The Knights of the Round Table is a concept first proposed in the Arthurian legends.

When I began my Excalibur - Lady of the Lake series at G+ in October 2017 I had the benefit of explaining in the comment section in response to comments posted by my viewership on my original published post in the series my rather dispassionate attitudes towards the Arthurian legends as the only reason I chose it as the title of my series is because once the Lady of the Lake had handed the sword Excalibur to Arthur her active participation was complete, which perfectly reflected my attitudes towards my real life commitments at the time insofar as I am obliged by mutual agreement with my sponsors to attend certain social functions for which I am always the last to arrive and first to leave.

There is nothing romantic about the Arthurian legend as it essentially is a long drawn out tragic tale about the incompetency of men who even when charged with the noble quest of establishing a just and equitable advanced civilisation were incapable of setting aside their petty rivalries for the greater good. Of course, the original author - male - must have at some stage during the initial draft of the story realised just how pathetic were the men in his tale so in order to salvage some respectability for his male characters he took the standard route males always do by making Queen Guinevere an unfaithful whore whose promiscuous behaviour always struck me as being uncharacteristically odd for a woman of her social status because in order for her to engage in illicit sexual relations with allegedly Sir Lancelot she would have had to willfully:

1: Betray her god

2: Betray her king

3: Betray her husband

4: Betray her people

All the while risking certain death if her illicit sexual affair was ever discovered.

All of which would mean Queen Guinevere in an era when female chastity was hailed as a supreme virtue possessed the most aching sopping wet unsatisfied pussy of any woman in the history of the world, who, was obviously too stupid to figure out how waxed candles have a convenient accommodating smooth cylindrical shape to them, which can be molded with a bit of heat to snugly fit any recess.

Hence my rather dispassionate attitudes towards the Arthurian legends as any woman who can't shape a dildo out of a candle obviously doesn't possess the intelligence to be a queen of anything.

In actuality my Knights of the Round Table concept has little to do with the Arthurian legend as it is primarily based on the Roman Plebeian Council, which was originally established in 494BC fifteen years after the Roman Republic was established in 509BC.

My main interest in the Plebeian Council initially had been the implications for Roman society when Rome ceased to be a republic after which the Council was dissolved some time after the reign of Tiberius having long lost its legislative, judicial and electoral powers to the senate decades earlier because of Julius Caesar's political wranglings.

Of course, in order to understand the implications to Roman society resulting from the Plebeian Council being dissolved you'd first have to be aware of how Roman society was both socially and politically structured, which the Founding Fathers of the United States of America were no doubt aware as it is reflective in the way they structured their political system.

Since January 2014 when I first began my endeavours I have never encountered a single person in real life or on the Internet who remotely understands National Socialism let alone its relations to the Plebeian Council.

I have encountered however thousands upon thousands of lowly intelligent fuckwit males online posting shit about National Socialism for which they obviously know fuck all about.

In my next video with the assistance of graphics I intend to finally explain the underlying rationale with respect to my plans to publicly execute 125 million pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade, which will undoubtedly total 300 million by 2040 as I want this vile and repulsive scourge erased from the planet.

As I will explain logic structures can have multiple logical parameters which usually are denoted as variable constants that act as transitional gateways within the logic structure, however, there can only be a single logical denominator.

I've selected pathetic weak white males as the logical denominator because if I were to use any other logical denominator the logic structure would fail.

It is common knowledge I personally find leftist libtard white women equally repulsive as I do pathetic weak white males.

I haven't used repulsive white women as the logical denominator for the simple reason everyone is born of a woman.

Do you ever stop and wonder just how vile and repulsive must be the mothers of these pathetic trash talking weak white males?

I do.

Do you think a woman like me would simply ignore that influential aspect?

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A man, whose greatest crime was loving his people too much
This is a shorter version of an early video I posted.

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Year: 196?
University: ??

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There exists a natural symmetry to life denoted by how many things pair or require pairing to reproduce.

For instance, the human body consists of multiple pairs: feet, hands, legs, arms, eyes, ears, testicles, ovaries, breasts, kidneys, adrenal glands, lungs along with chromosomes.

Photosynthesis is an example of reproductive pairing which is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy.

A pairing ignored by most people is life in a complex advanced society consists of two components:

1: Agency

2: System

Agency provides people with the unfettered freedom to do whatever they like with their life even to the extent of making a complete and utter shemozzle of it.

Whereas, in contrast, the system doesn't enjoy such freedom as it remains forever blunt, brutal and rigid.

I regularly meet new people at social functions who I may not encounter again for twelve or eighteen months or ever again.

When I first meet these people their priorities in life can either be their career, business, another woman if it is a man or a combination of all three.

Eighteen months later their priorities may have changed to finding themselves a wife which usually is where I factor into the equation as even more alluring than my physical beauty is my marital status of having never been married.

My readership at G+ were aware of the pure happenstance to do with me posting content at G+ as it is not something I would have voluntarily instigated myself just as I had never voluntarily established a Facebook account, which I detailed in the description box on my first video in my series Black Winged Angel - Introduction.

The short story is I had established a YouTube account in 2006 which automatically entitled me along with every other person who had a YouTube account to a G+ account when Google launched their social media platform in mid 2013.

In December 2013 I had tricked a repulsive piece-of-shit - a Jew - I had encountered in 2011 on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart forum into deleting his own precious blogs which initially had me go to another forum to gloat, which was deleted within two weeks as a result of a cyber attack by another repulsive piece-of-shit I had earned my Siren black wings psychologically terrorising in October 2011.

Not to be deterred I availed myself of my dormant until then G+ account Google had given me six months previously to gloat, as the only time I ever get to showcase my phenomenal talents is when I am gloating about the misery I've inflicted on some objectionable piece-of-shit.

G+ was always ancillary to my primary purpose during 2014 and 2015 of developing a new robust life operating system for which Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and Third Reich would bear influence with the intention of purging everyone from my life beginning 2016, which is exactly how everything unfolded.

So, in late 2016 I'm in conversation with this billionaire I had encountered at a few previous social functions who was interested in knowing whether I'd be interested in altering my marital status with him which was the first time the full implications of my G+ activities posting content expressing anti-Jewish sentiments became a real life issue insofar as if I were to marry this billionaire and he and I had children together and something was to go wrong with the marriage and he and I divorced; I could be at real risk of losing my children in any subsequent custody dispute despite the fact:

1: I had been the primary carer being a stay at home mum (Significant determining factor in family law)

2: My children were healthy and well-adjusted

3: I'd been the perfect mum

4: 90% of contested custody cases favour the mother

5: My elite social status

6: My association with the Australian judiciary

7: My connections to political power

So, with all that in my favour as a mother I could still be at risk of losing custody of my children because of a fabricated so-called Jewish Holocaust story because the lawyers representing my billionaire husband would be delinquent in their duties in not trying to paint me as some Jew hating Nazi lover, which I dare say would be an assault on my character I would withstand.

However, I would have no defence against some vile Jew whispering in the ear of the judge the Jewish cable wouldn't be too thrilled if I were to prevail in my custody case.

It was in awareness of this potential scenario that had me proposition my intended billionaire husband to build me a luxury cruise liner that was designed to break apart on its maiden voyage mid Pacific Ocean in shark infested waters causing all the passengers to be eaten alive and killed, who, coincidentally just so happened to be the entire Australian judiciary enjoying a free luxury cruise I had organised.

In March 2017 I published a truncated version of this story on my G+ profile.

To be continued...

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Regardless of what the Jews have planned or what happens between now and the year 2030 the third decade of the 21st century will forever be known as the Decade of the Sirens.

A decade that will forever be defined by the unavoidable savage and brutal maelstrom that is a natural occurrence whenever mankind evolves and ascends to a more perfect state of being.

I obviously tread a very narrow line with respect to being accused a feminist, man-hater, controlling woman or a genocidal psychopathic Evil Succubus; none of which is true except for the part about being a genocidal psychopathic Evil Succubus as that part is true.

Well, it will be next decade.

As I've previously mentioned, this particular miniseries of mine has been designed to address the underlying rationale to my rather vexing proposition for a lot of white males of publicly executing 125 million pathetic weak white males by the end of this decade, which is slightly further advanced with this video in which I have symbolically used a tiara to illustrate the two governing/crowning principles of the Knights of the Round Table, which are culture and protection.

All of which is better explained with the facilitation of diagrams, which I'll soon get around to doing.

It was on November 13th, 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy a phrase that has reverberated ever since: “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".

If Benjamin Franklin had of written in the same letter, "Oh, by the way, the third certainty in life is there is absolutely no risk of intelligence ever becoming contagious so we are pretty much wasting our fucking time with this bullshit notion of establishing government of the people, by the people, for the people, as I am quite sure before the ink used to print the Constitution is even dry the Jews will have duped the people" he would have scored the trifecta in life certainties and no doubt have been hailed as more of an intellectual genius than he already is today.

The prevailing corona virus scamdemic that currently has the entire world locked down is incontrovertible proof in and of itself government of the people, by the people, for the people, long ago perished from the earth - if it ever existed.

I am the youngest - by ten years - and only girl of a three sibling family.

Whereas, I am one of the most beautiful and intelligent women ever born to this world my two older brothers are your typical dumb downed gullible schmucks. That doesn't mean they are unintelligent people as one has his own successful graphic design studio employing a team of people and the other is a gifted medical professional. It just means choosing to follow in our father's footsteps in becoming Freemasons has dulled their perceptions.

I am a woman who has had millions of dollars invested in her to be an ankle up high society social beauty which is why in my Black Winged Angel - Cinderella to Corona video I mentioned except for being provided with the glass slippers I was a finished product as far as my investors were concerned, which I obviously mean as a metaphor inferring nothing I had been groomed to be was remotely grounded in reality.

It is because of this event I developed my own heaven and earth philosophy in which I am always the heaven seeking an earthly anchor, which was the catalyst for my Siren phase as well as what ultimately led me to Adolf Hitler, National Socialism and the Third Reich.

Of particular issue is the fact powerless people think and act powerlessly for the obvious reason they're powerless which invariably leads them to having false illusions about power they'll never possess whereas people who socialise in circles of power tend to be extremely conservative with respect to the benefits of seeking power, which I mention in reference to the phrase 'refined and distilled wisdom' that I mentioned in my video.

When I was at G+ I mentioned how in 2003 I became aware of the plight of fathers with respect to Family Court custody disputes as a result of news reports to do with fathers in the United Kingdom protesting their unfair treatment by scaling public buildings such as Buckingham Palace. Subsequently, here in Australia I followed the fathers movements bid for Equal Shared Parenting in 2005 purely from a legal perspective as I was a fresh young lawyer back then.

In 2016 I confronted a similar situation to Stephanie Seymour who is the bride in my previous video in which a billionaire wanted to make me his trophy wife, which undoubtedly would have been a loveless marriage had I accepted his proposal.

In my next video I will conclude this story of the billionaire as well as explain why I have mentioned my brothers, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, fathers as well as why I have used another rock ballad by Guns N' Roses in this video.

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Original German archived footage in a ten minute montage of the rise of national socialism in German and the economic miracle that in just 5yrs saved millions of ethnic Germans from poverty, starvation, unemployment and debt.

Source @archive.org

3 weeks ago

Activists from Sweden’s Nest 2 and Nest 7 take to the streets of Gothenburg for a public activity.

More: https://nordicresistancemovement.org/public-activity-in-gothenburg/

3 weeks, 3 days ago

Three nests of the Nordic Resistance Movement meet in Norrköping for a public rally.

More: https://nordicresistancemovement.org/protect-the-children-rally-in-norrkoping

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A Polish translation of one of Magister Populi's videos.
I did not create the source video.

Link to the Axis Speeches archive of the source video:

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A few musings on a conversation with a friend.

1 month ago

Tabitha talks about:
-Words of wisdom from AH
-Differences between abrahamism vs. racial spirituality
-9 noble virtues and steps to Aryan awareness
-Carl Linnaeus' 5 varieties of human species
-Lies of public fool
-The Future is White article
-The Good Society (National Socialism)

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Let us not forget Sir Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell. AWOKENGOYIM ORIGINAL CONTENT COMING SOON STAY TUNED!

1 month ago

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement hold a banner action in Farum, Denmark, with the message “Preserve the Danish people”.

More: https://nordicresistancemovement.org/preserve-the-danish-people-banner-action-in-farum

1 month ago

࿕Heil Hitler!࿕
Where the video is mirrored from but originally it was on his own channel,Thule Productions, before (((YouTube))) disgustingly shut his channel down back in 2018.
The difference between Fascism and National Socialism

A few more videos and audio here on Archive:

Nordic Resistance Movement | The National Socialist Front Line

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Adolf Hitler speech about the economic situation in Germany in front of the Reichstag in Berlin on 30 January 1937
mirrored from https://www.bitchute.com/channel/political_hacker/

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I am most likely one of the very few women in the world who has ever had the romantic princess fantasy experience of being carried in a man's arms unknowing of her destination where she was to be gently laid down in a soft bed of rose petals in a glassed framed garden gazebo located amidst beautiful gardens surrounded by the most beautiful orchids in the world decorating the enclosed space from floor to ceiling.

It is actually this life qualifying event which I experienced at the tender age of twenty-five that has inspired both my Knights of the Round Table concept as well as my adaptive extension of National Socialism titled National Socialism Romance.

National Socialism Romance as with the Knights of the Round Table are in essence a quest for perfection in circumstances where a person is physically immersed in emotionally and psychologically awe inspiring spellbinding perfection whilst simultaneously of the awareness it is not quite perfect for her or him.

In my personal experience the lack of perfection stemmed from the fact my dashing romantic suitor was more than twice my age who was married with children older than me.

The significance of my inclusion of the final scene from the movie 'Captain Phillips' starring Tom Hanks has to do with the fact director Paul Greengrass engaged the services of a professional paramedic - Danielle Albert - to shoot the scene as he correctly deduced an unscripted professional paramedic who actually is a Corpsman on the guided missile destroyer Truxtun who deals with trauma patients on a regular basis as part of her occupation would give a more convincing performance than a scripted actor.

Tom Hanks brilliantly follows her lead throughout the entire scene with her concluding the scene expressing in the most tender lovingly motherly tone, "Everything is going to be okay".

I have selected American rock band Guns N' Roses hauntingly evocative rock ballad 'November Rain' for the following three reasons:

1: In the movie 'Inception' starring Leonardo DiCaprio his character's wife commits suicide by jumping to her death from their apartment window having framed her husband for her death because she couldn't cope with the reality of the real world after experiencing a dream state world together with her husband and children.

2: The ballad 'November Rain' is the second song of a trilogy Guns N' Roses were inspired to write based on a short story titled 'Without You’ written by journalist and author Del James who was a friend of lead singer Axl Rose. It is a horribly written short story in which the girlfriend of a rock star commits suicide by shooting herself in the head with a revolver.

3: Stephanie Seymour is the bride in the video clip who is a model and actress whose modelling career includes being a Victoria's Secret supermodel in the late 90s who was actually the girlfriend of Axl Rose when filming the video for 'November Rain'. He and her would become engaged before soon afterwards separating only for her to even sooner afterwards marry a billionaire who was still married to a woman with whom he had sired five children thereby becoming the quintessential trophy wife. She already had a child from a previous short lived marriage a few years before and would give birth to two more children sired by her billionaire husband. I've mentioned her because she is now a recovering drug addict and alcoholic which illustrates the implications of Beauty Anesthesia I've previously mentioned for which being a trophy wife is the ultimate incarnation.

All of which I now mention because there obviously exists a lot of white males in this world who have never heard of Newton's unpublished first law of judicial discretion which states for every non-action there is an equal and opposite non-action, which when translated into the vernacular essentially means if you don't give a flying fuck why should a judge.

It also appears a lot of white males are of the false belief the agency to say and do anything they like if not compatible with the system then the system is at fault.

Not only is this the mindset of a complete and utter loser it is a mindset the Jews encourage white males to possess because it then makes them social pariahs to be avoided and shunned.

There is not a white male on this planet who doesn't have at least one, two or in excess of a dozen of these loser white males in their social sphere of influence who have always unwittingly acted as conscripts of the Jews doing their bidding.

In fact, so irrelevant to the system are these white males that representatives from the World Jewish Congress would never have had reason in July 2020 to address the United Nations Human Rights Council urging them to take a stand against so-called Holocaust denial, which is not something they'd ever have imagined they'd have to do prior to January 2014 before I appeared on the scene.

To be continued...

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Join Folk & Tradition, a movement for National Socialists and Fascists to do activism for their community, nation and race. Join your brothers


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