I recount the history of the origins of the veil to show the mere humanity of this Islamic regulation. This suggests that the whole of Islam is merely of human origin and not revelation. ( niqab hijab burqa Islam shari'ah sharia Muslim Muhammad revelation )

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Alana Schneider, a reporter for CIJ News, also put on a niqab to vote in the 2015 Canadian Federal election. Even though she's female, she too was not asked to reveal her face to a female worker. But this one is worse. At least Menzies was asked to swear he was who he said he was, Alana was not. This laws were specifically put in place to STOP/PREVENT voter fraud, but apparently when its round on volunteers, and literally ANYONE can volunteer, our laws are tossed out the window. I highly suggest as many Canadians as possible contact Elections Canada as well as ur local MP or another MP, because serious laws are being violated. To my American neighbours, if you think for one second this isn't happening in the U.S., you're sadly mistaken. The United States doesn't even had voter ID laws that we have, yet we STILL have this serious problem. And remember, Mexicans and South Americans look more like middle eastern folk than they do us. They will EASILY exploit that in BOTH countries now that we have an illegal alien problem as well.

2 years, 1 month ago