A very important lesson was learned from the original radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” – Mass media wield the power of mind control. Could people really be made to believe they saw a plane that wasn’t there? 9/11 was a psychological operation.
Video by Collin Alexander aka “Ace Baker”
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6 months, 2 weeks ago

Proof that no commercial airplanes were involved in 9/11. Airplane departure data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics proves AA11 and 77 never departed from their airports, UA93 was diverted to Cleveland, UA175 was also diverted, a 9/11 commissioner admitted a missile hit the pentagon, and what looked to witnesses like an upside down plane crashing at Shanksville was probably a drone. And video aired on NBC and CBS both showed 2 very different planes hitting the south tower.

1 year, 7 months ago

Hi Friends, I am sharing some new important research in relation to Flight 11 on 9/11.

From my analysis and research Flight 11 appears to be still in the air after it "allegedly" crashed into the North Tower. It appears from FAA and NORAD communications that Flight 11's last coordinates were located 5.77 miles away from the North Tower after the crash.

Some debunkers have tried to distort this fact by saying it was mixed-up with Flight 77. This isn't correct, as the tail number N334AA reported in the communications shows it was Flight 11 and NOT Flight 77 as suggested.

Flight 11 was heading towards JFK Airport which is off-course and its route towards the North Tower. Flight 11's last coordinates were (4038N 07403W) which locates Flight 11 heading in the direction towards the Washington area, very similar as I found with Flight 93.

This short video I made using FAA and NORAD communication recordings includes the relevant communication segments which I edited together.

I shall be explaining and presenting detailed evidence to do with this information at my blog: mark-conlon.blogspot.com

Again this has raised serious questions for me as to why 'Pilots For 9/11 Truth' have NOT covered this evidence? I am beginning to see a pattern in their research and presentation of evidence in relation to the planes...

4 years, 5 months ago