When this is what they put out in the name of journalism, is it any wonder the mainstream media are so distrusted and derided?

How about all of us send this video to the email addresses below? Jenna Lynch is the reporter in this video:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Let’s show them, in LARGE numbers, that we see exactly what they’re up to.

Give them the YouTube link as their first option, but also give them the other links (Rumble and Bitchute) and let them know they can watch the video there if it’s been deleted from YouTube by the time they click on the link

Also include in your email this link to Newshub’s original report:


Here’s my video in




1 month ago

One dimensional gas lighting and deflecting blame by pushing it onto the boomerbook scapegoat

Excerpt from vjmpublishing

It’s imperative that we, the people, develop a better way to manage social media, lest our rulers find an excuse to ban it. The correct way to deal with the problems caused by social media is to ensure that its use does not lead to hysterical chimpouts, i.e. that its agitprop potential is neutralised.

This will involve a twofold process.

The first step is to educate people to reflexively disbelieve everything they’re told. Currently, our education system is set up in such a way that the most credulous students get the highest grades. This is a consequence of the fact that, when our education system was invented, information was extremely scarce.

But the information environment of today is much different to the past. Information is no longer scarce; in fact, we have far too much low-quality information. Our education system, therefore, needs to be re-tooled, so that students are taught to question everything – literally everything – that is said by an authority figure.

A properly sceptical culture would have no need to fear social media, because sceptical people don’t share news articles or videos unless they’re confident the information in them is accurate. Even if they did, any sceptical people reading or viewing that information wouldn’t chimp out like they do in today’s Clown World.

The second step is to run society in a way so that people have hope. Right now, the atmosphere of the Western World is thick with despair. This despair encourages people to spread hate and madness on social media. A great many people are in a great deal of pain, and this encourages them to share garbage.

A society with rectitude, one which the average person felt proud to belong to, would naturally encourage its members to share higher quality information. The main reason people are so drawn to conspiracy today is because they know something’s seriously wrong with our social environment. The quality of social media will always reflect the quality of the social environment, and improving the latter is the easiest way to improve the former.

2 months, 1 week ago

When the real economy is restored restorative journalism might make a comeback, till then NZ Herald, Newshub, Stuff, Labor etc are all on a profit waka together.

Although it may be apparent that they are paid propagandists etc
Reporters on the ground stories don't get published until 'approved conclusions' are met
You are not interacting with an individual at the peak of enlightenment wanting to shine a light on contentious issues, but rather a representative of a for profit multi national corporation that makes money by selling stories
Hurling insults and abuse will never convince a snake and will only further reinforce their already shallow and contrived narrative.

The Summary Offences Act for those who feel the urge to enter into heated interactions with paid propagandists sets the boundaries of acceptable interaction within statute.

21 Intimidation
(1) Every person commits an offence who, with intent to frighten or intimidate any other person, or knowing that his or her conduct is likely to cause that other person reasonably to be frightened or intimidated,—
(a) threatens to injure that other person or any member of his or her family, or to damage any of that person’s property; or
(b) follows that other person; or
(c) hides any property owned or used by that other person or deprives that person of, or hinders that person in the use of, that property; or
(d) watches or loiters near the house or other place, or the approach to the house or other place, where that other person lives, or works, or carries on business, or happens to be; or
(e) stops, confronts, or accosts that other person in any public place.
(2) Every person commits an offence who forcibly hinders or prevents any person from working at or exercising any lawful trade, business, or occupation.
(3) Every person who commits an offence against this section is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2,000.

22 Obstructing public way
(1) Every person is liable to a fine not exceeding $1,000 who, without reasonable excuse, obstructs any public way and, having been warned by a constable to desist,—
(a) continues with that obstruction; or
(b) does desist from that obstruction but subsequently obstructs that public way again, or some other public way in the same vicinity, in circumstances in which it is reasonable to deem the warning to have applied to the new obstruction as well as the original one.
(2) In this section—
obstructs, in relation to a public way, means unreasonably impedes normal passage along that way
public way means every road, street, path, mall, arcade, or other way over which the public has the right to pass and repass.

The war is for your own soul
You are the resistance

2 months, 3 weeks ago


placing families on high alert.
according to this source of authority.
she was very vigilant with logging her movements.
that could be a suggestion.
there could be more targeted restrictions in this area.
officials are asking no one to speculate.
it does seem that people are getting the message.
as you can probably see.
not everyone is convinced.

6 months, 1 week ago

🐑🐑 Tribute to David Zaslav's multi-national media corporation, right here in Ōtautahi

🐑🐑 Beijing Biden bias on display:
🐑🐑 https://archive.vn/https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/storytag.:storyTag=newshub:tag-library___uv___United%20States.:offset=0.html
🐑🐑 https://archive.vn/https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world.html
🐑🐑 https://www.bitchute.com/video/kDU8R6Skx3s/

🐑🐑 Is Paddy Gower on the case?
🐑🐑 https://archive.vn/jtnfZ

🐑🐑 Or not?
🐑🐑 뉴스헙 개새끼들 엿 먹어라우
🐑🐑 https://archive.vn/wip/rOIPb
🐑🐑 https://www.bitchute.com/video/libRBKue6aQr

🐑🐑 Don't be in a compliant herd of 5,000,000 and track yourselves on your fancy tech
🐑🐑 https://www.yourbias.is/groupthink

🐑🐑 Don't be an authoritarian simp
🐑🐑 https://www.bitchute.com/video/py2ySa1IqOCX
🐑🐑 https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/appeal-to-authority

🐑🐑 Stuff manufacturing consent
🐑🐑 https://archive.vn/DXu0v

🐑🐑Watch out for political violence

1 year, 1 month ago

Styx comes to Christchurch through the power of the matrix to report about what you should be expecting if Biden gets rigged in on behalf of New Zealands corporate establishment legacy media. He warns us of what to expect and some tips for survival..

In early 2020, MediaWorks sold Newshub to US multimedia company Discovery, Inc?

MediaWorks is owned by Discovery Inc. which is owned by David Zaslav

How many dollars David Zaslav donated to ActBlue...

We love working here

Michael Anderson loves his new boss

Filmed onset in Amsterdam and Christchurch
Source: bitchute.com/styxhexenhammer666

1 year, 1 month ago

This information being spewed is to divide us. Cause confusion. Censorship is real. Rockspiders are real. Stop buying into the
Captions & agreeing with everything without research.
Stop listening to your dumb mates. Open your eyes,
not your arse people. Luvsya x

Tonight’s post is most probably gonna get censored and pushed back so nobody can see what I’m talking about. So if you’ve been enjoying my last posts , I need you guys to share the shit out of this one. NEWSHUB. I’m coming for you bro! 7pm tonight.

Review #1
Anyways, I just wanna thank everyone for either Viewing and/or Sharing this post last night & today. If you’re wondering why I keep posting content like this it’s because I tried with the Music but yaull acted asleep, so I had to bring it in another form of art. To all the imbeciles that messaged me today, your the reason we will never be allowed to leave our fucking country because of some stupid virus that you all believe is going to kill us. While the rest of us have to suffer because of your blind ignorance & uneducated stupidity.
#WakeUp This isn’t 1970 anymore people. WE are the future. Don’t let them control us and dictate us because you’re too scared to speak up & educate yourself. 

Review #2
I had this dropkick mail my page today saying “bro fuck that shit ur talking about. Who cares. They gon do what they gon do. Just live it up g!” .. 🤦🏼 you fucking uneducated morons. People like that are the reason this world is gonna go to shit in the next 10 years. – It frustrates me because I know that there are more people that think like that in this country then there are like Me & a few others. I’ll be honest, I didn’t care about this shit either. But they fucked up when they forced us to stay home when we didn’t need to and all we had in front of us was time to reflect and educate ourselves. I know most of you think like “so long as I got my family & 9-5 day job I’ll be all goods blah blah” .. and that’s exactly who they prey on. Your average day to day person. The ones that are comfortable never leaving their environment. The ones who have no goals in life but to get on the piss every weekend after work. I’ve been going hard on this message/subject because I do not want my children growing up being censored with what they’re allowed to say, being restricted to where they’re allowed to go in the world. Stop believing all these people (media, celebrities, political, tech) that are thrown in front of your face every single day are the ones you should listen and look up to. There are reasons why China has concentration camps for people like myself and why in 10 years if it goes their way this whole country will be the same. Where people like myself right now will be thrown in jail for speaking about what I’m talking about. And if you believe that is right, then you’re the motherfucking problem. And you will be the death of all of us. Wake the fuck up. #Sesh

Original Video from SESH
Follow SESH
Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/derty.sesh

Check out SESH's latest album! Sorry for the Late One @ https://open.spotify.com/album/7Daft8ZJxgrQxMbrbb6bmd?si=D_hiNNJKSNy04kcC8OtH-A

1 year, 2 months ago


Who is Dr Li-Meng Yan?
I bet you are

So was Newshub!
Even though their cover page reads like an assassination novosti with subliminal messages to boot, it is quite obvious to see their gaslighting approach to smear DR LI MENG YAN!

Dan Satherley @ newshub.co.nz is BORING AND PREDICTABLE! PRE-WRITTEN cherry picking piece much?

But Martin Harris @ uncensored.co.nz provided us with something more balanced to read, INCLUDING references to facts even!

Will you believe the gaslighting legacy media owned by multi-nationals?
Or an independent local journalist?
You decide.

How did these other outlets perform?
Poorly. But I am seeing some glimmer of hope. Let's keep our fingers crossed for an honest media.

PS -
If you want the truth about C0V1D-19, I recommend you follow

1) Dr. Paul Cottrell

2) Dr Roger Seheult, MD

Take care out there, and remember to maintain social distancing against the CCP Virus!

1 year, 4 months ago

Maori language week fun
Mediaworks HQ Christchurch will you report on THE STORY OF THE YEAR or are you owned by the CCP?

1 year, 4 months ago

Who will report from the almighty bastion of our kiwi civilization? The Ministry of Truth Wellington sector is hiring now.

1 year, 6 months ago