Neanderthals lived in Eurasia for thousands of years before Homo sapiens walked the Earth. Neanderthals were a species of ancient humans that survived for about 300,000 years before going extinct 40,000 years ago. Because they lived long ago, it has often been challenging to discover more about them.

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Copied from https://youtu.be/TgeCWFZWM9w

Judy Golding introduces Golding's second novel, The Inheritors.

The thumbnail is taken from http://s8int.com/sophis13.html

"This computerized reconstruction of a Neanderthal child's skull and face was generated by computer scientists at the University of Zurich by using computer graphics newly developed for this purpose."

The page also says, "There is just as much physiological difference between existing groups of Homo sapiens sapiens as between Neanderthal and non-Neanderthal human bones."

Wikipedia says: "The Inheritors (1955) shows "new people" (generally identified with Homo sapiens sapiens), triumphing over a gentler race (generally identified with Neanderthals) by deceit and violence."

This is interesting because common ideas about Neanderthals don't portray them as a gentler race conquered through deceit and violence. From the page linked above, "The popular image of Neanderthals as clumsy, backward creatures has been dealt another blow."

Wikipedia reports: "Around 1–4% of the modern Eurasian genome derives from Neanderthals,[53][57][58] and about 20% of the Neanderthal genome survives today."

Those Enigmatic Neanderthals https://answersingenesis.org/human-evolution/neanderthal/those-enigmatic-neanderthals/

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They Are Not Like Us

Roughly 6 percent of the world’s population consists of people with Neanderthal genes. Jews fall into this category. This is why Jews have always been a problem: because their Neanderthal genes make them twice as aggressive as the rest of the world’s Cro-Magnon derived races.


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