Apx 1 Month has passed & first Egg Sack was just Hatching as I woke up. Now I need to run to town & try to find them some real small feeder Insects before they eat each other. I should have sent for some Flightless Fruit Flies for feeders, I am not sure if anyone carries them in my town. Also a quick rundown on how I mix my Nematodes.

Also I usually just cut open a corner of the Nematodes & fold it shut twice than put it inside the other plastic sleeve for storage in the Fridge.

2 months ago

Living nematodes detected on PCR test kits using microscope

Comments -> https://dudeweblog.wordpress.com/2021/03/22/die-wichtigsten-meldungen-vom-22-maerz-2021/

*Gootube-censored up from my backup archive

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