COMING SOON: Follow the strange journey of Navakavada's own Pannobhasa Bhikkhu as he strives to create a traditional Bhikkhu's robe, despite living in the kali Yuga.

1 year, 8 months ago

Navakavada.org's own Otto Ex talks to Brian Ruhe, president of the Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler, on the subject of Esoteric Hitlerism.Topics include: background on the founding of the Thule Society, the different spiritual approaches to Hitlerism, the practices of the Thule Society as well as re-incarnation, Tibetan Buddhism, and Tree Magic. Don't miss it!
Recorded on January 17th of Current Year.

Thule Contemplative Society of Hitler:

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1 year, 8 months ago

Pannobhasa Bhikkhu, the original Dhamma Howitzer, talks about Buddhism today and the unique challenges to spiritual practice created by Political Correctness and the current emphasis on the Heart over the Head, as well as other things....

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