommel im deutschen Land,
Die dröhnt bei Nacht und bei Tag.
Seit Deutschland zerschlagen und verbrannt
Und sterbend am Boden lag.
Seit Deutschland zerschlagen und verbrannt
Und sterbend am Boden lag.

Und hinter der Trommel Soldat an Soldat
Und Singen und Fluch und Gebet.
Wir müssen marschieren Kamerad
Für das Volk das in Ketten liegt.

Wir müssen marschieren bei Tag und bei Nacht
Für das Volk, für das Land, für die Tat.
Es lodern die Flammen die wir entfacht,
Wir halten die Wacht, wir halten die Wacht,
Für Deutschland, Kamerad!

Und hinter der Trommel Soldat an Soldat
Und Singen und Fluch und Gebet.
Wir müssen marschieren Kamerad
Für das Volk, das in Ketten liegt.

6 months ago

Der Böhse Wolf - 3. (ST) Reich (2016)

6 months, 1 week ago


01. Cuna De Guerreros
02. Las Calles
03. Bajo la Cruz Y La Espada
04. Mi Tierra
05. Ley De Vida

Jolly Rogers

06. Alma Marinera
07. Nunca Caminaras Solo
08. Barcelona
09. Sonia
10. Resistire

6 months, 3 weeks ago

A Revolução Nacionalista e o Despertar
The Nationalist Revolution and the Awakening

6 months, 4 weeks ago

A girl on Twitter, @LaurenRoseUltra The message is good and important.

#whitenationalist #nationalist #nationalism

7 months ago

In this nine minute clip (in German), the capital city of Germany, Berlin is shown in the year 1936.
The victory monument and the Brandenburg gate can be seen. Important buildings in Berlin are shown, such as the Air Ministry, Culture, and various Churches.

7 months, 3 weeks ago


1. Pride And Purity (Nemesis Cover)
2. Frågor Till Far (Svensk Ungdom Cover)
3. One (Ken McLellan Cover)
4. Farewell Ian Stuart (No Remorse Cover)

7 months, 3 weeks ago


01. Aversion
02. Die Büchse der Pandora
03. Geborenes Recht
04. Dein Weg
05. Journalist
06. Ein Tag im Mai
07. Stille Gedanken
08. Spiel mit dem Feuer
09. Krieger im Neonlicht
10. Falsche Fuffziger (Daily Terror cover)

8 months ago

CD` `Midgard - Pro Patria III`

8 months, 1 week ago

CD´ `Midgard - Pro Patria III`

8 months, 1 week ago

CD `Trägen Vinner` (2015)

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Well with this current Marxist color revolution occurring on I decided to make this as a form of Rally call. A reminder that in worse of times that our ancestors dug their heels into the dirt and CHARGED!
Patreon link for shekels:
My Shop:

8 months, 3 weeks ago

WELLL Armenia has once again gone to war with their Turkic neighbors... I decided to make this vid out of solidarity with a fellow Christian people and as Rosenburg states an Aryan people. The photo is from the Armenian Legion, a Wehrmacht volunteer unit that fought gains the reds on the eastern front! Stay Strong Armenia!

Patreon link for shekels:
My Shop:

Lyrics Romanization:
Sasna kʻaǰer vercʻrin zenkʻer,
Mahn ačʻkʻerun meǰ aṙan,
Hayocʻ azgi kuys aġǰikner
Askyarner xlin taran։

Hay kʻaǰer, hay kʻaǰer, žamn ē mer ōrhasakan,
Hay kamavorneri xmbov pit aršavenkʻ Hayastan։

Yur kʻaǰerov ēr byuravor,
Taron ašxarhi sarer
Mšo dašten minčʻev Sasun
Kʻaǰ Arabon ku hsker։

Hay kʻaǰer, hay kʻaǰer, žamn ē mer ōrhasakan,
Araboyi širmov kertʻvinkʻ pit azatenkʻ Hayastan։

Fidayapet Gevorg Čʻavuš
Yur kʻaǰerov ansasan,
Yur katarac sxrankʻnerov
Grčʻvecʻ Sareri aslan։

Hay kʻaǰer, hay kʻaǰer, žamn ē mer ōrhasakan,
Mer eṙaguyn droši nerkʻo pit azatenkʻ Hayastan։

Serob Aġbyur Nemrutʻ sarum
Erdviltvecʻ kʻaǰerun,
Hayrenikʻi siruyn hamar
Kam mah, kam Azatutʻyun։

Hay kʻaǰer, hay kʻaǰer, žamn ē mer ōrhasakan,
Mer eṙaguyn droši nerkʻo pit azatenkʻ Hayastan

9 months ago

Close the door, light the fire
We're staying home tonight
Far away from the multi-cultural bright city lights
Let them all fade away, just leave us alone
And we'll live in a world of our own

We'll build a world of our own
That no-one else can share
All our sorrows we'll leave far behind us there
And I know you will find there'll be peace of mind
When we live in a world of our own

Oh my land, oh my land
I"ve cried for you so much
White knights over-reaching
Selling out, betraying us
Now their lies can't erase diversity aches
You would see in a world of our own

9 months, 2 weeks ago

There's a new world order
They call the promised land
And they'll get their order
Unless we take a stand...
I will need you there beside me
No matter what they do
This is why we'll never trust another -

There is always one land
For each of us they say
But we lose our homeland
When we let them have their way
They would take the whole world over
Until our kind is through
This is why we'll never trust another -

It's a long long journey
So stay by my side
When we walk through the storm we'll be alright
Truth is might

If they offer you a fortune they'll make you pay the toll
They will promise you tomorrow but make you sell your soul
Don't give up, don't take the ticket
No matter what they do
This is how we never trust another ruse
Another ruse

It's always 4/20 somewhere. How do you honor your ancestors?

9 months, 2 weeks ago


1 Welcome
2 Time
3 Guldgrävaren
4 Come On
5 Monica
6 Nu Blommar Det
7 Den Vilda Krigaren
8 Woman
9 Bedrövelsens Tidevarv
10 Kärlekens Drömmar
11 Flickor Och Pojkar
12 Ung Och Vild

10 months ago


00:00 01 Intro
00:58 02 Auf Ein Wort
06:01 03 Der Letzte Tag
10:12 04 Im Herzen Tragend...
14:52 05 Sang Der Geächteten
21:33 06 Hymne Der Treue
26:09 07 Give A Swing!
31:02 08 An Europas Erben
34:12 09 Spielverderber
42:18 10 MHD
47:33 11 Der Staat Mit Der Einsernen Maske
53:18 12 Lichtbringer
58:01 13 Heimwärts

Youtubefund: Aller Dank gilt dem Videoersteller und dem Künstler

10 months, 3 weeks ago


1 Intro
2 Kein Traum
3 Pinocchio
4 Whiskey-Cola
Music By – Mann And Weil
5 Solange Mein Herz Noch Schlägt
Lyrics By – Alfons WeindorfMusic By – Bernd Meinunger
6 Gebot
7 Jahrzent Der Lüge
8 Ich Gehöre Dir
9 Multikulti Funktioniert
10 Scheißegal
11 Was Ist Geschehen
12 Schlaflied
13 Kein Traum (Ballade)
14 Schlaflied (Ohne Schlagzeug)
15 Vaterland (Live)
Written-By – Nordwind (3)

11 months ago

Yes...another shitpost for our favorite magic Latino helicopter man

My Shop:

11 months ago


1 Eigentlich Hübsch Hier (Intro) 0:13
2 Rattenfänger 4:07
3 Terrorzelle 3:30
4 Mann Des Gesetzes 4:01
5 Die Datei 4:03
6 Unsere Norm 4:29
7 Dany Dattel 3:30
8 Nickneger 3:38
9 Konfetti 3:08
10 Farbenlied 3:14
11 Männer Mit Werten II 2:18
12 Musikus 3:00
13 Outro 0:14
14 Komm Mit Uns! 4:07
15 Der Abschiebemann (Beruf Der Zukunft) 3:28
16 Fahnenmeer 4:36
17 Das Gibt Es Nur In Deutschland 2:45
18 Weißt Du 2:41

11 months, 4 weeks ago

Slovenská republika bol štátny útvar v časti územia dnešného Slovenska od vyhlásenia samostatnosti Snemom Slovenskej krajiny 14. marca 1939 do 8. mája 1945

1 year, 1 month ago

Tonträger: `Fremd im eigenen Land 2X18`

1 year, 1 month ago

Tonträger: `Fremd im eigenen Land 2X18`

1 year, 1 month ago

Tonträger: `Fremd im eigenen Land 2X18`

1 year, 1 month ago