Goodsmile USA is taking their time shipping. I finally received my second order from them, Slayers Naga the Serpent Nendoroid. The packing is pretty tight with a thin layer of bubble wrap. One ding to this box and it will transfer to the figure box for sure. I am not sure if they are back in lockdown or it is on and off for them but it does not make me want to order from the US shop if i can get it from Japan faster and better packaged. I already had line Inverse so I brought her in for the video. I hope you will look forward to the figure unboxing. Thank you for watching.


3 months ago

This Banpresto C Prize lemon diorama is very close to being in scale for Nendoroids. The diorama was easy to assemble. The snap in walls are nice and tight so it is not going to fall apart the first time you move it. The stickers were very forgiving. I was able to lightly place them and reposition them without causing any damage to the stickers. For the price of around $2.00 I am very happy with this purchase. I will certainly be looking out for more cheaply priced prize dioramas. Thank you for watching.

4 months ago

I was very excited to place my preorder for this senko nendoroid. I was not sure If I would feel the same way about it in a few months when it was scheduled for release but after opening the box on arrival I was very happy to have my own senko. It is the standard nendo style. If you have a nendo you know what to expect from the figure itself. One thing that stood out was the painted reflection on the bangs. I do not like the color of the shading on the bangs. The color seems off. I think a lighter yellow/orange might have been a better choice or maybe white. Everything else about this senko looks great. The ears and tail are just the right size. The tail is removable but the ears are not. The break in her left arm was pretty well stuck but it was freed with a bit up wiggling and careful twisting. The rice cooker and her kneeling legs have clear pegs in them but they can be removed if you do not care to use the stand. Her tail is huge and very heavy so it can be used to balance her without the stand if needed. Initially I thought the hands with tools and the rice bowl were solid. All three, the Rice bowl, spoon and q-tip can be removed from the hands. Once the tall rice bowl fell loose from the hand it did not seem to have a very good grip on the hand peg. Overall I am very happy with this Senko Nendoroid. I hope you enjoyed the video.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

This is a preorder delivery from amiami. I selected DHL for shipping and received the delivery within three business days. There is no DHL service in my area so the last leg of the trip came through the USPS. I may try SAL in the future to see if they are still behind. The amiami box had a pretty good ding in one corner but as you can see in the video amiami planned for it, nice work. The cardboard crate amiami included in the box took good care of the nendoroid box. I hope you will look forward to the senko nendo unboxing coming soon. Thank you for watching.

Preordered from: https://www.amiami.com/eng/

4 months, 3 weeks ago