Antifa Communist Open Fires on SUV Driver Trying To Get Away From The Psychopaths.
Notice how the MSM always makes these commies out to be the victims?
Media: “In the last hour there have been three to four cars that have been trying to run into the groups of people that are congregating at the main intersections in Provo,” Croft said. “This is a peaceful protest so that kind of action is unwarranted and clearly an attempt to be violent.”
Another video by KSL-TV shows what appears to be a man in a mask pointing a gun at the passenger side of the white Excursion as it pushes forward. A loud popping sound is heard and a flash is seen from the barrel of the gun.
“People have been hurt, things have been damaged, time to leave,” yelled one officer dressed in riot gear.
“We’ve been hurt, we’ve been peaceful,” protesters responded.

9 months, 3 weeks ago