ABOUT VIDEO: Following brief comments by songwriter & recording artist Ann M. Wolf, see video & photo excerpts from this special event featuring drummers, dancers & other participants; also hear a portion of Ann's tribute song to Native American spirituality & culture, "What Will We Leave For the 7th Generation?" as a background soundtrack to the display of her photo gallery from this Pow Wow.

MORE NATIVE AMERICAN VIDEOS COMING: These images are from the event was held in 2016, however another Cumberland Plateau PowWow is scheduled for the weekend of April 10th & 11th, 2021. SUBSCRIBE to receive notifications of additional Native American events as footage becomes available for public view.

CREDITS: This event was coordinated by the beautiful ladies, Carol Cash, Linda Veal with the support of many other amazing volunteers. Bert Cox (Iron Turtle) was the inspiring MC. Image of Bert in this Video is by photographer Pamela Adkins Pry.

POW/MIA/KIA CEREMONY: Ann mentions this ceremony in her opening remarks & to see this, please look for her KIA/POW/MIA videos in her Veterans Honors playlist (see categories) as well as Native American playlist.

ARTIST INFO: https://annmwolf.info/​

PRODUCER - TRACY COLLINS: http://www.tracycollinsmusic.com/​

NOTE: This Video is offered for the purpose of inspiration & education; images & music are either original by Ann M. Wolf or are used by permission, by license, with some images having been obtained from (what the artist believes) are public domain sites. Please advise if any images require additional licenses or permissions. Thank you.

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